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Subject: About the Planet's names in the game... rss

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Frank Griese
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If some of the Planet's names used in the game sound familiar to you, look no further! All the Planet names actually come from Science-Fiction novels. Each Planet is a tribute to one of my favorite Science-Fiction authors.

Normal Planets

Arrakis (Frank Herbet)
The planet Arrakis, informally known as Dune, is a desert planet home of the Fremen and the only source for spice in the universe. Arrakis appears in Frank Herbert's Science fiction series "Dune".

Gethen (Ursula K. Le Guin)
The planet is also known as "Winter". A very cold, glacier-covered planet, inhabited by an androgynous intelligent species. Gethen appears in Ursula K. Le Guin's science fiction novel "The Left Hand of Darkness", and in the short stories "Winter's King" and "Coming of Age in Karhide".

Kiber (Alfred Elton van Vogt)
Kiber, also known as Glida to the rest of the universe, is a planet completely covered with water. Kiber appears in A.E. van Vogt's novel "To Conquer Kiber".

Lamarckia (Greg Bear)
The planet has an ecosystem that learns from the changes in its environment, similarly to Lamarckian evolution. The plants and animals that inhabit it are actually parts of continent-sized organisms. Lamarckia appears in Greg Bear's science fiction novel Legacy.

Reverie (Bruce Sterling)
The planet a world of coral continents, levitating islands, and the corrosive, transformative wilderness of "The Mass." The planet has been transformed into a utopia/dystopia, with a stark class division. Reverie appears in Bruce Sterling's science fiction novel by "The Artificial Kid".

Tiamat (Joan D. Vinge)
Tiamat is a planet nearly entirely covered by oceans. The planet's sun orbits a black hole, which facilitates interstellar travel and connects Tiamat to the rest of the civilized galaxy. Tiamat appears in Joan D. Vinge's novel "The Snow Queen".

Pirate Planets

Asperta (Isaac Asimov)
A planet mentioned by Mayor Indbur in Isaac Asimov's science fiction novel "Foundation and Empire", as a planet to which the Foundation protested some 'sharp trade practices'.

Striterax (Douglas Adams)
Striterax is the home world of the insanely aggressive Silastic Armorfiends in Douglas Adams's novel "Life, the Universe and Everything". A world ravaged by the insatiable combativeness of its sentient inhabitants, who abandoned the surface long ago and migrated into underground bunkers.

Whirl (Dan Simmons)
Whirl is gas giant that was formerly occupied by the Zeplin, a species of semi-intelligent, large, buoyant life forms that survive in the thermals between layers of gas. Whirl is also the sibling planet of Barnard's World. It appears in Dan Simmons' science fiction series "Hyperion Cantos".
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