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Drinky Drinky
United States
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Mr. Cat. Hold on I think I know my next move, just give me another minute....NO!!!!!!!
First off, I have every Fresco expansion except "The Scrolls" at the time this review was written.

What The Bishop's Favor does:
The Bishop's Favor expansion has one primary specific effect: It rewards the player with the possibility of additional Thalers, paint, mood bonus or an extra point for painting a tile where the bishop is standing (not near).

Simply put, this expansion is an extra reward slot machine for painting the tile the bishop is standing on.

If you are playing with the expansion the gold leaf, The Bishop's Favor can really ramp up the benefits for painting the tile the bishop is standing on. (If things line up correctly of course)

This expansion also makes the portrait to move the bishop any amount of spaces for 1 Thaler much more valuable.

Gameplay Experience:
(+) We have played with this expansion with all other expansions mixed in and with just the primary expansions. Except for adding a bit of fiddly to setup, I like the idea of adding more reward to pull off painting a specific tile to gain The Bishop's Favor.

(-) The one issue I have with the expansion is the rules do not specify how Leonardo is applied to The Bishop's Favor. Since there is no mention of Leonardo nor does he gain coins or worry about mood, we play as though Leonardo gets nothing (from the expansion) if he paints the tile the Bishop is standing on. Leonardo still gains the extra points from painting on or near the bishop as in the regular game.

(+) This expansion takes up very little space in the main box in comparison to the other expansions. That is a plus when you have everything Fresco in one box.

(+/-) Depending on your view of luck, this expansion does capitalize on luck with the randomness of reward. There is luck sometimes in painting the tile with the bishop itself, but I feel landing the tile to paint the bishop is more tactical than it is lucky. But luck is still present.

(+) This is probably the cheapest Queen expansion for Fresco to date. At a value of $5 for the expansion, how can you not feel good about buying it from BGG?

This expansion from the BGG store is a solid and inexpensive addition to a game that I already enjoy. The addition of The Bishop's Favor does not ruin the game experience and makes the action of waiting a turn to try and pull it off that much more satisfying and stressful hoping someone does not paint the area you want to paint.

I personally see all Fresco expansions (sans the 6th Glazier expansion which changes gameplay dramatically) as a method to tweak the existing game to feel like a different experience and change the mechanics a bit while keeping the core of the game intact. This expansion offers another way to do just that.

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Dan C
United States
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I was wondering about what leonardo does too.
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