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Author: TheRealJDWilliams
Me and my roommate got in these 2 arguments last night, I think I am correct on the 1st issue, but the second one neither of us could really figure it out. I just want this settled for my own piece of mind:


Situation: My roommate wants to destory a minion of mine equal to or less than a specified power level on the card. (example: destroy a minion of a power level of 3 or less).

His Stance: The minions power level in the top left corner is the minions 'power'. Any other additional powers don't effect affects done to the minion. For example: War Raptor has a 2 power. but gets +1 for each war raptor on the base, including that one (so the card says). He wanted to destroy it because he claimed the cards power was a 2. His argument was that if they wanted the card to be a 3, than they would have just made it a 3 and the effect would read (gains +1 for any other war raptor on this base) instead of 'including this one'. The same idea goes for Armored Stego, on his turn, it gets +2 to its power level of 3. He says that the cards's power level is 3 because it says 3 on it, regardless of any power ups on the card. Cards like Upgrade and such fall into this argument with him as well, that it doesn't change the cards power level, persay.

My Stance: When a card or ability or action changes the power level, the cards powerlevel changes with it, and makes it a new number. regardless of the number in the left hand corner. (a Laseratops with Upgrade goes from a 4 to a 6. and the card is no longer a 4power card, but a 6 power card.) metephorically, the number in the top left corner changes to 6.


Situation: Our friend has her leprechaun on a base, and she also has a Block the path set up restricting robots.

His Stance: Moving a minion is not playing a minion. An adjacent base is broken and his First Mates jumps ship after the base is broken and he places them on the base with the leprechaun, claiming the the leprechauns ability says that you cannot play a card with power less than it, and that he moved them, not played them.
Similarly, he Dingy'ed robots from on base into the base set up with block the path, also using 'they were moved, not placed' as an argument.

My Stance: I hate pirates.
Wed Jan 2, 2013 9:22 am
Author: Muemmelmann
Youre right on the first on e. He is right on the second one, moving is not playing.
Wed Jan 2, 2013 9:36 am
Author: freddieyu
Muemmelmann wrote:
Youre right on the first on e. He is right on the second one, moving is not playing.

Wed Jan 2, 2013 10:27 am
Author: Har1equin
Confirmed both of the above replies are correct.

It is the current strength (with modifiers).

Moving is not playing.

Thu Jan 3, 2013 5:00 am