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Stig Morten
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Date Qty. Players Location Comments
2011-04-20 1 Played the Baltic Islands scenario as a one off scenario against Kjetil.
Used the Breakthrough Deck and I lost 3-5 as the Russians.
Started strong, but in the end his infantry units overwhelmed me and he took the town for the win.
2010-06-18 1 Started Operation Barbarossa versus Kjetil. Me as axis.

Bug River 6-1 (axis)
Pruzana 5-2 (axis)
2010-03-30 1 Battle for Normandy Grand campaign as Allies.

Taking Caen Camapign
Drive on Caen 5-2
Night Withdrawal 5-4
Pushing Through Caen 5-3
Score for Campaign 15-9 (2 GC points)

Early Falaise campaign
Saint- Martin and Bull Ridge 3-5
Mont Pincon 6-1
Closing The gap 6-3
Score for campaign 15-9 (2 GC points)

Grand Campaign ends after Early Falaise.
Score 49-23
GC points 7-0

Allied had good rolls and Germans had poor rolls.
2010-03-24 1 Battle for Normandy versus Thomas
Me as Allies
Flanking Caen campaign
Securing the flank 5-1
Capturing the crossing 6-3 (Bridge captured)
Withdrawal from Hill 112 6-2

Campaign score 19-5
Decisive Victory.

Good rolls and good strategy for the Allies.
2009-10-25 1 Lipovec 6-4 and Sea of Azov 5-6 vs. Mads

Won Barbarossa Grand Campaign 4-1 as the Russians.
2009-09-08 1 Barbarossa campaign versus Mads

Luga Bridges won 5-3
Staraya Russo won 5-4

Won campaign branch 25-18
Grand campaign score 2-1
2009-07-31 1 Fall Gelb vs. Thomas
me as Axis
Dyle 5-3 Grand Campaign decided
Lys 3-6
GC score after Diversion
Axis 5
Allies 0
Didn't play rest of GC as it was already a loss for allies

Played Gates of Moscow twice, switched sides.
As Axis I won 7-5
As Russians I won 7-3
Overall 14-8
2009-07-27 1 Fall gelb campaign vs. Thomas
Valkenburg 6-2
Mordijk 5-4
Won Airborne Operation 20-15 (Gc points 2)

Hannut-Merdorp 6-2
Gembloux 7-2

A very good day for me. Good cards, good die rolls and very effective Messerscmhidt. Plane took out 4 artillery units and 1 infantry unit today.
2009-07-25 1 Fall Gelb vs. Thomas
Me as Axis

Bodange 5-1 (GC points 1)

Eben-Emaël 6-4
Niwi 3-5 (left objective tows undefended, major mistake)

Campaigns is a very good way to play this game even if setup times are an issue when you don't switch sides.
2009-05-18 1 Second phase of Barbarossa center. Mads as Axis.
Yelnya Zhukov's Assault 3-6 (allied didn`t have a single center card or tactic card)

Gates of Moscow 6-7 Very close battle and fun.

Barbarossa center score
Allies 17 medals + 6 objective track = 23
Axis 24 medals + 1 objective track = 25

Axis gets a Minor Victory and 1 Grand campaign point.
2009-05-14 1 Part two of our Barbarosse campaign vs Mads as axis
Ingermanland 5-6
Brody 5-4
Russian breakout 6-4
After phase 1 medal score is all tied.

very good scenarios by yangtze.
2009-05-04 1 Barbarossa campaign against Mads
playing as Russian
Bug River 4-6
Pruzana 4-5
Rasainai 7-6
2009-04-15 1 Flanking Caen vs Vegard
Me Allied
Vegard Axis

Securing the flank 5-1 (1 objective)
Capturing the crossing 6-4 (no objective)

Fantastic expansion.
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