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Subject: A review by Game Gumshoes rss

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Chris Game Gumshoes
United States
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Toc Toc Woodman

MFG: Mayday Games
#of Players: 2 - 7
Age Range: 5+
Overall Construction: In Toc Toc Woodman You have 5 basic components. First you have the base, a nice sturdy piece of plastic that looks like a stump with some roots. Next set of pieces are the core & the bark. Again very sturdy pieces, but they have to be because they have to hold up to being hit with our next piece a little plastic ax and hitting the floor. The ax I would say is the low point of the game. The reason I say this is that it has a fairly solid, heavy head but the handle is just a thin stick. Imagine if you will something 3 inches long ½ inch thick at the back end on a stick longer and thinner than a pencil. I have yet to break it in play but if they had made the handle more stylized like the head or at least more with the theme of the game it would be great. One of our playtesters constantly dropped the ax because it was so top-heavy and the handle was so thin. Last Thing is the rules and box which are pretty basic for any game made for little bitty kids. The nice thing is this game gives you noise plastic pieces that look like they came right out of a classic Schaper game with the ruggedness of Jenga.
Grade: A

Gameplay: As I said above the game is very much like something you could expect to get from Schaper, and by that I mean easy to play. It is so easy to play that it might take you more time to set up the game than to actually play it. When I mentioned Jenga above I wasn't joking.
So here's how it goes. You build the tree and players take turns whacking at the tree trying to chip off pieces of bark without knocking over the tree's core. You get 1 point for every piece of bark you knock off and loose 5 points for every core you knock off\out.
It's a great game for little kids in the same way “Don't Break The Ice” is a great game for kids. But just like DBTI if this game is set up in front of a kid with a lot of energy and a destructive nature be prepared for the game to go south quick as the kids just wail on the tree because they like seeing the pieces fly everywhere.

Yes/No Recommend: If you don't mind the noise of plastic pieces clattering on your table then I would definitely recommend this game. It can provide hours of amusement especially if you like to see the glee on someone face when they're allowed to destroy something. One of our kids playing the game had a smile on their face that would remind you of the smile on the face of Walrus Faced man when he proves his red-headed partner wrong or when they have just blown something up.
As much as we like to say take this game to your local restaurant and play it, I can't wholeheartedly do that on this one. Now if you have a restaurant that doesn't mind a little noise and you know you're not going to upset the other patrons by all means take it out and let people see it. If on the other hand all the restaurants around you operate like libraries then definitely don't. We can say that if you wanted to take it on a camp-out or an event where you will need to keep small kids occupied, bring it, if for no other reason than to save your sanity when everyone gets bored.

Where To Get It: This is a fairly new game to the United States but Mayday Games is trying to change that. Here is a link to their website where you can purchase it. http://maydaygames.com/tok-tok-woodman-korean-dexterity-game... . This game is originally from Korea and is so popular that it has sold over 10,000 copies. I have yet to see a copy of this game in a big box store but I'm sure if you go to your local Game\Comic\Hobby shop you can ask if they have it or if they would be willing to special order it for you. It sells for $25.00 US.
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Adam Kazimierczak
United States
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I got this game hoping for a Loopin' Louie-ish experience with my kids and they were only marginally interested. It just isn't that fun. snore
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