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Tony Ackroyd
United Kingdom
E Sussex
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Count since 23 January 2009

I'm cycling from Brighton to Paris for charity. You can sponsor me here:

I've run a lot of poll contests. This list summarises the results of lots of them:
The BGG Contests Top 100s [Metalist]

My current badge (Yucata Battle) refers to the tournaments I've initiated:
BGG Tournament: Roll Through the Ages
BGG Tournament: Can't Stop
BGG Tournament: Zooloretto the Dice game
All of them are designed to be open to take new joiners at any time.

My last major BGG effort was Le Tour de Geek, which you can see the results of here: Le Tour De Geek RESULTS (with lots of analysis and a couple of POLLs)

I recently published my 400th geeklist. I used it and my 200th to give a history of my time on the geek through geeklists. Self indulgent, but possibly interesting/useful/a waste of your time:
My 200th Geeklist - Six Years on The Geek
My 400th Geeklist - Nine Years on the Geek

I've run a few games on BGG, the best was probably summarized here: Fantasy GeekBall Season 1: The Whole Story, a game where teams of games (managed by BGG users) play each other every week. Season Two has now been completed. If you are interested in joining Season 3 you can sign up -> here

I've written an absurd number of geeklists guiding people on games to play/buy. They seem to be thought useful by a lot of geeks. Heres the metalist of most of them:
The Which Game to Play/Buy Metalist

I've been running lots of "Best Film" and "Best Musical Artist" type polls. You can find a link to them here: 1000rpm's Polls Notification Thread

Last ten played games:

My Top Ten

According to Matthew Gray's tool I'm mainly a Eurogamer Type 1, with a heavy dose of Amerigamer Type 1:

Best cluster match quality: 1.43555555555556
100 Eurogamer (Type 1) (3076 2651 10630 3307 171)
42 Amerigamer (Type 1) (10630 10640 171 3307 240 15363)
31 Eurogamer (Type 3) (2651 3307 10630 171)
27 Eurogamer (Type 2) (10630 171 2651)
9 Amerigamer (Type 2) (240 171)
Euro-1: Core Eurogames, like Puerto Rico.
Euro-2:Family Eurogames, typically lighter, like Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride.
Euro-3: Heavy Eurogames, such as El Grande or Tigris & Euphrates.
Ameri-1:New style American games, typically with lots of plastic miniatures.
Ameri-2: Wargames.

But I like a bit of everything, except hard-core wargames - mainly because I can't be doing with over-complex rules.
Oh, and its took me a while to learn this, but Heavy Euros too. So forget Caylus, Age of Steam, Agricola and Brass.

Other gaming I like:

PBM - I play Middle Earth PBM.
PBeM/Online - I'm playing a lot of Risk, Advance Wars & Acquire. I've dabbled in some others. I've got more in my sights.
Computer games - PC strategy games, PS2 adrenaline-junkie games, DS strategy games (mainly Advance Wars and its follow-ups).

Secret Santa

Secret Santa 2010
Thanks Santa, a gift-wrapped game arrived yesterday from Dice Bay. So far I've resisted the urge to open it.
Update: Thanks Santa! Wow, Battlestations! I was convinced it was 7 Wonders in that parcel!
Update: Ah, a surprise extra gift just arrived! The New Huts expansion for Stone Age, one of my favourite games! Much appreciated!

Secret Santa 2009: (now updated with the games received!)

I'm in the 2009 BGG Secret Santa and have already received a mystery box from Green Knight Games! How exciting! It is pretty heavy too, always a good sign. But it seems there is no end to my Santa's generosity, Santa geekmails tell me that another package is on the way from 'the homeland'! Wow! Thanks Santa! I'm going to attempt to resist opening these until Christmas day. Lets see how I do....

I was in the 2008 BGG Secret Santa and got an amazing 2 gifts from my Secret Santa! Thanks Santa! Read about it here

I was also in the 2007 BGG Secret Santa. Read about it here

Facts about me

I am married with two daughters.

I was Geek of the Week #97, heres my thread

I've published my own book, to check it out look at:

I've also set up a boardgamegeek-style website for pubs & bars, become a user at: www.pubjury.com/ (Currently dead, so don't bother trying).

I've put together what I think is an interesting article on the best graphic novels ever (which I personally think could do with a graphicnovelsgeek website):
Theres also a geeklist on them -> here

Other stuff I like other than gaming and pubs:

Films, reading (though I seem to only have time for Graphic Novels now - wrote a great geeklist on these), diving (usually warm water only!), wine/beer, cycling, allotments, politics, attending music festivals & probably some other key stuff that I've forgotten.

Ah, like dabbling in photography, including some music photography for cash: www.gigphoto.blogspot.com
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Registration Date: 2004-04-21
Last Profile Update: 2014-02-24
Last Login: 2016-05-01
Country: flag United Kingdom
State: E Sussex
Town/City: Brighton
Website: www.pubjury.co.uk
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Top 10
#1: Small World
#2: Puerto Rico
#3: Power Grid
#4: Britannia
#5: Galaxy Trucker
#6: Evo
#7: Nexus Ops
#8: Memoir '44
#9: Pandemic
#10: Wallenstein (first edition)
Hot 10
#1: Vinci
#2: Red November
#3: Race for the Galaxy
#4: Dominion
#5: Battlestar Galactica
#6: Coloretto
#7: Race for the Galaxy
#8: Acquire
#9: Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga
#10: Pocket Civ
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