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Rauli Kettunen
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2012-11-10 1 The Yellow Matter (1C, 2B, 3A, 4B)

Investigators: Gloria Goldberg, Joe Diamond, Vincent Lee

Darrell Simmons is the test subject.

Backstory seems to be as follows. Darrell has been investigating Dr. Faust and has been consulting with Vincent Lee on the matter, so after Darrell disappears, Vincent Lee calls on the services of a private eye, Joe Diamond, to find Darrell, while Gloria Goldberg receives psychic visions while researching her idea for a new book. Or something like that perhaps. Anyway, having arrived at the facility, Joe decides to look around the Garden and finds a Colt .38, presumably hidden by Darrell, although the Magnifying Glass probably helped Joe. It does help him find it quicker, allowing Joe to enter the building first.

Gloria follows, but finds nothing of interest in the Entryway, but Vincent notices a Knife in the Hallway, handing it to Gloria as he already has a weapon, his Bone Saw. The building seems to be quiet and not a soul seems to stir, so the investigators are free to, well, investigate. Joe finds the first Clue in the Guest Bedroom and rushes back out and past his fellow investigators, reaching the Operating Room. Perturbed by Joe's actions, Gloria and Vincent follow, the latter Exploring the room to locate the second Clue and the test subject, Darrell Simmons. Gloria helps Darrell out of the room and into the Laboratory, where she finds some Saturnian Wine.

Vincent and Joe have a scare as tentacles whip from the dark corners, but oddly, Joe is caught, despite being more dexterous than Vincent. Noises are starting to increase from the direction of the Generator Room, which is where the investigators have to head next. But they've yet to see another soul in the building. However, once the investigators are in Hallway 2, they get their first glimpse of something alive, a shocking monstrosity not of this world. A Byakhee! Quickly regrouping, then investigators launch into an attack, with Gloria using her Bind Monster, only to fail and wound herself.

Joe closes in on the monster and opens up with his Colt .38, rolling a 1 to deal massive five damage and rocking back the monster. Vincent charges it and hacks the Bone Saw deep into the Byakhee's head, ripping the saw out with a spray of blood, killing the monster. A Cultist then rushes through the door to engage the investigators, but can do little against three investigators. Gloria zaps at it with her Bind Monster, this time casting it successfully and stunning the Cultist, leaving Joe free to move into the Generator Room. Despite the gloom, Joe can still see the Byakhee in the room and his Sanity unravels a bit.

Steeling himself, Joe Explores and through skill and luck is able to solve the Alchemy Puzzle presented in the Confusing Formula, locating the next Clue and thanks to his Magnifying Glass, dashing out of the room and heading back the way he came from. Vincent moves up to the stunned Cultist and is covered in gore after decimating him. Byakhee gives chase and Gloria decides to accept the offer she "hears" in her mind, whisked away back to the Laboratory. Dr. Faust arrives and starts directing the chanting in the Ceremony Room, just the place Joe and Vincent are heading for.

Joe rushes in there, removing the Alien Vegetation, but his mind is starting to give out. Vincent runs into the join Joe, oddly finding his willpower very resilient. He even manages to evade Dr. Faust with the help of the Pallid Mask and Explore, finding the last Clue, as well as the Yellow Matter, which he promptly hands off to Joe, along with the Mask, seems Vincent's face is already a mask after suffering a Terrible Deformity from picking up the Yellow Matter carelessly. Gloria succeeds in her Bind Monster again, stunning the Byakhee and moves to the Furnace Room, looking to aid Joe in his escape attempt.

Dr. Faust summons a Cultist and they launch into their attacks, but Joe proves far to agile for them, as well as resistant to the Yellow Matter, but does gain a mutation token. Gloria fails her evade in using her once per ability, discarding Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! among the two cards chosen, excellent timing as Joe is down to four Sanity and would've been a legal target should he fail a horror test. After Vincent swings at the Cultist and misses, Joe is off and running, reaching Hallway 2, but not before taking damage from two Cultists. However, only Dr. Faust and the Byakhee are able to reach Joe and while he is wounded by Faust, Joe dodges the Byakhee. Not wanting to waste any time, Joe ducks and dashes, avoiding the Byakhee, but getting knocked by Faust. This proves too little, too late for the Keeper as Joe, carrying the Yellow Matter, exits Hallway 2. Investigators wins.
2012-11-04 1 The Yellow Sign (1C, 2B, 3B, 4B)

Investigators: Ashcan Pete, Harvey Walters, Michael McGlen

Pete heads for the Entryway, only to find an Obstacle he can't manage, while Harvey and Michael make their way through the Front Porch, both routes equally far from the Dining Room, their goal, Harvey solving the Obstacle there to pick up some Matches that he hands to Michael. Pete is jumped by a Cultist from the Gallery, but thanks to Duke, avoids its attack, while another Cultist exits from the Chapel. Michael sights the Cultist and after hosing it twice with his Tommy Gun, smiles grimly as the foe is killed. Harvey and Pete join up in the Dining Room, which plummets into darkness.

Investigators find little to bother them, even with a Maniac charging out of the Entryway and are able to explore the Dining Room without any interence. Next Clue directs them toward the Corner Hallway, so Pete tags along, although having become King's Champion, is staying clear of Harvey, whose frail body might not stand up to Pete's fists. Oddly, even Harvey, who has more Intelligence than the other two combined, is unable to solve the Rune Puzzle presented by the first Event. Way to the Corner Hallway is mostly without hindrance, although Michael is forced to backtrack after a Cultist jumps Harvey and wounds him.

Another double tap with the Tommy Gun clears that problem and Harvey pushes on. Pete makes a detour into the Front Porch to push the barrier in front of the door leading to the Front Path, hoping slow down the Maniac. Timing for the entrance into the Corner Hallway proves less than ideal as Michael explores, but Harvey has the necessary key, so a turn is wasted. With a sounding crash, the Maniac comes through the barrier, destroying it in the process, although taking some damage as well. Thus, he is an easy kill for Michael, whose Tommy Gun is really being put through its paces.

Even more impressive perhaps is Michael's mental fortitude as he faces numerous horror tests but pushes thorugh them all. Harvey leads the way to the Entryway, with Michael following, while Pete heads deeper into the building, nearing the Chapel just as Julian makes his arrival. Both Michael and Harvey locate a Yellow Sign outside, but in the Entryway, the next Clue is also found, with directions to head to the very opposite side of the building, a room Julian is moving towards as well. Very little hinders the investigators as Harvey and Michael are making a long trip through the house and Pete, thanks to Duke, is basically able to avoid most attacks with ease.

Finally the situation starting getting worse as Michael, under heavy threat from three monsters in his room, fails a willpower test and gains another King's Court card, leaving none available. Keeper, having moved Julian in the Basement Stairs, reveals the Objective and starts moving Julian back toward the Front Path. Investigators are forced to split up to cover both ways out of the basement, with Harvey, whose brain power is needed to solve the lock puzzle, taking the Secret Entrance, even though he is down to just two health left. Pete charges Julian, but is unable to attack having used all his actions.

Michael rushes into the Basement and Julian is off and running, heading through the Chapel. Pete catches up with him and manages to stun him, but Michael has to backtrack to the Hallway, while Harvey heads to the Basement Stairs. Combat starts to heat up, with Pete, even without any weapons, is able to hold off the attackers, but Julian is still healing up thanks to the sample token and Pete's weak attacks aren't really having the desired effect. Unfortunately, Michale is the High Councillor and unable to attack Cult Leaders, just like Julian. And all of a sudden, Cultists start turning into raving Maniacs, who are able to attack the investigators despite their King's Court cards.

Harvey finds the last Clue, but unfortunately, this has proven only a distraction the investigators didn't need as he and his Shrivelling Spell are now out of the picture in terms of attacking Julian. Michael and Pete try their best, even taking out one of the Maniacs, but Julian is creeping ever closer to escaping, ultimately reaching the Front Porch after causing Pete in his Spectrophobia to start seeing Bugs and drop his possessions, including the Tommy Gun traded to him by Michael. Harvey spots a Cultist that jumps him. In retaliation, Harvey channels his will and starts casting his spell, but it all goes horribly wrong and the Cultist watches as Harvey kills himself with the spell!

Michael and Pete, not knowing of Harvey's fate, manage to stun Julian in the Front Porch, buying them another try. Unfortunately, as more monsters move in, Pete's willpower cracks and he succumbs to another King's Court, becoming, yes, the High Councillor, leaving him and his Tommy Gun unable to attack Julian. Michael goes for one last attempt to stun Julian, which would allow the investigators to trade weapons and get Michael ready to attack, but he messes up his attack and Julian slips outside and makes his escape instead. Keeper wins.
2012-10-31 1 The House of Fears (1A, 2B, 3A, 4B, 5B)

Investigators: Harvey Walters, Michael McGlen, Vincent Lee

As there is Nothing of Interest in the Foyer, the Chapel calls and the first Clue is found. Building seems to be very quiet for the moment, nothing seems to hinder the investigators. Thus they are able to reach the Basement Storage without a hitch, locating the second Clue. Library is the next stop, but along the way things are starting to build up, Darkness is falling periodically, mostly affecting Vincent, who Panics in the Chapel, running back to the Basement. Vivian Davis also shows up in the Basement, then starts harrassing Vincent, the Witch that she is.

Harvey and Michael are leading the way, Vincent bringing up the rear, trying to heal up Harvey's minor wounds, but initially failing miserably, lucky not to be doing more damage to the old professor. Vincent's Sanity is taking losses from all the Darkness, while Harvey and Michael seem to be made of stronger stuff, at least mentally. In the Gallery, Harvey discovers the Symbol of the Elder Light, welcome find which he uses not only to negate the darkness effect, but also using it effectively to remove Darkness. Michael, carrying the Marionettes, reaches the Library and Explores, locating the third Clue.

He is then jumped by a Maniac, but avoids its attack, before Harvey moves up to support Michael, casting his Shrivelling to perfection, all but annihilating the Maniac, although causing himself to lose his lunch in horror. Vincent is able to outpace the Witch, but all in vain as Michael tries to get to the Study, only to find the door locked, forcing the investigators to backtrack right into the Witch. Still, what little damage it deals is handled by Vincent, whose Sanity is levelling out, though perhaps bit too late for him to recover. Journey to the Bathroom in the Corner Hallway is mostly uneventful, that is, until the investigators re-enter the Basement.

As they prepare to enter the Corner Hallway, Michael leading the charge, a Cultist and a Witch rush out to meet them. After making their attacks, the monsters disappear and Michael reaches the Bathroom to locate the next Clue, along with the key to getting into the Study. Unfortunately, a reflection causing him to develop Spectrophobia, which all but negates his high willpower. Worse, a Maniac and another Lost Soul, Rory Michaels appear in the Corner Hallway before the investigators reach the Study, further deteriorating Michael's Sanity. And to top it all off, Harvey miscasts his Shrivelling on the Maniac, setting fire to the Hallway, then forced to evade despite his Rage.

Michael reaches the Study and finds the penultimate Clue, but Rory and the Maniac cause him to go insane, leading to Shifting Allegiance. Vincent and Harvey are waiting for Michael on the other side of the burning Hallway, with no option but to pass through. At least the Maniac isn't quick enough to follow, instead it is caught in the flames and wounded some more. Michael resists the Keeper's lure and stays true to his fellow investigators, long enough anyways to hand off the Crescent Blade to Harvey, who uses it to open the Suit of Armor, discovering the final Clue.

Now the investigators need to backtrack through the Chapel one last time, this time with a Hound of Tindalos in their way. Barrier blocks off the Maniac from giving chase and with Michael still resisting, investigators are in decent shape. Hound rushes them in the Basement, Harvey's Sanity too is starting to take a beating, but no less than his body. Michael uses his Dynamite and rolls a 10, just what he needed, blowing the Hound to pieces, allowing Vincent to move up and heal Harvey, who then follows Michael into the Chapel. Vincent heals Harvey one last time in the Chapel, before Harvey makes a run for it.

Michael isn't with him anymore, finally succumbing to his temptations at the Chapel door, killed and replaced by a Cultist. Unfortunately, the Cultist is too slow to reach Harvey, who enters the Nursery. He is unable to Explore this turn, so Vincent tries to slow the Cultist, only to Stun himself. Harvey, after bashing out the Baffling Voices in his head, Explores and clears the Lost Reel, then starts work on the Faulty Projector. Intelligence of 7 proves just enough, with a bit of luck on the tiles drawn, allowing Harvey to solve the wiring puzzle with one action to spare. Investigators win.
2012-10-30 1 The Yellow Sign (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A)

Investigators: Carolyn Fern, Gloria Goldberg, Kate Winthrop

Carolyn finds a Yellow Sign at the Front Path, while Gloria picks up a Tonic of Inspiration in the Garden, with Kate meeting an Obstacle in the Entryway as the investigators move toward the Gallery. A cultist appears in the Gallery and moves to engage the investigators, but only ends up wounding itself, allowing Carolyn to double tap it with her Walther Model 9, killing the Cultist. Kate dashes into the Coat Room and finds the first Clue, triggering the first Event, with Carolyn successfully solving the puzzle. Gloria moves back into the Garden as it seems that is where they'll be heading, but not before Stunning the Maniac that appeared from the Event with her Bind Monster spell.

This doesn't help Kate on her turn anymore as the Maniac has recovered by then and Kate takes more damage. Carolyn is leading the way, with Gloria slowing down a bit to let Kate catch up, she hands the Tonic to Kate. Maniac is in pursuit, but unable to hit. Carolyn finds Brass Knuckles in a Hallway, while Kate drinks the Tonic and heals up a bit, then Explores, finding the second Clue, along with a Costume, after Gloria Stunned the Maniac with another Bind Monster. Julian Glen himself arrives in the Chapel and is followed out by another Cultist.

Gloria and Kate head off south, into the Hallway there, Kate having traded the relevant items to Carolyn, who steps into the Secret Passage, successfully opening the lock. Cultist and Julian attack Kate and Gloria, although Julian's special attack actually deals no damage. Kate ducks into the Secret Passage and uses her once per game ability, making the roll and reading the Objective. Gloria is working hard through her spells and Stuns Julian with the Bind Monster, freeing Carolyn to rush into the Chapel and Explore, finding the third Clue. Gloria heads off into the Dining Room, looking to cut down on the number of Exploration cards left.

Monsters are giving chase, but only a Cultist turned Maniac, courtesy of the Pale Priest King's Court card is able to attack Carolyn, who is starting to look worse for wear. Gloria is able to Explore the Dining Room, Kitchen and Kitchen Storage over the next three turns in relative peace and quiet, finding Mrs. Wylde, Capsules of Tranquility and another Yellow Sign. Meanwhile, Carolyn and Kate are making their way toward the Bathroom in the Corner Hallway, Carolyn just managing to stay ahead of the Maniac pursuing her, while Kate picks up a Dream Dagger in the Corner Hallway.

Carolyn is forced to evade Julian in the Secret Passage, but makes it to the Bathroom, opening the door with her Key, allowing Kate to Explore the room, Carolyn being slowed down in her exploration by a Loss of Vision. The investigators now have the Script and know how they can win, but the paths to the Campfire and wrought with peril. And there are still quite a number of rooms that have Exploration cards, with most of the skill points having been spent, only Gloria has a pair left, might be that she is the one to solve the rune puzzle. For certain it won't be Kate, as after killing a Maniac in the Corner Hallway with her Dream Dagger, dropping the weapon in the process, as she is killed by Julian in the Secret Passage.

Carolyn manages to block off a Maniac and Stun it, but comes one puzzle action short of solving the Short Circuit in the Corner Hallway. Gloria is now being pursued by a Maniac, ducking through the Gallery and trying to reach the Front Path, casting her Bind Monster successfully each time and Stunning the monsters, allowing her to move more freely. Carolyn reaches the Front Porch and uses the Barrier to block off the Maniac and Julian chasing her, before joining Gloria a turn later by the Campfire. Cultists are starting to swarm in from the Entryway, although with a King's Court card on both investigators, they are only causing horror at this point.

However, the Maniac pursuing Gloria is a threat and after Gloria uses her last skill point to solve part of the rune puzzle, it cuts down Carolyn, who was down to one health. Gloria, after once more casting Bind Monster to Stun the Maniac, is off and running, she needs to clear off some of the un-Explored rooms in order to be able to get actions for the rune puzzle. Sadly, with three health left, it is very much a lost cause and in the Dining Room, she is finally cornered by first Julian who hits her for two damage, then a Maniac, who swings his blade at her head, carving clean through, killing the last investigator. Keeper wins.
2012-08-12 1 Season of the Witch (1C, 2A, 3B, 4B)

Investigators: Darrell Simmons, Jenny Barnes

Nothing but an Evil Presence stirs in the house as the investigators enter and start exploring. Despite their best efforts in searching the rooms as they make their toward the Guest Bedroom, they keep coming up empty, plenty of Nothing of Interest. Strange events keep happening, but nothing too worrying as yet. Finally reaching their destination, the Suitcase proves rather a tough nut to crack and the investigators waste a turn, with both of them trying their best, but the tiles just don't line up. Jenny eventually completes the Suitcase and grabs Nola's Journal, while Darrell investigates the Bathroom, finding a Sedative.

Even as the investigators race toward the Kitchen, the house appears empty, until a horrid screeching sound echoes from the Dining Room. Without any weapons, the investigators aren't too keen to go in there, so Darrell heads to the outside, only to find Nothing of Interest and some Saturnian Wine, before entering the Storage Shed, while Jenny looks under the Attic Stairs, suffering a bout of Vertigo but ultimately deciding to head into the Dining Room. Her sanity takes a hit as she perceives the Hound of Tindalos, which then attacks her as the room plunges into darkness, Jenny suffers a Trauma, Hearing Loss.

Having solved the Puzzlebox, Darrell now has a Shotgun and is racing back to the house, while Jenny dodges into the Kitchen and finds the Alien Statue in the Kitchen Storage. Hound pursues her, with Jenny then hightailing it out of there, meeting up with Darrell in Hallway 2, only to drop her possessions after believing bugs are all over her. Luckily, the Hound is lagging behind, so the investigators take their time in the Attic Stairs, Darrell using the Sedative on Jenny. This delay allows the Hound to catch, but after missing Darrell, it takes a Shotgun blast and is badly wounded.

Fighting back, the Hound still misses, with the investigators then managing to stun it and move freely into the Attic. Catching their breath, the investigators block the doorway, before exploring to reveal the third Clue and the Otherworld Gate. Visions of a horrible Shoggoth flood their brains, but if they are to find Nola, they must brave the depths of the Other World. Jenny heads off into the Library and Study, slowed down by her Internal Bleeding, having successfully quaffed the Saturnian Wine to heal at least. Darrell charges the Shoggoth in a Cave, but his Broken Arm sees him unable to wield the Shotgun as well as he would've liked and he misses.

Shoggoth attacks, but Darrell is now insane and using the Alien Statue to the max, avoiding the attack and then evading into the Ceremony Room, finding the last Clue as well as Keziah Mason. He fires at her, but his luck runs out as he misses. Worse, Jenny finally reaches the door to Cave 1 and decides to enter, only to encounter the Alien Gate which kills her, fulfilling the Keeper's Objective. Keeper wins.
2012-07-29 1 Return of the Reanimator (1B, 2A, 3A, 4B)

Investigators: Dexter Drake, Sister Mary

Heading toward the Freezer, Dexter slashes a Crawling Hand in the Operating Room to ribbons, only for a Zombie to rise up and attack Sister Mary, who picked up a Shotgun from the room's shelves. Unwilling to get into a drawn out battle, Dexter dodges into the Freezer and explores to find the first Clue after Mary's failed attempt to splash the Zombie with Holy Water. Mary leads the dash toward the Morgue, Dexter taking damage as the Zombie attacks, but it is soon left behind by the speed of the investigators. Mary rather surprisingly gets into the Morgue through the Padlocked Door.

Another Zombie rises to meet the investigators there, with Dexter attempting to enter the Quarantine Room, only for Mary to Explore the Morgue and find the Locket Cabinet that Dexter has the Brass Key for. Mary takes more damage and heads into the Hidden Laboratory, managing to bust open the Jammed Door, while Dexter Explores the Morgue and then the investigators are off and running again. Easily outpacing the slow dead, Dexter leads the way, running full tilt to the Graveyard, while Mary hangs back a bit, finding a .38 Colt in the Secret Passage, investigators having traded weapons earlier, leaving Mary with Dexter's Sword Cane, he with the Shotgun.

Even the molds and fungus are unable to slow the investigators down and Dexter, having found the third Clue as well as the magnet needed to gain access to the Quarantine Room, is running back. Time he did spend getting to the Graveyard has given the Zombies time to shuffle their way to the Morgue, ready and waiting for the investigators to arrive. Mary leads the charge, seemingly with a death wish on her after losing her Holy Water in the Crypt. Dexter too is badly wounded at this stage, but makes it to the Quarantine Room, while Mary's lone contribution is to drop all her weapons as a result of Mythos cards and failed attacks.

Mary dies at the hands to Clapham-Lee in Hallway 2, replaced by Joe Diamond, while Dexter dies the very next turn trying to Explore the Quarantine Room but getting ripped by a Zombie, replaced by Ashcan Pete. Fire spreads to Hallway 2 and Joe takes damage from it as well as Clapham-Lee, but Pete lures the Zombie to Hallway 4, leaving Joe with one less evade to reach the Quarantine Room, where he finds the last Clue. Two Zombies move in, but Joe is a slick one, evading both their attacks, even stunning one of the Zombies. Pete lures one of them away from Joe, who exits, evades and then pauses to try and attempt the Alchemy Puzzle 10B. After using a skill point, he ends up with six successful matches. Die is rolled and comes up 5, investigators win.
2012-07-15 1 Lost in Time and Space (1A, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B)

Investigators: Carolyn Fern, Darrell Simmons

While Carolyn takes a quick look around the Graveyard, Darrell heads indoors and picks off the Sword of St. Jerome off the wall in the Entryway. For now the house seems quiet, though an Evil Presence lingers. Carolyn follows Darrell into house, while he heads into the Laboratory, only to take horror and develop Autophobia. Carolyn heads into the Attic and finds the first Clue, along with the Time Machine. Having looked around the Graveyard already, Carolyn knows exactly where she needs to go and meets up with Darrell in Hallway 4, hearing him mutter something about having lost his Sword.

Darrell gets into the Graveyard first, mostly as Carolyn, after using the Time Machine to travel to the Future, is shocked by a Hound of Tindalos rushing from the Guest Bedroom. Not that Darrell has peace and quiet, not after failing a luck test and having a Zombie pop up next to him. Darrell evades the Zombie to find the next Clue, while Carolyn heads for the Rooftop and the attic. Darrell's sanity isn't liking this development and he rushes closer to her, only to see her coming back toward him, saying the door to the Rooftop can't be opened. At least the Hound has been removed as the investigators are now in the Past.

Darrell plants the Seeds outside, then waits for Carolyn to use the Time Machine, only to then see her killed by the Zombie from the Graveyard. Worse, as Harvey Walters prepares to help Darrell, a Crawling One from the Future appears. Still, Darrell finds the next Clue, but with the Time Machine now on the ground, Harvey is forced to evade the Crawling One and make a run for it, Darrell following hot on his heels, his sanity gone. Harvey gets hits bad by the Crawling One, but manages to move the investigators back to the Present before finally keeling over, dead.

Situation isn't all that good for Darrell who runs into the house, reaching the Medical Storage, only to feel there is but one solution, The Only Way Out. Taking Carolyn's Walther Model 9, he shoots himself. Jenny Barnes and Gloria Goldberg hear the shot and are running toward the sound, Jenny reaching the Medical Storage first, only to get struck with a spout of Panic, but she and Gloria move up together, collecting the possession's from Darrell's corpse. Suitcase proves too tough for both of them, so instead they head into the Generator Room and prepare to end it.

Gloria uses the Acidic Compound, then Jenny explores and finds the last Clue, managing to set the room on fire after a mishap with something incendiary. Cultists, led by Dr. Sine are blocking the paths to the Hidden Laboratory, with a Hound of Tindalos emerging from the Quarantine Room. Gloria and Jenny take them on, Jenny getting the Time Machine from Gloria due to her extra health, even if her evading suffers as a result of her Hearing Loss. Gloria tries to cast Bind Monster on a Cultist, only to fail and come down with Panic. Jenny runs for it, taking hits from both Cultists and Dr. Sine, but thanks to her ability, reaching the Hidden Laboratory, where she once more fails an evade test, leaving her just one health. But she still has her action available and uses it, trying to complete the Alchemy puzzle. Working frantically, Jenny gets about half done, when she knows it is now or never. Die roll comes up 1 and the investigators win.
2012-06-24 1 House of Fears (1B, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5A)

Investigators: Sister Mary, Michael McGlen, Vincent Lee

Mary tries to get into the Chapel, but fails to force the door, so it is up to Vincent to make entrance and investigate. Michael receives word to head for the Gallery and picks up the next Clue there. Darkness hits the Chapel, freaking out Vincent, whose poor Willpower would see him constantly struggle to maintain his sanity. Mary tries to enter the Dining Room, but finds the door locked, same for Vincent's attempt to get into the Bathroom adjacent the Chapel. With Darkness consuming the way behind him, Michael decides to head through the Study and Library, instead of backtracking to the Chapel.

Somewhat miraculously, he is quickly able to open both locks, though needs to use a skill point on both. Very little seems to be hampering the investigators, but having discovered the first Lost Soul, Daphne Cuthbert and gotten scared, none of the investigators are too keen to investigate for fear of finding more of them. Vincent tries to enter the Operating Room, but to no avail, another door locked, this time however, they have the key, even if Michael is still some ways off. Mary enters the Nursery and looks around, but it unable to get past the obstacle there.

Michael passes Vincent in the Basement, heading the way he came from. Unlike Vincent, Michael's steely mind isn't fazed by the Lost Souls. A Hound of Tindalos is another matter however and a less than welcome surprise for Michael, who heads for the Freezer, locating the next Clue, only to have a Maniac charge him. Michael takes damage from his failed evade, but makes it to the Operating Room. All of the investigators have now developed Traumas, mental issues for each of them. Michael's path causes his Autophobia to kick in a couple of times as well, forcing him to calm his nerves with a shot of Whiskey.

He is then attacked by the Hound and ripped so bad he drops his Tommy Gun, but instead of sticking around to pick it up, runs for it, taking more damage, but outpacing the monsters giving chase. Still, his mind plays tricks on him and a door disappears, slowing his progress by a turn. Mary and Vincent are waiting at the other door to the Dining Room, Vincent ready with his Gray's Anatomy, having healed himself already, but Michael is starting to be in need of some serious patching up. Finally Michael reaches the Dining Room, finding the next Clue and thanks to Vincent's earlier investigating, there is no doubt where to head next.

A Maniac charge Mary, whose Rage prevents her from even attempting an evade, but she stuns it with her Holy Water. Twice Vincent tries to heal Michael, only to fail both times, it seems insanity isn't an ideal state of mind for a doctor. Not that Michael is far off being totally bonkers himself and he is hurting physically as well. Hound cuts through the Chapel and gets in another attack on Michael, before a failed attempt by Mary to stun it and the investigators enter the Chapel, taking damage. They gather around the center, monsters closing in. Vincent, with the Cult Robes, is able to evade his way into the Bathroom, while Mary, one health left after stunning the Hound, runs for the Basement.

Shoggoth appears and Michael is killed, then Vincent takes the Crescent Blade to himself, "The Only Way Out", leaving Mary to make a run for it. She heads for the Corner Hallway, Shoggoth chasing her, while a Maniac is heading through the Gallery to try and intercept her. Mary keeps one step ahead of the Shoggoth, managing to stun it occasionally. Clock ticks away and a Lost Soul catches up with Mary in the Study. She is scared, but somehow still manages to avoid its attack, which would've finished her off (as she only had one health left). Clock runs out, last Event resolves and all players lose!
2012-05-20 1 Yellow Matter (1B, 2A, 3B, 4A)

Investigators: Dexter Drake, Joe Diamond, Kate Winthrop

Harvey Walters is the test subject.

Investigators split up right away, Kate heading into the main building, while Dexter heads for the Officer, with Joe looking around in the Garden. Joe is then attacked by a Cultist charging out of the Greenhouse, causing some mutations to appear on Joe's skin, but other than that, no damage. Joe blasts the Cultist with his .45 Automatic, wounding it, but doesn't want to risk evading just yet. Dexter finds the first Clue and heads into the Observation Room, while Kate manages to solve a puzzle and get to the Laboratory, picking up the Surgical Tools, though she has no use for them at the moment.

Both Kate and Dexter get a scare as tentacles grab at them, but only Kate is grabbed by on, Dexter too agile for it. However, Dexter is attacked by another Cultist, but ignores it and heads into the Holding Cell, finding Harvey there, along with the second Clue. Joe manages to miss the Cultis and decides to evade, heading into the Root Cellar. Cultist he left in the Patio seems to be chanting, but with no line of sight, Joe can't tell what the Cultist is doing. Kate explores deeper into the building, heading for the Generator Room, before hearing Joe yelling at her, his mutations are starting to add up.

Dexter avoids damage from the Cultist, then evades and he and Harvey are off running, reaching the Office. Joe runs toward Kate and the two manage to use the Surgical Tools to operate on Joe, removing his mutations. Alien sounds are coming from the Patio and as Dexter reaches the open area, he sees figures in the distance, perhaps luckily too unfocused for him to tell what exactly they are. Harvey makes a run for it, but Dexter is able to catch up to him and guide him back in the right direction, while Joe runs back out of the building, suffers a loss of Sanity from seeing both the mutated Cultist and the Byakhee, but steels himself and opens fire, wounding the alien.

Kate reaches the Generator Room and is able to solve the Power Failure, picking up an Axe from the corner, though suffers a mild case of vertigo as she reaches the ladder. Dexter casts his Mists of Releh successfully, but still has to evade the Byakhee and the Cultist to reach the Root Cellar. Cultist follows Dexter, but he avoids damage. Joe rushes to aid Dexter and blasts the Cultist clear across the room, killing him. Dexter solves the alchemy puzzle with the aid of Dr. Faust's Notes. While he finds the third Clue, it also seals the door out into the Patio, Dr. Faust can be heard shouting from the Ceremony Room.

Forced to take the long path through the building, Dexter is attacked by Dr. Faust. Joe pops a shot at the doctor who is hit and wounded. Dexter tries to evade, but is cut down by Faust and killed. Outside, Kate is hacking away at the Cultists with her Axe, chopping them down seemingly at will. Faust retreats back into the Ceremony Room. Joe starts to go after him, but seeing the lock on the door, decides to not to pursue him in the end., instead picking up the cards dropped by Dexter and heads for the ladder in the Generator Room, pulling Harvey the test subject along with him.

Investigators are quickly joined by "Ashcan" Pete, who makes an immediate impact, drop-kicking the Byakhee to death. Quite a bit of sound is coming from inside the Greenhouse, alien screetches in addition to human chanting. Kate hacks into a Crawling One, stunning it just in time for Joe to climb up the ladder with Harvey and then kill the Crawling One with a shot. Just as the investigators prepare to attack the Greenhouse, another Cultist appears, this one carrying a Torch. Pete hacks at him, then Joe kills the Cultist, but with the seal on the Root Cellar door, there is no way for the investigators to reach both altars with the time left.

Joe and Kate head back down the stairs, while Pete runs toward the Office, only chance they have left is to kill Dr. Faust, who continues to mutate in the Ceremony Room, joined by a Cultist. Time running out, Pete is the only investigator to reach the Ceremony Room, after Joe stumbles on a Loose Floorboard. He makes a brutal hit on Faust, covering himself in blood as well, but then the Cultist next to Faust jabbing Pete with needles, pumping him full of mutagens. With the Alarmed Door having been breached, sounding the alarm, Keeper spends all of his eight threat to add eight mutations to Pete, who only have seven Health left, completing Faust's Objective. Keeper wins.
2012-05-18 1 Lost in Time and Space (1C, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)

Investigators: "Ashcan" Pete, Kate Winthrop

Kate's presence makes quite a bit of sense, her being a scientist and all, but what's a hobo like Pete doing, tagging along? Heading into the building, Kate picks up the Sword of St. Jerome off the wall in the Entryway, while Pete loots the Cult Robes from the Garden, then trading them to Kate, who hands Pete her Microscope. The pair moves into the Laboratory, where Kate has to first contend with Poisonous Chemicals, but solves the alchemy puzzle with ease, then discovers the Time Machine as well as the first Clue. Heading back into the Garden, Pete takes the lead.

Just as Kate is about to exit, a creature ambushes her and before Kate can even react, her Sword has been stolen, creature taking the weapon with it. The investigators are now more wary, but cross the Garden into the Front Path and finally in the Kitchen, Kate getting Ancient Remedies from Pete. Kitchen sees the first use of the Time Machine as the Iron Safe won't open except in the Past, but their meddling with the machine alerts creatures toward them. Having found the second Clue, the pair heads out of the Kitchen and toward the Control Room, only to get jumped by a Cultist halfway there.

Pete hits the Cultist, while Kate evades, but despite the Cult Robes, stumbles and suffers a Concussion, but makes it away from the foe, only to find herself face to face with a Hound of Tindalos. Cultist follows Pete, who evades it and then crashes his Lantern over its head, turning it into a pyre that quickly falls to the ground. Kate evades the Hound and rushes closer to the Control Room, only to get a shock as a Zombie shuffles at her from the darkness. Pete is able to evade the Hound and is close on Kate's heels, but with neither of them in possession of a weapon, killing monsters will prove tough.

When Kate reaches the door to the Control Room, she finds only a wall. Yelling for Pete to activate the Time Machine, the investigator watch the monsters vanish, leaving them with a clear house, allowing them to quickly explore the Control Room and find the next Clue. As the investigators prepare to leave, Pete activates the Time Machine again, taking them into the future, though he only discovers Startling Evidence, then both of them are shocked to see a Crawling One rush them. Quickly activating the Time Machine to move back into the Present, they are able to rush off and make a run for the Medical Storage in relative peace.

Finally they reach the Medical Storage, but Pete gets cornered off from Kate by a pair of Cultists. He attacks one of them, missing, then has to watch in horror as the same Cultist attacks him and ruptures, spreading maggots all over Pete, who suffers a Broken Arm. Second Cultist fails to hit Pete, instead Stunning itself. In the Medical Storage, Kate is battling with the Acidic Compound, trying to get a mix going that would eat through the Stone Slab, but despite feeling she has fully solved the alchemy puzzle, only thing she gains is a Side Effect, suffering a Terrible Disformity.

Pete headbutts the Cultist and manages to kill him, while Kate struggles with her Concussion, but once again almost fully solves the alchemy puzzle in her estimation, yet fails once again, victim of a Violent Seizure. Worse, when her eyes start telling her the walls are closing in on her, she suffers a case of Panic and is forced to waste a turn moving back into the Medical Storage. Pete doesn't have much to do, Kate's the brains of the pair, at least she should be, so Pete's just busy using the Microscope. Kate gets another good feeling, all but declaring "I've got it this time for sure", but yet again fails, inhaling a Reproductive Enzyme.

Kate has quite a lot of trouble going for her and Pete isn't all that healty himself, those bare-handed struggles with no less than three Cultists having taken their toll on him. Kate goes for the Acidic Compound one more time, this time solving it fully yet again, but no, still it resists her efforts, Kate feels her will eroding, she is becoming a Vessel of Evil. To the very end, the Stone Slab resists Kate's efforts and when the police later investigate the house, no sign is found, not of Pete, not of Duke, not of Kate and not of the supposed Time Machine. All players lose.
2012-05-17 1 Return of the Reanimator (1A, 2A, 3B, 4A)

Investigators: Darrell Simmons, Michael McGlen

For some reason, the Hallways seem littered with gun in the house, Darrell picking up a Colt .38, while Michael adds a Shotgun alongside his Tommy Gun, investigators are quickly armed to the teeth and more. Following the only clue they have, the pair reaches the Operating Theater and pick up the first Clue, only to have to dodge some Crawling Hands and then watch in horror as a corpse rises to its feet, a zombie. Michael blasts the zombie with his Shotgun, almost blowing it away, but Stunning it, then the investigators leg it, running back down the Hallway.

Nothing seems to give chase, but as they reach the Hallway connecting to the Morgue, suddenly another zombie shuffles out of the darkness. Quick gunfire brings down the zombie and Darrell captures the image with his Camera, before the pair heads into the Morgue, where Darrell unfortunately fails to solve the Short Circuit. Having already wasted a turn on the Jammed Door leading to the Morgue, investigators have lost a couple of turns. Michael at least succeeds in gaining entry in the Hidden Laboratory, solving the Padlock on the door. However, another zombie rises and Darrell sanity starts unravelling, inflicted with Spectrophobia.

Seeing how useless it is to kill the zombies, Darrell dodges into the Laboratory to join Michael, then opens the Locked Cabinet, discovering the next Clue. Michaels drops back into the Morgue and drops a zombie, clearing a bit of path for Darrell. Both investigators succumb to the effects of the fungus and mold on the walls, Michael dropping his guns, while Darrell can only watch is dismay as some of the mold sticks to his skin, grows and then separates. Darrell looks on as his Evil Twin rises and grins at him. Hightailing it out of there as fast as possible, the investigators gather their breath in the Secret Passage.

Slow that they are, the zombies and the maniac fail to catch up, allowing the investigators to head toward the Study in relative peace, Darrell turning over the Clues to Michael as his wounds are beginning to bother him, not to mention his sanity is hanging by a thread. The creatures stop giving chase, instead creating a congaline of death, streching from the Secret Passage all the way through the Morgue, no free space for the investigators. Darrell's Loss of Vision hampers his exploring even further, but as Michael runs ahead into the Study, Darrell picks up a Sledgehammer, later trading it to Michael.

Having found the third Clue, the pair heads back, forced to deal with the monsters that are waiting for them. Michael's sanity starts to drop, he suffers a momentary Panic, which forces him to run back toward the Study, leaving Darrell to be attacked by a zombie. Moving back, Michael blasts the zombie to pieces with his Tommy Gun, while in the Secret Passage, Darrell all but pulverizes his Evil Twin with the Shotgun. Pair limps back into the Morgue, hearing the roar of flames coming from the direction of the entrance, then spotting a tall figure moving towards them, seemingly alive despite its melted, waxen face.

Struggling, Michael is able to reach the Quarantine Room with the aid of the Powerful Magnet, but unable to explore just yet. And then the race is really on, Herbert West himself makes a break for it, dashing out of the Library. Michael gives chase as best he can, winged by Clapham-Lee, but managing to avoid a zombie, but Darrell is less fortunate and Clapham-Lee kills him. Michael reaches the Secret Passage just ahead of Herbert West and even manages to wound him with a blast from his Tommy Gun, but then the gun overheats and Michael drops it as he tries to fire it again.

West is running like the wind, Michael has no choice but to pick up his Tommy Gun and run after him, unable to get a shot off through the narrow Crypt. He is then accosted by a Crawling Hand, which causes him to twist his ankle, Stunning him. Michael can only watch as Herbert West runs into the Graveyard and then out of the gates. Keeper wins.
2012-05-16 1 Silver Tablet (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5B)

Investigators: Dexter Drake, Vincent Lee

Both men come armed and prepared, at least physically, but right away as they head for the Chapel, both start to have their mental resistance undone as a Cultist charges at them, causing Dexter to develop an Insanity of Rage that would hamper him for the rest of the game. In his madness, Dexter cuts down the Cultist and heads for the Chapel, leaving Vincent to pick up Dexter's dropped Sword Cane and give it back to him in the Chapel. Investigators get a mild scare as the Chapel suddenly falls dark, but quickly recovering, they find the first Clue, as well as a Brass Key.

Heading back into the Dining Room where Vincent spotted a Locked Cabinet, Dexter is again attacked by a Cultist, but manages to avoid damage. He doesn't want to vent his anger on the Cultist, so instead, fails his evade and runs into the Dining Room, with Vincent on his heels, the doctor then pushing a barrier in front of the door they came through, hoping to slow down the Cultist. Cultist rushes at the door, but bounces off, damaging himself, but in the meantime, Dexter sees his Sword Cane starting to waste away, it will only last for one more blow.

Focusing on investigating, after opening the cabinet and finding the next Clue, the pair heads into the Kitchen. When they left the Dining Room, it was empty, just the noise of the Cultist bashing against the barrier audible, but almost immediately after reaching the Kitchen, a new sound carries into their ears, coming from the Dining Room. Dexter explores the Kitchen Storage, finding the third Clue, while Vincent moves back into the Dining Room, only to come face to face with a horrendous Hound. He takes a swing at it with his Bone Saw, wounding the monster despite the darkness.

Vincent then evades the Hound, but can only watch as the Cultist finally breaks down the barrier and then a second Cultist moves in as well. Dexter comes running out of the Kitchen, wounded, and slashes at the Hound, breaking his Sword Cane, but dealing some damage. Vincent moves back to help him and hacks down the Hound, planting his Bone Saw in its skull, but sadly breaking his weapon in the process. At least the Hound is dead. Investigators leg it toward the Tower, pair of Cultists giving chase Master Bedroom is dark too, no time to explore it, they make all haste into the Tower Room, finding the last Clue.

Unfortunately, the Cultists prepare for the investigators in the Master Bedroom, not wanting to give them a chance to attack first, they only need to keep them from escaping as it is., while two Zombies are raised in the Operating Room. Dexter finds some Cult Robes on the Tower Stairs and hands them to Vincent, who is in better health, has the Silver Tablet and isn't foaming at the mouth in his Rage. Sadly, this delay allows the enemies to attack, one Cultist and a pair of Zombies moving in. Cultist attacks Dexter, who botches his avoidance and is covered in maggots as the Cultist's flesh ruptures, killing the Cultist, but also finishing off Dexter.

Zombies don't care about the Cult Robes and are free to attack Vincent, who is Stunned and takes more damage from the second Zombie. Putting all his effort into running, he evades them both and rushes into the Master Bedroom, but sadly, no further, due to his stun. Zombies are able to reach him and Vincent is in a desperate fight, darkness hampering him and when the first Zombie Stuns him, only a miracle can save him. No miracle for Vincent as the second Zombie tackles him and kills him. Keeper wins.
2012-05-15 1 Season of the Witch (1A, 2B, 3A, 4A)

Investigators: Carolyn Fern, Harvey Walters

House seems quiet, nothing stirs even in the darkest corners it seems as the investigators set about in solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Nola. Following the early clues, they reach the Dining Room, where Harvey struggles to find the right combination for the Suitcase, but Carolyn, coming to his assistance flicks it open. Still nothing, on sounds in the house, although in his haste, Harvey almost trips over a loose floorboard, but recovers in time. While Carolyn investigates the Bathroom and finds an Alien Statue along with the next Clue, Harvey takes a quick look around the Guest Bedroom, picking up an Elder Sign from a Puzzlebox.

On the way out, Carolyn has a momentary lapse of concentration, but resists, forcing her mind to focus on the hallway she is in, despite seeing images of a different part of the house in front of her eyes. As the pair reaches the outside, they can feel something in the air, Harvey is certain there is magic about. Unfortunately for them, the sensation only grows as they move toward the Storage Shed in the Backyard, but since that is where the Clue is leading them, they have no alternative. Even though they are expecting something bizarre, neither is mentally strong enough to withstand the horror of a Shoggoth pushing its way out of the shed.

The monster reaches the investigators and slams Harvey, badly injuring him. Carolyn opens fire on the monster with her Walther Model 9 and in an inspired moment, is able to damage and stun it. She heads into the Shed, with Harvey limping after her, pausing only momentarily to use his Elder Sign to drive the Shoggoth into the Front Path. The investigators have a moment to catch their breath, during which time Harvey drinks up the Saturnian Wine he picked up in the house and Carolyn continues to explore, locating a gate to another world, as well as the penultimate Clue.

Finding themselves in a bedroom, the investigators head toward the Library, but then, from a Witchlight, the Shoggoth appears right in front of Harvey! Carolyn moves into the Study to support Harvey, managing for the second time to stun the monster with her pistol. Harvey calls up the power of his Shrivelling Spell and the Shoggoth is cut repeatedly, now seriously injured. Sound of Summoning reaches the investigators' ears, followed by a bestial roar. Carolyn fires her pistol at the Shoggoth once more and is able to finally kill the horrid monster. She and Harvey prepare for the final push.

Rushing into the Cave, Carolyn sees a Hound and two Cultists. She fires at the Hound, only to have it avoid her shot and move into the Library. Cultists move up to Carolyn, chanting words of a Summoning, then they die in front if her eyes. Her relief is short-lived, as a second Hound answers the call. Calling on all her focus, Carolyn evades the Hound and picks up the Black Book, along with the final Clue, telling her to destroy the Book with the aid of the Alien Statue. Unfortunately, she needs time and time is something she sorely lacks. Carolyn dodges back into the Library. Worse, Harvey has taken another hit and his eyes are now too sensitive for him to cast his spell without killing himself.

Both Hounds converge on Carolyn and she calls on the powers of the Alien Statue, polluting her soul, but looking to survive just a bit longer. Unfortunately, her willpower falters and the first Hounds smashes into her, causing Internal Bleeding. Second Hound closes on her, Carolyn still forced to use the Alien Statue, but this time her Dexterity fails and the Hound's claws rip Carolyn apart. Harvey can only watch in horror as the Hounds now turn on him and he has nothing left to give. Keeper wins.
2011-09-25 1 Silver Tablet (1B, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5A)

Investigators: Gloria Goldberg, Jenny Barnes, Joe Diamond

Gloria immediately heads off on her own and away from the sound they heard toward the Garden. Instead, Gloria tries to get to the Mud Room, only to fail with its Padlocked Door. Joe looks around the Dining Room, but without a key, the Locket Cabinet holds its secrets. Joe then heads toward the Garden, with Jenny tailing him. She stops in the Master Bedroom, managing to solve the Power Failure Obstacle and picks up some capsules. Gloria gets jumped by a Cultist, but manages to avoid damage and she then runs back toward the others, not wanting anything to do with the Cultist.

Joe and Jenny spend time in the Gallery, Joe even manages to get into the Coat Room and explore, finding a Pick Axe, while Jenny spots the Dhol Chants on the table. House seems quite enough, with only the Cultist moving about, so the investigators continue toward the Garden. Jenny manages to open the Runestone Chest, picking up a Smith & Wesson. Then that corner of the house goes dark, lights popping as darkness descends on the mansion. Door to the Garden proves particularly tricky, taking the combined effort of all the investigators to finally open, but none of them is able to explore out there just yet. Suddenly a Cultist appears to Gloria on Unseen Wings, the pair moving back into the Entryway. Unfortunately for the Cultist, he is first stunned by Joe and his Pick Axe, then gunned down by Jenny.

Deciding to leave the Garden for Joe, Gloria and Jenny head back into the house and partly by accident stumble on the first Clue in the Hallway. Gloria starts getting itchy fingers, Kleptomania setting in. Just as Joe prepares to investigate the Garden, a Hound of Tindalos appears out of nowhere. Joe pulls out his gun, but it burns his hand and he drops it. Joe charges the monster, but only manages to take damage himself, bloodying his own fists on its skin. Hound lunges at Joe, but is dives for cover and avoids getting hit. Commotion is enough to see Gloria and Jenny move back toward the Dining Room, knowing the Brass Key will open the cabinet there.

Joe evades the Hound and is following the women, spotting the dropped .45 Automatics in the dark Hallway, but unable and unwilling to stop as the Hound is giving chase. He also spots some fine dust falling from his pockets and upon investigating, notices the capsules he got from Jenny have been crushed, probably in his dive to avoid the monster. Reaching the Dining Room, Jenny takes aim at the Cultist there, managing to wound him. Gloria explores the cabinet, finding the next Clue. Joe comes barreling after them, from the sound of things, he has managed to put some distance between him and the Hound.

Things are getting grim, even with Jenny taking out a Cultist. Joe moves to the Mud Room, easily solving the final piece of the lock puzzle left unfinished by Gloria. Following her instincts, Gloria moves closer and hammers away at the Cultist, ripping his head clean off and then moves into the Kitchen, looking to reach the Storage. Unfortunately, another Cultist appears on Unseen Wings and rushes Gloria away, into the Master Bedroom. Possibly a blessing in disguise as next thing the investigators know, two Zombies have risen in the Kitchen. Gloria heads back to the Kitchen and with the help of Jenny, is able to stun both monsters and reach the Storage. She barely manages to open the lock, only to find no Clue there.

Situation turns even more dire as the Hound of Tindalos comes screeching into the Dining Room and then another Hound appears out of thin air. To complete the misery, Jenny drops her Smith & Wesson and Gloria's Pick Axe breaks as she hits a Zombie with it. Two more Cultists join the Hounds and the investigators are all but surrounded. Gloria has the Silver Key, but is also almost dead at this point. Jenny and Joe have more health left, but with Gloria's Kleptomania, they won't be getting it from her. Gloria manages to keep stunning one of the Zombies with her Bind Monster Spell, but Joe and Jenny are finding bare-handed combat deadly.

Jenny lunges for the Smith & Wesson, avoiding both Cultists and one of the Hound, but the other rips into her, causing a Demoralizing Injury. She and Joe try to evade toward the Chapel, but first Joe is ripped apart by the Cultists, then Jenny, leaving Gloria all alone. Zombies pay no attention to her, as the Hounds close in. Gloria, suffering from Hearing Loss, is able to avoid the first Hound's attack, but not the second as its claws dig into her flesh, Gloria's life ends, along with the investigators' hopes. Keeper wins.
2011-08-07 1 Season of the Witch (1B, 2A, 3B, 4A)

Investigators: Ashcan Pete, Harvey Walters

While Harvey heads to investigate the Dining Room, Pete heads back out the door and grabs an Axe he saw as they were entering. Harvey is tempted to look into the Kitchen Storage but in the end turns back and heads toward the Bathroom in the Corner Hallway, looking for the Alien Statue there. He is joined by Pete who gives him De Vermiis Mysteriis, having no use for it himself. As Harvey hits the Bathroom, Pete moves into the Guest Bedroom, only to fail solving the Lockbox and freaking out over seeing no reflection of himself in a mirror. Harvey has no such troubles and picks up the Statue along with another Clue. Pete manages to avoid the effects of Mythos that would've re-set the puzzle and solves it, disappointed to only find an Elder Sign. Harvey exits the Bathroom, only to have a painting go flying at him. He steels his will, but proves too slow to avoid getting hit, suffering a Debilitating Injury.

As the investigators are making their way toward the Attic, Cultists in the Otherworld have finally completed their Summoning and a Hound of Tindalos races through time and space into the Witch House proper. Investigators are shocked as the Hound pounces on them in the Corner Hallway, with the lights popping out almost at the same time. Unfazed by darkness, Pete, with the help of Duke hacks away at the Hound with his Axe, dealing damage, then Harvey musters up his Lore and unleashes a Shrivelling Spell on the monster, annihilating it. Harvey heads into the Attic Storage and uses his ability to solve the Sorcerous Sphere without effort.

Darkness gets to Pete and Baffling Voices slow him down, causing him to damage himself, while also inflicting him with Dementia. Pete rushes past Harvey into the Attic Loft, gets joined by Harvey who explores, finding another Clue and an Otherworld Gate which propels the investigators out of the Witch House and into the Otherworld. Clue provides only vague directions to Nola and the investigators split up, Harvey heading into the Study, while Pete ponders over a Power Failure in the Library, only to have the darkness get to him again as he sees eyes in the dark and runs off in a panic, leaving the puzzle unsolved.

Harvey looks to enter the cave, thinking that is where the clue was directing him, but instead he finds himself sucked in through an Alien Gate. Harvey is never seen again, presumed killed. Figuring that's not the way he wants to go in, Pete moves toward the Ceremony Room, picking up a .38 Colt along the way. Just before he reaches the Ceremony Room, Cultists complete another Summoning and a Shoggoth appears. Unknowing of all that is going on, Sister Mary arrives, entering the Front Porch. Pete moves into the Ceremony Room but the sight of the Shoggoth is too much and he drops all his possessions. Using his evading ability to the fullest, Pete avoids the monster and picks up not only his weapons and other items, but also the last Clue, with Keziah Mason appearing as well.

Mary is racing toward the Attic, hoping to join Pete and in someway help him in bringing down Keziah. Pete evades back into Cave 2, but not before Keziah almost rips his arm out of its socket, Pete has a Broken Arm. Keziah blows past Pete, heading for the exit, while the Shoggoth attacks him, inflicting damage. Pete looks to outdistance the Shoggoth, but first he takes a shot at Keziah, hitting her with his pistol. Sadly, Pete's intellect proves lacking and somehow he is unable to find the door into Hallway 1. Mary moves into the Master Bedroom. Keziah makes another run past Pete, while the Shoggoth lumbers after him and attacks, inflicting damage and pushing Pete back. As Event IV takes place, Pete takes advantage and makes a move, looking to reach Keziah. Unfortunately, the Shoggoth grabs a hold of him and rips him to bits as Pete fails to evade.

Mary too takes advantage and rushes in to attack Keziah, only to take damage herself. Mary heads into the Master Bedroom, but not before taking damage from Keziah as her evade fails. Both Keziah and the Shoggoth are still on the move, Mary all but dead after Keziah attacks her, Shoggoth closing in on her. Luckily, Mary is able to evade Keziah and reach the Witch House, out of the Shoggoth's reach for now. She pulls the barrier in front of the door to the Attic Stairs, looking to prevent Keziah from escaping. Keziah instead attacks Mary, but stuns herself! Mary is faced with a tough choice, but in the end heads back into the Otherworld and races toward the hiding spot in the Tower Room.

Before she can reach it however, Mythos forces her into using her Strenght to get through the door, which she barely does. Mary scurries into the hiding place, looking to stay as quiet as possible. Shoggoth rushes in after her, taking two turns to reach the Tower Room, at which point the final Event is set to resolve. Shoggoth attacks Mary in the hiding place and like guided it zooms in on her, knocking her out of hiding and getting another attack. Mary still has a shot to avoid the damage but sadly, she fails her attempt, the Shoggoth grabs hold and kills Mary. Keziah might not have escaped, but with the investigators vanquished, Keeper wins.
2011-07-03 1 Fall of House Lynch (1C, 2A, 3A)

Investigators: Gloria Goldberg, Michael McGlen

Smell of burnt food welcomes the investigators and Michael heads into the Dining Room first, picking up a Lantern in there. Gloria grabs a bottle of Whiskey out of the Foyer before following up, for some reason grabbing a bite out of the rotten food on the table, but avoiding any ill effects. Gloria is more suited to any puzzles so she hits the Kitchen to find the first Clue and a Silver Key. Michael heads upstairs in the Foyer, avoiding a Poltergeist. Gloria visits the Kitchen Storage, having to force the door to get in. Michael succumbs to Panic just as he is about to enter the Hallways and runs back into the Dining Room, then trampses back to where he started from.

Burning zombie appears in the Hallway, but Michael isn't worried and shoots away with his Tommy Gun, hitting it once hard enough to kill it. Unfortunately the Hallway catches fire. Gloria makes her way back into the Foyer when the calm is interrupted by a Maniac who surprises Gloria, then grabs a sample of her hair and makes a run for the basement. Recovering, Gloria zaps him with her Bind Monster Spell, dealing damage and stunning it, then moves up the stairs to wait for Michael who drops back and opens fire on the Maniac, only to miss and take damage himself. Gloria leaves Michael to handle the Maniac and moves on in search of Clues. Nothing in the Guest Bedroom but Startling Evidence, which Gloria, despite all her self-control, finally overcome with Uncontrollable Urges peruses.

One would think Michael with a Tommy Gun handles the Maniac quite easily, but that doesn't prove the case as the Maniac charges him and Michael keeps having to test his Dexterity, having already lost his skill points to Dementia. Worse, he keeps getting stunned and as the final straw, drops his Tommy Gun! Gloria forces herself to pass through the burning Hallway and reaches the Master Bedroom, solving the Puzzlebox to find another Clue along with a Magical Phrase. Gloria heads back, only to find Michael still tussling with the Maniac. Michael starts hearing Baffling Voices and after banging his head against the wall, doesn't know which form is Gloria and which the Maniac, attacking Gloria by mistake, but missing, having suffered a Broken Arm as well. Annoyed, Gloria stuns the Maniac with her Bind Monster and heads for the Basement as darkness takes over the Foyer. Michael picks up his things and follows Gloria, who grabs his Lantern to appease her Kleptomania.

If there was any doubt as to where to find Edith Lynch, as she rises from her grave in the Basement, doubts are cast aside. Gloria gets Uncontrollable Urges and moves toward Edith, who happily moves to meet her, attacking Gloria. Michael takes the time to chug down the Whiskey, helping to improve his unravelling sanity. Gloria stuns Edith and enters the Basement, locating the final Clue and revealing the Objective. Zombies appears in the Basement Stairs and Dining Room as Gloria backs up the stairs. Both investigators are up against two minions, with the zombie that is not Edith ripping into Gloria's face. Michael's sanity is wasting away again, but using his once per game ability, Michael hits the zombie, missing the Maniac who has ever been a thorn in his side. Gloria uses her last skill point to evade a zombie, but fails her evade against the zombie in the Foyer and is killed. Zombie that ate at Gloria's face joins the Maniac and the zombie and goes for Michael's face as well, killing him. Both investigators were within sight and reach of the exit, but house took them down. Keeper wins.
2011-06-19 1 Blood Ties (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)

Investigators: Joe Diamond and Kate Winthrop

Kate Winthrop is the blood relative.

Joe makes a beeline to the Storage Shed and discovers the first Clue along with a Crowbar, his Magnifying Glass allowing him to move further. Kate solves a Lockbox in the Garden and picks up a Fire Extinguisher, both investigators now armed with some sort of weapon. Zombie from the Patio shuffles closer and Joe freaks out a bit, despite having higher Willpower than Kate. Instead of attacking the zombie grabs a sample off Kate and shuffles off. Joe gives chase and bashes it over the head with the Crowbar, while Kate finds a Colt .38 in the Back Yard. Zombie tries to attack Kate but misses and is killed by Kate.

Joe pulls the Manhole Cover up with the Crowbar and after a brief consult with Kate, they descend into the caves, Kate having agreed to uphold the bargain with the mi-go and gaining a Soul Pact Spell. Crypt proves out of reach for now, door is locked, but Joe evades a zombie to move into the Chasm and find the Magic Phrase along with a Clue directing him toward the Mud Room. Instead of sticking around and fighting the zombie and the mi-go joins it through the vent, the investigators evade and head into the Front Yard where Joe finds the Silver Key in the Mud Room and the penultimate Clue. His Sanity is getting close to the limit so Kate uses her Soul Pact to heal him here and there, but unfortunately Joe makes a detour into the Front Porch and loses another point. When all is ready, the investigators head back down
into the caves, looking to hit the Crypt.

Graveyard is on fire, but doesn't look like anybody is going in that direction anymore. Mi-go and a zombie wait Joe in Cave 2, while another climbs the ladder and grabs a Sample off Kate, heading into the Root Cellar which Kate explored earlier for the Crucifix. Joe fails another Horror test and imaginary Bugs cause him to drop all his equipment. Kate is once again called upon to heal his Sanity. Needing the Silver Key, Joe evades and explores, then moves into the Crypt, where he is joined by Kate who discovers the final Clue and Uncle Artimus. Mi-go grabs a sample off Kate and heads toward the Altar where one sample already waits. Joe fires the Colt .38 despite it being on Low Ammo and wounds Artimus, even with the darkness pervading the Crypt. Kate misses and then Artimus is on the run, though not making it far, but a zombie joins him. Both Joe and Kate miss Artimus which proves costly in the end, Joe missing a 50-50 shot. As another zombie climbs out of the ground, Kate's Spectrophobia kicks in and she goes insane, mistaking Joe for a zombie and attacking him with the Fire Extinguisher to now make a hit, damaging and stunning Joe.

Cultist has now joined two zombies in attacking the investigators, with Artimus stunned and unable to run. Cultist casts a spell which fries Kate, killing her. Zombies whittle away at Joe and he hits Artimus despite his stunned status. Mi-go deposits another sample on the altar with a zombie carrying the third sample closing in. Joe has a shot at killing Artimus but he fails his Horror test as another zombie arrives, causing him to Panic and run off too far to reach Artimus and make an attack against him. Joe ends up in the Front Yard, his Sanity unravelled, Health barely intact (2 left) when the zombie places the third sample on the altar and Artimus's ritual is complete, his immortality achieved. Keeper wins.

Had Kate or Joe hit Artimus on that turn when they missed, investigators would've won in the end.
2011-05-29 1 Classroom Curses (1C, 2B, 3B, 4A)

Investigators: Jenny Barnes and Sister Mary

Mary heads for the Coat Room and manages to open a Suitcase she finds, though at the cost of a skill point, picking up a Ceremonial Skull. Jenny makes her way into the Corner Hallway. Darkness soon takes over the stretch of the hallway and Jenny's visit to the Bathroom only reveals a Locked Cabinet. As the lights go out, Mary is standing too close to one of the lights and is hurt by the sparks, with most of the damage to her head, resulting in Hearing Loss. As the investigators reach the more open part of the building, they start picking up some more weapons, Shotgun and Sledgehammer, with Jenny trading Mary her .45 Automatics.

From the hallway they split up, Mary heading for the Laboratory and beyond, Jenny toward the Furnace Room. Door in there proves jammed tight, but Jenny finally manages to push it open. Only to then see fire shooting from the furnace as the room catches on fire. In the Laboratory, Mary comes across a stuck door as well, but is unable to force it. Jenny has to fight darkness and fire, but she picks up the first Clue, only for the door out of the Furnace Room to slam shut. Jenny puts all her effort into trying to solve the Padlocked Door, but fails, taking damage from the burning room. Mary looks inside the Freezer before heading back.

By the time she finally makes it out of the Furnace Room, Jenny is badly burnt, suffering from a Broken Leg. Mary runs up to her and grabs the Brass Key, heading for the Bathroom, while Jenny limps along slowly. Helena Detaigne mocks the investigators from the Library, but Mary ignores her taunts, running for all she has for the Bathroom. As Jenny's room plunges into darkness, she gets into a Panic and runs heedlessly into the Furnace Room. Realising where she is, Jenny is forced to make a run for the door despite her Broken Leg hurting her. Mary locates the second Clue in the Bathroom, along with the Silver Key.

Helena Detaigne's plan are coming together as the mi-go arrive. Mary is shocked by the alien arrival, Jenny doesn't know anything about them yet. Mary tries to shoot at the mi-go, but misses and Jenny only barely reaches Hallway 4. The other mi-go moves through the vent to join on the assault on Mary, who falls under Uncontrollable Urges and throws her Lantern at one of the mi-go, wounding it, but removing her only source of light, with most of the hallways now dark. Mi-go attack Mary and wound her badly. Jenny limps into the Study but suffers a Demoralizing Injury, which at least makes her forget all about her Broken Leg.

Mary tries one more shot at the mi-go, but misses. First alien attacks and hits Mary, who in addition to taking damage drops the .45 Automatics. Second mi-go closes in and Mary succumbs. Mary's brain is removed and soon on its way to Yuggoth as Helena Detaigne's pact with the mi-go is fulfilled. Keeper wins.
2011-05-24 1 Green-eyed Boy (1B, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5B, 6B)

Investigators: Harvey Walters and Sister Mary

Following the butler's trail toward the Dining Room, Mary finds a Knife in the Gallery and gives it to Harvey. An Evil Presence seems to linger in the mansion, however for now the investigators suffer no ill effect from it. While Harvey moves into the Dining Room and almost loses his lunch, Mary looks inside the Coat Room and finds a Sledgehammer in the corner. Then a pair of Witches appear and attack, Harvey's Warding Statue at least reduces some of the damage, while Mary proves too dexterous for her assailant and escapes without harm. With Harvey apparently in trouble, Mary evades her Witch and rushes into the Dining Room, splashing some Holy Water on the Witch, stunning her.

Free to survey the scene, Harvey follows the red arrow of blood toward the Library, picking up Whateley's Diary in the Bathroom of all places. Witches vanish as suddenly as they appeared. Harvey passes the Library door and sees the man dragged through the ceiling by a tentacle. Before heading back, he picks up a Brass Key. Mary is waiting for him in the Dining Room and the two arm themselves better by trading up some items when a Frozen Visitor runs in through the door, giving them a warning before he dies.Investigators receive another surprise as a Witch appears. Harvey bashes the Witch with a Sledgehammer and stuns her, allowing the investigators to head toward the Gallery unopposed.

Mary races ahead into the Laboratory, but Harvey finds himself unable to force the door to the Foyer. Another pair of Witches harrass them, only to once again vanish with a laugh. In the Foyer Harvey stumbles on a loose floorboard and is unable to reach the Laboratory. Mansion fall quiet for a moment, allowing the investigators to regroup and reach the Laboratory, with Harvey using the key to open the Locked Cabinet and discover another Clue. Mary gets the Crowbar as the investigators prepare to head for upstairs. In the Master Bedroom Harvey finds the Ruby of R'lyeh, which should help him as he is the primary spellcaster. Touch of Madness causes distress for both investigators, their sanity is starting to unravel.

They regroup in Hallway 4, with Harvey making a stop in Hallway 3 to find and open a Lockbox, picking up a Sedative, which looks to come in handy, Mary needs to somehow overcome her Broken Leg. While the investigators look around, the butler appears and attacks. Harvey casts Bind Monster on him to stun him and the investigators leave him behind, heading into the Corner Hallway, where Mary takes the Sedative, looking to ignore the Trauma to her leg for now. Bathroom appears locked, so Harvey continues onwards, but then another Witch pops up and Mary comes down with Spectrophobia.

Harvey dodges the Witch but she manages to hit him and Harvey suffers a Demoralizing Injury. Butler is still coming after them with an insane grin on his face, but Mary manages to stun him with her Holy Water and Harvey finally heads into the Hallway leading into the Attic, Mary limping along after him, although she makes a stop in the Secret Passage. but is forced to try and get the power back on when the lights refuse to go on. Horrific Vision leads the investigators to believe they must escape or be doomed. Butler charges at Harvey, but he avoids the attack, then stuns him with the Bind Monster and makes his way into the Corner Hallway, Mary running after him, with her Spectrophobia kicking in at the sight of the butler.

Investigators pass into Hallway 3 which falls dark, but Harvey is carrying a Lantern. Witch appears and Mary gets into a Panic, which overcomes her Spectrophobia, but she runs into the Master Bedroom. Both investigators are hurting bad, in mind and body. Harvey stuns the Witch with the Bind Monster spell and casts it so adeptly that he is on the move immeadiately after uttering the last word. Ruby of R'lyeh enhances him some more and Harvey runs into the Foyer, in sight of the front door. But there he starts hearing Baffling Voices that just won't go away. He tries to drive them out by banging his head against the wall, but to no avail. Yet he persists until something cracks and Harvey falls down the stairs, dead as he lands. Mary heads for the Foyer, but sees eyes in the dark and her sanity unravels utterly. She runs off blindly and recovers in the Operating Room. She moves into the Laboratory and barricades the door, recalling the warning about the Freezer. Sadly, it proves all for nothing as the Evil Presence grows stronger and Mary is Compelled by Madness. She is merely a spectator as she pushes the barrier away from the door, moves into the Operating Room and into the Freezer, where Ithaqua awaits... Keeper wins.
2011-05-23 1 Blood Ties (1B, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5B)

Investigators: Jenny Barnes and Michael McGlen

Jenny Barnes is the blood relative

Scream from the northeast? That's a bit vague. Jenny digs in the Garden and uncovers a Lockbox, solving it and finding a Fire Extinguisher, then heads to the Front Path, while Michael heads into the Guest Bedroom, managing to open the Padlocked Door. Threat grows, but nothing visible yet. Jenny solves the rune puzzle on the Front Porch door and then finds a Clue along with a Crowbar, heading back out toward the Front Yard. Michael explores the Closet and finds a Colt .38. Jenny is shocked to see a zombie shuffle out after from, corpse from whom she took the Crowbar is coming back for it it seems. Buzzing voice talks of a bargain and Jenny decides to abide by it.

Michael hears Jenny's shout as the zombie appears and runs out into the Garden. Despite Jenny being near the creature, he opens fire with his Tommy Gun and rocks the zombie back, until it crumbles. Jenny heads to the Front Yard and pries open the Manhole Cover, revealing a ladder into darkness beneath, as well as a second Clue and a Brass Key. Jenny isn't yet ready to move on, not by herself and heads for the Root Cellar only to find it Magically Locked. Michael solves a Puzzlebox on the Patio, picking up an Elder Sign. Finally the investigators head for the ladder. Darkness of the cave seems oppressive as Jenny drops down the ladder. She reaches the Chasm and uses the Brass Key to open the Locked Cabinet, discovering another Clue and a Magic Phrase.

While checking the cabinet fully, she gets jumped by a mi-go which arrives through a vent and she drops her .45 Automatic. Jenny manages to stun the monster and heads back toward the ladder, only to run into a zombie in the cave. Luckily, Michael arrives to assist and blasts the mi-go, Jenny then evades the zombie and heads for the Root Cellar. Michael isn't any happier in the darkness of the cave and also climbs back out. Jenny quickly finds what she needs in the Root Cellar and comes running back while Michael tries to get into the Mud Room, only to discover its Electric Lock way beyond his abilities, he would need to take a long time to figure it out. Jenny remembers a phrase of her uncle's, but decides not to repeat it.

Down below, more zombies await. Jenny takes damage while evading them, but makes her way into the Crypt, where a Cultist jumps at her from the shadows. Michael busts open the Jammed Door into the Crypt and finds a Torch there, returning to the cave to wait for Jenny. Jenny avoids the Cultist's attack, evades him and finds the final clue, along with the Ceremonial Skull and runs back into the Chasm. A running battle follows with both investigators trying to kill off the zombies. Cultist has been left behind and finally the zombies fall, but the investigators are in fairly bad shape after the battle. Michael is suffering from Spectrophobia and although Whiskey eases his pain, his sanity still is close to cracking, while Jenny is hurting in mind and body, close to insane and with a Broken Leg.

Plot Thickens but to no apparent effect and Jenny gives Michael the Skull, he isn't slowed down by any injury. Out in the distant Graveyard, figures rise from the graves and start shuffling toward the investigators. From the Garden Michael opens fire, but misses, dropping his Tommy Gun, while Jenny tries to heal herself with the Blood Pact Spell, only to take back the damage and cripple her sanity some more. Zombies move into the Garden and Michael's Spectrophobia kicks in. Jenny considers moving and using her Elder Sign, but instead opens fire, missing a zombie. Michael is desperate and makes a run for it past both zombies. Each rips at him, but Michael persists through the pain and reaches the Graveyard to plant the Ceremonial Skull in its rightful place, undoing the deeds of Jenny's uncle. Investigators win.
2011-05-22 1 Blood Ties (1C, 2A, 3A, 4B, 5A)

Investigators: Ashcan Pete and Gloria Goldberg

Gloria Goldberg is the blood relative.

Despite their information, the investigators don't head for the Back Yard and Storage Shed right away. Instead, Gloria finds a Locket Cabinet in the Garden and Pete picks up a Colt .38 along the Front Path. Patio has a Manhole Cover and Front Porch sees the investigators pick up a Knife, at least now they are both armed. Gloria accepts the mi-go's offer and picks up a Soul Pact Spell.

Puzzlebox on the Front Yard takes both their wits to solve, but solve it they do, investigators disappointed to only find an Elder Sign. Bad news continue in the Root Cellar, Electric Lock once more calls upon their combined wits to solve, only for Gloria to discover the door leading to the Furnace Room has been sealed. A zombie has risen from its grave in the Graveyard and is shuffling toward the investigators, while a buzzing mi-go appears in the Storage Shed. Pete aims his Colt at the zombie, but right after shooting he discovers it only had one bullet in it. Enemies close in on the investigators, with the mi-go taking a sample from Gloria.

Gloria slows the zombie with her Bind Monster, while Pete succeeds in opening the Padlocked door to the Storage Shed. Seeing what the mi-go is doing with Gloria's sample drives him into a Panic and he flees into the Garden. Zombie follows Pete, while the mi-go sets off with its sample. Gloria evades the zombie to reach the Graveyard, only to find nothing, instead a Cultist creeps up to her, then Gloria remembers a Latin phrase used by her uncle and repeats it, setting the Graveyard on fire. Pete hits the zombie with his Knife, but drops it, Gloria flees the burning Graveyard. Pete heads into the Guest Bedroom, mi-go and cultist chasing him. He makes his way into the Storage Closet, only to find Whateley's Diary. In the Garden, Gloria evades a zombie and finally heads for the Storage Shed, finding the first clue, as well as the Crowbard.

Pete runs out of the Guest Bedroom but is stopped by a zombie in the Garden, another zombie now occupying the Patio. Pete uses his one time ability to dodge all the monsters in the Garden and picks up the Knife, but then a scream sounds as the Plot Thickens and Gloria dies of a heart attack. Pete knows he has no hope of winning, all he can do is try and survive. Unfortunately, he steps into a hole in the Garden and suffers a Broken Leg, already hampered by Spectrophobia. As the monsters close in on him, Pete's sanity unravels and he realises there is only one way out. With a look at Duke, Pete slices his own throat. Keeper wins.
2011-05-21 1 Classroom Curses (1B, 2A, 3B, 4B)

Investigators: Gloria Goldberg and Joe Diamond

While Gloria looks around the Gallery, finding nothing and heading off deeper into the building, Joe stops in the Coat Room. He doesn't prove lucky enough to open the suitcase in one go however. Giving it another go, Joe completes the puzzle and finds a Ceremonial Skull. Joe makes his way into the Corner Hall, meeting up with Gloria coming out of the Bathroom and giving her the Skull. Investigators are still in the Corner Hall when the lights go out, Gloria gets zapped by the sparks. Joe's sanity starts unravelling, he hears Baffling Voices and becomes afraid of the dark, bad phobia to have with the darkness spreading.

Looking to outrun the darkness, Joe heads toward the Study, while Gloria makes her way into the Freezer, only to have the door slam shut behind her and then the temperature drops, damaging Gloria. Getting a grip on herself, Gloria figures out the Padlock with ease and makes her way toward the Bathroom, now that she has the Brass Key. In the Study, Joe puzzles with the Power Failure, but eventually completes it to find Whateley's Diary, something he isn't going to be using. Not like Gloria, who has been having constant Uncontrollable Urges with regard to the Ceremonial Skull, only gaining minor information from it however, mostly she feels threat increasing.

Gloria reaches the Bathroom and then hears voices from the Gallery, while Joe is heading deeper into the building, having found the Library to have a Magical Lock, he moves to the Attic. Gloria is unable to avoid the Witches and gets caught. Joe is running back as fast as he can, but it's not nearly fast enough to save Gloria who is killed by one of the Witches. Kate Winthrop apparently has noticed the commotion happening in the building and arrives to investigate, shocked to see a near-naked, tattoeod woman covered in blood moving towards her. Only having her bare fists, Kate decides she wants no part with the woman and evades her into the Corner Hall, seeing another one rounding the corner, heading away from her.

Joe by now has found a Lantern which eases his fear of the dark, but sight of a Witch still shocks him. With an Uncontrollable Urge, Joe throws his Lantern at the Witch, damaging her, but also bringing back his fear as darkness settles in. Witch tries to attack him but misses, while the other Witch wounds Kate. Joe moves in and blasts his Witch with a Shotgun, then moves to help Kate. Unfortunately, sight of another Witch shocks him still and Joe becomes confused, aiming his Shotgun at Kate instead, mistaking the Witch for a Friend. Luckily for Kate, Joe misses. Witch attacks Kate again, but she avoids damage.

Panic hits Joe and he finds himself in the Gallery, but this isn't enough to slow the investigators down and the second Witch is killed by Kate, having taken the Shotgun from Joe, she blasts the Witch all over the Corner Hall. Ominous sounds from the Tower are getting closer, seemingly moving through the vents. Truth revealed, Kate and Joe prepare to make a final stand in the Gallery, with Kate reading Whateley's Diary to learn the Bind Monster Spell and she also has the Ruby of R'lyeh. However, as the Gallery plunges into Darkness, Joe's grip on sanity finally shatters, seeing no alternative, he cracks his own skull open with the Sledgehammer.

Hound of Tindalos closes in on the Gallery and Kate, though badly wounded, moves to meet it. She successfully casts the Bind Monster and stuns the Hound, but due to darkness, misses with her Shotgun. Uncontrollable Urges force Kate to fall back into the Gallery and as she tries to move back in, the door refuses to open. Hound, recovered from its stun and enraged charges Kate and attacks her. With darkness and a trauma affecting her in combat, Kate fails her test and the Hound kills her. Keeper wins.
2011-05-20 1 Classroom Curses (1A, 2B, 3A, 4A)

Investigators: Michael McGlen and Sister Mary

Michael, Thug that he is, is very happy to find a Sledgehammer in the Gallery, right by the front door, that should fix the furnace. Mary checks the Coat Room but finds a Locked Cabinet that needs a Key. Mary follows Michael into the Corner Hall, where Michael stops in the Bathroom to open a Suitcase. After returning, he gives Mary the Ceremonial Skull. Darkness takes over the Corner Hall as the lights go out, Mary hurting herself from the sparks.

From the Hallway, they split up, Michael heading to fix the furnace, Mary peeking inside the Laboratory and Freezer. Just as Michael finds a clue in the Furnace Room, the door behind him slams shuts and the room is suddenly on fire. Coughing, he tries to make it through the Padlocked Door, but no go, Lack of Concentration comes upon him, Michael realises in horror he is going to burn to death here. Luckily, Mary hears the commotion and manages to run up to open the lock, Michael escapes only slightly singed. Mary herself has been troubled by the Uncontrollable Urges with the Ceremonial Skull, but so far she has only gained insight from it.

Michael gives Mary the Brass Key and she heads back toward the Coat Room while Michael makes his way into the Study. In the Corner Hall Mary realises she isn't alone anymore, buzzing gets louder until a creature appears from a Vent. Shocked, Mary swings at it with her Crowbar and damages the mi-go, she then starts running toward the Coat Room with the mi-go at her heels. In the Study, Michael encounters a Power Failure which proves tricky, especially since Michael has already spent his skill points. Further, the darkness seems overwhelming and Michael gets panicked once, suffering from Uncontrollable Urges at other times, all slowing down his progress with the puzzle.

Mary reaches the Coat Room and finds the Silver Key as well as another clue. Mi-go still lurks in the Corner Hall and despite her Hearing Loss, Mary has no choice but to head in there if she is to continue investigating. Luckily, she manages to kill the mi-go with her Crowbar and heads toward the tower. Things are going from Bad to Worse as two more mi-go converge on the investigators. Mary is already badly hurt from her encounter with a previous mi-go and now another one attacks her, forcing her to drop her Crowbar, leaving her with no weapons. Michael finally solves the puzzle and is heading out. Shocked to see a mi-go outside the Study, he blasts at it with his Shotgun but misses. Mary evades the mi-go after her despite Hearing Loss and no skill points.

Michael, feeling all is lost shoots himself with a Shotgun. Mary manages to throw her Lantern and kill one mi-go, but the other pounces on her and kills her. Keeper wins.
2011-03-27 1 The Inner Sanctum (1A, 2A, 3B, 4A)

Investigators: Jenny Barnes, Kate Winthrop

Kate explores the Chapel and finds a Knife, thus arming both investigators, since Jenny has her .45s. Jenny runs into the Study and somewhere deep in the monastery Cultists are arriving for their ceremonies. Jenny finds a Locked Cabinet and no way past it, so she heads to the Library, while Kate backtracks and moves toward the Basement. Lights go out for Kate, then she starts hearing voices and while running against the wall to get them out of her head, injures herself with a Broken Arm.

Jenny reaches the Secret Passage and solves the Puzzlebox, finding the Brass Key to go with the lock in the Study, so she heads back. Kate moves into the Bathroom and solves the Lockbox there, rewarded with a Crucifix. More Cultists arrive. Jenny reaches the Study and uses the key to open the cabinet, revealing the next Clue. Cult Leader arrives in the Chapel, then as the investigators don't jump him, he jumps Jenny. Kate moves in to help Jenny and stabs the Leader with her knife, while Jenny drops her gun from a Mythos card and attacks the Cult Leader with her bare hands. Leader then hits with his special attack, he also sets the Study on fire and takes damage himself.

Kate misses the Leader and escapes the flames, but Jenny manages to kill him, grabbing his Cult Robes and hightailing out of the burning Study. In the Chapel, the ladies are then jumped by a Cultist that moved all the way from the Basement. Cultist tries its special attack, but fails to summon a shoggoth and kills himself instead. With flames now blocking the Study, investigators head toward the Basement, with Kate picking up an Axe along the way as well and Dhol Cants under the Stairs. Eyes in the Dark drives Jenny back. A trio of Cultists have finished their Summoning in the Ceremony Room, bringing forth a Shoggoth, which already rushed into the Basement Landing on the previous turn and now comes up the Stairs, but misses Jenny with it attack.

Investigators hightail it down the Stairs, Kate moving into the Furnace Room, while Jenny evades and then pushes the Barrier in front of the doorway. Sadly, it does little good as the Shoggoth bulls its way straight through it, destroying the barrier, but stunning itself. Kate tries to access the Ceremony Room, but finds a Barred Entry. Jenny, having received the Axe from Kate swings at the Shoggoth, damaging it, but dropping her weapon. Desperate struggle sees Jenny falling back, luring the Shoggoth to come after her, while Kate, barely alive at this point (8 of 9 dmg) makes her way back up the Stairs, but not managing a swing at the Shoggoth, only to drop her weapon.

Another Cultist tries a special attack, but yet again fails to bring forth a Shoggoth, killing himself. Had he succeeded, Jenny would've been up against two Shoggoths with no weapons. Jenny moves into the Basement Storage, then, as the Shoggoth follows, back out again, all the while hampered by her Loss of Vision. As Kate reaches the Chapel, Jenny tries one last evade, but is killed by the Shoggoth. Harvey Walters arrives in the Chapel. Kate runs into the Study and grabs the .45s, running back out. She trades Harvey her Shrivelling gained from Dhol Cants. With no monsters in range, Event IV reveals the Objective for all investigators to escape. Harvey's quick visit ends the following turn as he runs out the front door. Kate tries to follow, but is jumped by a Cultist at the door, her Flux Stabiliser somewhere in the Basement on Jenny's body. Kate pulls out her .45s and shoots at the Cultist, only to shoot herself in the foot and kills herself! No winners this game.
2011-03-22 1 The Inner Sanctum (1C, 2B, 3A, 4B)

Investigators: Ashcan Pete, Joe Diamond

Joe heads toward the basement, following the robed figures, while Pete steps into the Study. Joe explores on the way, using his Magnifying Glass to full effect. Pete completes the puzzle in the Study, having picked up an Axe to wield and finds out the next (first) Clue is indeed in the Basement. Cultists move into try and hinder Joe, but he evades and completes the puzzle to find the first Clue. As he tries to leave the basement, he tumbles back down the stairs from a Living Darkness. Pete heads through the Library into the Secret Passage and kills a Cultist with his Axe.

Cult Leader arrives and hearing the commotion coming from the basement, heads that way. Joe fails an evade test and takes damage from a Cultist, moving rapidly upstairs. Pete is charged by a Cultist after completing a puzzle and exploring the Secret Passage and for once Duke isn't enough to help Pete, Cultist slams into Pete and bursts into pieces, having been filled with maggots. Pete chops at another Cultist, killing him, leaving him free to explore Chasm and the Caves. He also drinks some Saturnian Wine to heal a bit.

Joe starts getting into trouble has he keeps failing evade tests. He still reaches the Bathroom to reveal the next Clue and having tried the Basement Storage while down there, knows where the Magic Phrase is used. Before running back down there, he uses his Lucky Break to kill the Cultist Leader and grabs the Cult Robes, which aid him in his trip back to the Basement. Pete clears his area, but can't get past the Barred Entry into the Crypt. Joe reaches the Basement and manages to avoid a Zombie's attack, then finds the next Clue in the Storage and takes the Ladder into the Chapel.

Pete moves back to the Library and he and Joe trade items there, Joe taking an Axe, just in case he runs into trouble, while Pete, borderline insane, gets the Crucifix from Joe. Pete also reads the Dhol Chants to arm himself with a Shrivelling Spell. Second Cultist in the Basement turns into a Zombie and a third Cultist is roaming the Corner Hallways at this point. Joe runs into the Caves, Event III triggers, allowing him to move even further, which allows him to reach and explore the Crypt to reveal the final Clue and the Objective. Unfortunately, Joe has taken 11 of 12 damage, so just one more will kill him, winning the game for the Keeper.

Zombie surges up the Ladder into the Chapel and from there into the Study to attack Pete, who is neither horrified nor damaged by its attack. In return, Pete uses his final skill point and casts Shrivelling, dealing five damage to the zombie, but not quite killing it. Joe starts running toward the Chapel, but from out of nowhere he starts hearing voices in his head. No matter how hard to tries to ignore them, they still hound him. In a desperate effort he starts banging his head against the wall in hopes of shutting them out. Sadly, he is forced into hitting his head harder and harder, until eventually something cracks. Joe dies and the Keeper wins.
2011-03-21 1 The Inner Sanctum (1B, 2B, 3B, 4B)

Investigators: Gloria Goldberg, Jenny Barnes, Kate Winthrop

Gloria picks up an Axe in the Chapel, while the other two head toward the Basement. Cultist pop up and start moving. Kate stops in the Bathroom, only to come across an Obstacle she can't get past, not without a key. Gloria moves into the Study, while Jenny heads down the stairs, only to be driven back by Eyes in the Dark. Cultist comes up the stairs to attack her, but misses. Gloria moves into the Library and pushe the Barrier in front of the Door into the Secret Passage, Kate moving toward Gloria to assist her. Jenny evades the Cultist and moves into the Basement, solving the puzzle and revealing the clue, as well as getting the Brass Key.

Cult Leader arrives late and suddenly Gloria and Kate have monsters on both sides, as a Cultist is banging on the Barrier, though unsuccessfully for now. Jenny heads back upstairs and toward the Bathroom, while Gloria and Kate attack the Cult Leader. Kate first swings her Axe right between his eyes, then Gloria finishes him off with her Typewriter, gaining the Cult Robes. Barrier finally shifts and Cultists are moving in. Jenny makes another evade test on her way into the Bathroom to find the next Clue, as well as the Magic Phrase. Gloria, using her Cult Robes, dodges to meet up with Jenny, who trades the Magic Phrase to her.

In the Study, Kate is attacked by two Cultists, one of whom stuns her. Jenny fires her .45s at a Cultist, but fails to kill him. Then, all the Cultists rush into the Chapel and Objective is revealed, Chthonian is summoned. Kate moves in first and hits one wounded Cultist with her Axe, but misses, only hitting him for one damage. Gloria moves in, evades and bashes one Cultist to death with the Typewriter. Then Jenny rushes in, uses her Unwavering Determination to pass the Chthonian's horror check, moves closer and blasts it, dealing it damage and setting the Chapel on fire. Cultists summon a Shoggoth, which sadly misses Jenny. Chthonian moves toward the door, but can't quite make an exit and misses Kate with its attack to boot. Fire does more damage to the monsters. Jenny evades the Shoggoth and closes in on the Chthonian, hitting it again with her .45s. She is almost dead from the fire, but still conscious to see as Kate swings her Axe and kills the Chthonian. Investigators win.
2011-03-20 1 The Fall of House Lynch (1A, 2B, 3B)

Investigators: Michael McGlen, Sister Mary

Both investigators head into the Laboratory, with Mary then the first to come across an Obstacle in the Operating Room. Unfortunately, it takes her two turns to get the lights back on, during which time she gets attacked by a Maniac. Michaels tries to blast him with his Tommy Gun but misses, having also taken a hit on his Sanity. Maniac then grabs a Sample from Michael and start running off with it, leaving the investigators to find the Clue and then hit the Freezer.

Maniac eventually reaches the Altar with the Sample and Michael's Sanity is unravelling slowly but surely. Heading upstairs, first the investigators visit the Guest Bedroom. Having failed to find Clue 2 before the Event referring to it occurs, more Sanity damage, Mary having been hurt by a zombie as well, before Michael put it down. Michael delves into the Storage Closet but doesn't get the puzzle done in one turn. Then, going insane, he wanders outside and attack Mary, unsure if she is Friend or foe. Luckily for Mary, he misses with the Tommy Gun. Mary heads into the Closet and completes the puzzle, finding Shotgun, while Michael is heading toward the Garden. Having lost his Sanity, Michael faces the ultimate choice and blows himself away.

Joe Diamond arrives just as Edith Lynch crawls up from the ground in the Garden. Mary finds the Magic Phrase and Joe picks up the Tommy Gun from Michael's corpse. However, with Mary still upstairs, Joe can't get into the Garden due to the Magic Lock. But the zombie makes its way inside the house and now Joe's Sanity is unravelling, he soon is afflicted by Kleptomania. Mary arrives to help Joe, only to have Edith attack her after taking a sample from Joe. House shakes as the penultimate Event is drawn. Joe finds the final Clue and Walter Lynch is sighted. But Mary is stunned by a zombie and can't reach Walter, who hightails it out of there. Joe starts hearing voices and bangs his head against the wall to block them out, not surprisingly causing injury to himself. Mary misses the zombie with her Shotgun, then, as Joe arrives to aid her, he drops his items after failing another horror test. Mary is ripped apart by the zombie and Walter Lynch cackles as the house comes down. Keeper wins.
2011-03-18 1 The Fall of House Lynch (1B, 2A, 3A)

Investigators: "Ashcan" Pete, Harvey Walters

Smelling burnt food, investigators head toward the kitchen, where Pete finds the Silver Key and is left to rummage through the Storage. Harvey heads back to the Foyer, looking to follow the clue they found. On the stairway, a Maniac jumps from out of nowhere and grabs a piece of hair from Harvey. Startled, but not for long, Harvey fries the Maniac with his Shrivelling spell. As Harvey moves into the Hallway, looking to find the next clue, a flaming zombie appears. Pete is running back, hoping to reach Harvey and help him, but Harvey needs no aid, zapping the Zombie with Shrivelling, which unfortunately causes the Hallway to burst into flames.

Having attempted to reach the Master Bedroom, Harvey has no choice but to wait for Pete to arrive with his Silver Key. At least the Zombie is taken care of, while trying to carry off another sample. After taking horror both on their way into the Master Bedroom and out of it, thanks to the fire, they discover the next clue, Harvey taking care of the Puzzlebox in no time. Basement Landing is then revealed to them and Pete heads down there, Harvey having cast Shrivelling a few too many times and is close to insanity. Zombie grabs a sample from Pete and reaches the altar, Pete unable to reach it. Still, only one sample so far. Harvey heads into the Operating Room and then the Freezer, while Pete hangs about in the Basement, looking to take out a Zombie and a Maniac.

Unfortunately, it doesn't quite pan out like he had hoped and another sample from his is taken and carried to the altar. Harvey has managed to locate the Shotgun and heal himself from one wound left to three left, thanks to the Blood Pact spell. Shoggoth arrives, but can't exit before time runs out. Instead, the Maniac and Shoggoth hammer Pete, but even he doesn't die. Both investigators end up insane, but victorious as the Clock Strikes 2.
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