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Chris Bryant
United States
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Date Qty. Players Location Comments
2010-06-03 2 second floor In the afternoon, Margo rounded the Airborne Operation Campaign with a win (4-5) in the Moerdijk Birdges Scenario, nary a one of which I managed to blow up.

That made the totals for the Airborne Operation Campaign 13 (14 medals minus 1 from the objective track) to 21 (20 medals plus 1 from the objective track). So Margo won a "major victory" in the Campaign and secured 2 "Grand Campaign Points." I took some little consolation in the fact that I earned on grand c. point with the victory at Bodange.

That was just the afternoon (ain't staycation grand?); in the evening we started "The Diversion Campaign," with the Hannut-Merdorp Scenario, which Margo won (5-6). I took consolation in the fact that I had managed to destroy 3 panzer units.
2010-06-02 1 second floor Valkenburg Airfield (in the afternoon; dinner at the boathouse in the evening):

I won 6-4, taking the airfield and winning the sole objective medal I would take during the Airborne Operation Campaign.

Victory roles: Me -- dude, star, and a grenade; Margo -- two tanks and a dude.

Reserves: Me -- none; Margo -- sandbags.
2010-06-01 1 second floor Unternehman Niwi: Closer, but another victory for Margo, 5-3, with another objective achieved when she exited a tank off the board.

I rolled a dude, a tankm and a grenade for a victory rolling a dude and (2?) tanks. She an armor and an infantry unit in reserves whereas I used my last token to call up a reserve infantry unit (all for nought).
2010-05-31 2 second floor Started new Fall Gelb grand campaign, with the understanding that Margo would get 3 chits to use to re-roll to mitigate her uncommonly bad luck recently.

BODANGE: Even with re-rolls, Margo still suffered pretty bad luck, with me winning 5 medals to none!

FORT EBEN EMAeL: I rolled a tank & a grenade for my reserve roll and brought on a tank, thinking a grenade was a miss rather than a wildcard! Margo got an infantry unit and sandbags. In any event, now things started to balance out, withe Margo winning 6-1 & blowing up 2 of the 4 bunkers.
2010-05-30 2 second floor Fort Eben-Emael: Once again I enjoyed uncommonly good luck and won 5-3, loosing only 1 of the 4 bunkers.

Unternehmen Niwi: Still more absurdly good luck, I won as the allies 5-1! Margo resigned and we started a new campaign.
2010-05-29 1 second floor Badange. I won as the allies, 5-3, having had absurdly good luck. Our first scenario in our first campaign! Details
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