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Author: Steye
Last night we played a 4 player game. This was our setup:

- Base game plus Pegasus and the Cylon Fleet Board.

- Humans need to travel 6 distance and make one more jump.

- We dislike the sympathizer, so we lowered our resources. Minus 1 fuel, minus 1 food, minus 2 morale, minus 2 population.

- There is no Sleeper Phase. So from the start of the game there is one Cylon.

- We used fanmade characters (I found them here on boardgamegeek!):

1. Admiral Jack Fisk (me)
Passive: After receive skill step, draw a skill card of any type, then discard 1 card
OPG: Lower morale by 1, to move any character to the brig.

2. CAG Kara Trace (experienced player)
Passive: After activitating your viper, activate the command location.
OPG: discard the destination the admiral has chosen, take 2 destination cards from the top, choose one.

3. President Tory Foster (newbie)
Passive: draw a quorum card instead of 2 politics
OPG: decide a pass or fail after Administration check

4. Gaius Baltar (experienced player)
Passive: draw 1 card from each skill deck & can play 3 skill cards while in brig
OPG: before cards are added to a skillcheck, may discard hand of skill cards & may draw 6 cards of any type(s)

Note: Yes, Gaius Baltar should be President, but we decided to give our newbie the President title. Besides: This Balter starts the game in the Brig, which is a bit strange: a president starting in the brig.

And here we go!
After explaining the game to our newbie, we receive our loyalty cards: I turn out to be human. Early in the game there are a couple of high spikes in our skill checks: yellow, purple and a red6. Baltar could have played all of them. Or was the red6 a destiny card and were the yellow and purple card played by our newbie president?

Starbuck is kicking Cylon ###. He must be human. The pass effect of a crisis lets our President look at one player's loyalty: he checks Starbuck - and declares: human. I am a "Talkative Drunk", if any loyalty card is checked, I have to show one of my loyalty cards to a random player (including myself ) I show my card to Baltar. Baltar says nothing. Why?!

We decide to brig Baltar and the next turn he is airlocked - he turns out to be.. human?! Frak! Why didn't he defend himself more when we accused him of being a Cylon? Perhaps the player didn’t like his character as much as he thought at first. Perhaps he wanted to prove to us who was the real Cylon. So now we know: our newbie is the Cylon! And still the president.

The floating-in-space-Baltar player chooses a new character: Laura Roslin.
Passive: when targeted by Admiral's Quarters or Administration: all cards are played face-up - you add cards last
OPG: discard a cris, draw a new one from the discard pile

Around this time, we had made two succesfull jumps, to a distance of 4. Resources were ok, except for morale which took a big hit.

So.. who’s the President?
The next turn our newbie starts to turn over his Loyalty card as his action. I stopped him, to point out his options now: he could reveal, but since we did not have any cards left (after some crisis cards / admiral's quaters / airlock) we probably would not be able to send him to the brig or airlock him.

Our Cylon President decides to play a Quorum card, which increases food, but loweres morale. The next turn Roslin starts the fight for the Precidency. The title will change hands 4 times the next couple of turns!

We manage to jump twice. The first jump is only 1 distance – the other option was distance 3, but we would also lose 3 fuel, bringing fuel down to 1. Starbuck uses her OPG: discard the destination the Admiral picked, draw 2 new destinations, choose one. Both are distance 1.

One of the crisis cards is a “President chooses” and he sends me to the brig. The Admiral title goes to Starbuck. In the end, the Cylon President is also send to the Brig through a crisis effect.

All the time the Cylon fleet is increasing in size. Our Hangar Deck and Command (!) are damaged and we are short on repair cards. We have all but one civilian ship on the main gameboard. The Cylon fleet is about to jump. Resources are: 5 fuel, 4 food, 3 morale, 2 population.

Super Crisis
Our ‘newbie’ Cylon plays one of his Super Crisis cards: skill check diffuculty 24.
- Pass: the Cylon fleet jumps to the main game board & basestar launch raiders. The next turn we would be able to make our final jump.
- Fail: the Cylon fleet jumps and 2 civilian ships will be destroyed - because of a raider activation on the Super Crisis. We only have 2 population left, so this is it!
Nearly all colours count positive, so we play all almost all our cards. Because of my time in the Brig, I have a full hand! We manage to get to 26 points!! The next turn the FTL is activated and the humans jump to victory!
For the fun of it, we decide to look at the civilian ships that could have been destroyed as a (fail) effect of raider activation on the Super Crisis. The first ship: a decoy ship! The second ship:

Two population. Awesome!
Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:57 pm
Author: Flyboy Connor
Isn't a 4-player game with only one Cylon where you go to distance 6 a bit too easy on the humans?
Mon Dec 24, 2012 11:17 am
Author: Steye
I didn't want to mention too many details in the setup:

- we also removed most of the 3 distance destination cards

- we removed the weakest "YAAC" cards (draw treachery / send a character to sickbay)

- the characters had quite 'unique' skillsets, which is bad if one of them turns out to be a Cylon.

1. Starbuck was the only pilot.
2. Tory Foster was the only one who drew politics.*
3. Starbuck was the only one who drew enginering (1).*
4. A Cylon Admiral Fisk would have a overpowered OPG: lose 1 morale & send a character to the Brig.

* Baltar draws 1 of each skill, but after his execution, the player decided to go with Roslin. This compensated the lack of yellow cards & he instantly took the President title from Cylon Foster. But we 'lost' one enginering draw.

I admit, the setup is still a bit pro human. But would you lower the resources even further? Perhaps next time we'll add a few Final Five loyalty cards.
Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:13 pm
Author: rmsgrey
I don't consider the sickbay reveal to be weak - knocking 9 cards out of a human player's hand is no small thing, particularly if you draw an expensive supercrisis...

I'd rather get Sickbay than Morale or Damage Galactica reveals in base game, or Treachery in Pegasus (the Exodus reveals are both useful) - sure, sometimes Morale or Damage is critical, but other times it's effectively a brig reveal without requiring the humans to put the effort into brigging you...
Wed Jan 2, 2013 9:40 am