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Author: BrutalDolphin79
Would love a scan of the rulebook, or someone to explain them. Thanks!
Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:23 pm
Author: Withnails liver
I used to have them both years ago and loved them. Definitely a great addition to the game. These are what I remember the rules to be and bear in mind this was some time ago so may be a little wrong, but here goes:

The Vikings had the Trojan Horse and the Barbarians had the Battle shield.

Each side had to put at least one figure from their supply into the belly of the horse (for Vikings) or behind the shield for the Barbarians.

As per the usual rules, a player could fire one of his projectiles already in the battlefield but could now use the Trojan Horse or Battleshield as appropriate, instead of their standard crossbow or catapult. The piece could stay in position in the battlefield for as long as it had ammo (four shots each when fully loaded). Once it ran out it had to return.

Should either the horse or shield be hit in its weak point (front foot for the horse, the whole faceplate for the shield) then the player it belonged to had to return the same amount of captured projeciles as figures that fell out of the horse/shield.

And that, as far as I remember, was it. Hope it helps!
Thu Nov 11, 2010 1:37 pm