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Subject: Thunderstone Classic Module - the Legend of Nigel Strong rss

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Stephen Cappello
United States
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Tales have been told for generations of the treasures hoarded by the dragonkin deep in the Dragon Towers. Tales have also been told of the countless who ventured forth to never return, hoping to bring glory and fame by stealing away with such legendary treasures.

The tales however, only tell of one man, Nigel Strong, who made the trek deep into the Dragon Towers. Nigel was the only man to have glimpsed the dragon horde, and return to speak of its vastness and glory.

A traveler recounts the tale of Nigel Strong, and suggests that had Nigel taken with him a small band of fierce warriors, they could steal away into the Dragon Towers and return richer than any one man could possibly dream. Listening intently to the travelers tale, the images and thoughts of glory race through your mind, and you heart begins to lust for adventure. The traveler recognizes the glint in your eye; the fiery spirit that he needs.

Without even knowing it, Nigel Strong has recruited you to undertake in this quest of legend. Do you have the fortitude to join arms with this legend, and become a part of history?

The Legend of Nigel Strong is an advanced setup for Thunderstone Classic. You will have a selection of 4 Fighter-type Heroes, and an assortment of powerful Village cards to support them. You will need it, for the dungeon is not only guarded by Basilisks, Golems and Dragons, but Guardians block your path to glory as well.


Clan (Wrath of the Elements)
Flame (Dragonspire)
Toryn (Wrath of the Elements)
Woodfolk (Thornwood Seige)


Ambrosia (Wrath of the Elements)
Cursed Mace (Wrath of the Elements)
Flaming Sword (Thunderstone)
Lightstone Gem (Thunderstone)
Polearm (Thunderstone)
Quartermaster (Dragonspire)
Silverstorm (Dragonspire)
Toryn Gauntlet (Dragonspire)


Basilisk - Animal (Heart of Doom)
Golem (Wrath of the Elements)
Dragon (Thunderstone)
Hydra - Dragon (Dragonspire)


Guardian of Night (Dragonspire)
Guardian of Torment (Dragonspire)
The Last Doomknight (Heart of Doom)
Treasure: Gem Treasures (Heart of Doom)
Treasure: Ulbrick's Treasures (Doomgate Legion)

Setup: To prepare the Dungeon Deck, follow these steps:

1. Set aside the Thunderstones and the Guardians.

2. Shuffle all Treasure cards together. Make 4 piles of 3 Treasures.

3. Shuffle the Hydra - Dragon stack, and place 5 cards face down. Add The Last Doomknight and a Treasure pile to this stack and shuffle. Place this stack face down on the Dungeon Stack Space on the Thunderstone board.

4. Shuffle the Dragon stack, and take the top 5 cards. Combine the 5 Dragon cards with the remaining 5 Hydra - Dragon cards, add the Guardian of Torment and a Treasure pile to this stack and shuffle. Add this stack on top of the one already placed on the board.

5. Shuffle the Golem stack, and take the top 5 cards. Combine the 5 Golem cards with the remaining 5 Dragon cards, add the Guardian of Night and a Treasure pile to this stack and shuffle. Add this stack to the top of the ones already placed on the board.

6. Shuffle the Basilisk - Animal stack, and take the top 5 cards. Combine the 5 Basilisk - Animal with the remaining 5 Golem cards, add a Treasure pile to this stack and shuffle. Add this stack to the top of the ones already placed on the board.

7. Fill the Dungeon Hall with Basilisk - Animal cards. Place any that remain on the top of the Dungeon Stack.

Special Rule - Treasures: When a Treasure is revealed from the Dungeon Stack, reveal cards until a monster is revealed. When a monster is revealed, place it on top of any Treasures that were revealed before it. This monster must be defeated to claim these treasures. If a monster is sent to the bottom of the dungeon deck, that monster drops the treasures in the space it was occupying. The next monster that moves in to fill that space picks up the treasures, and now must be defeated to claim these treasures.

Special Rule - Guardians: When a Guardian is revealed, place its matching Thunderstone underneath it. The Stone of Fate belongs to the Guardian of the Night. The Stone of Avarice belongs to the Guardian of Torment. The Stone of Mystery belongs to The Last Doomknight. Guardians gain a health bonus equal to the Thunderstones Victory Point Value.

Special Rule - Thunderstones: If a player defeats all three Guardians, and claims all three Thunderstones, he/she automatically wins the game.

Note: This is not an official module, but a fan-made module.
Additional Note: This setup is designed for 4+ players. Playing with 2 or 3 is not advised.
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K.Y. Wong
Gardens by the Bay
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Hooray! Modules for the original Thunderstone. More please!
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