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My HOT 10 are the games we played the most in the preceding calendar year.

My TOP 10 is the games I would play more of if
1) I had the time
2) could cure the math-phobia my family seems to have

I got into gaming more or less by accident. I've always had a great love of history & a particular interest in the ACW. In the summer of 77, I was at the shore & played enough Pokerino & Skeeball to be able to claim my first war game. It was Avalon Hill's Gettysburg. Never got to play it, but I loved the maps & absorbed EVERY iota of information about the battle.

Some time in 78 I was given PanzerBlitz as a present. Never played that either. I did, however, develop an interest in the Great Patriotic War that I still have today.

I accidentally joined my first gaming group soon after. I had subscribed to The General. One day the mailman (Gary Peters) asked my father to sit in on a game & maybe join the group. Dad went & got me. I could see the disappointment in Gary's eyes that "the kid" was the gamer of the house but he invited me anyway. Our first game was Tractics (modern era). I died quickly & was given the Air Force to command. I had a 70-ish % chance to hit & I failed all 12 rolls. And a legend was born. To this day my dice rolling "skills" are the stuff of bardic tales.

The group introduced me to Metagaming titles like Ogre & GEV. Then I entered the "Dark World" of RPGs like AD&D. You would have had to have played "Satan's Game" in the late 70s to really appreciate the sarcasm in this paragraph.

In 1979, I graduated, got married & joined the USAF. I've not had a gaming club like Gary & Co. since. My long-suffering opponent (when I can actually FORCE her to play) is my beloved wife, Faith. Eventually, we had 3 children that I tried to force introduce to gaming. As a child, my father had little time for gaming with me (holding down 3 jobs will do that to ya!). I swore that I’d MAKE time to play games with my children. Uncle Sam wasn’t a BIG help in that regard, but we managed.

I got bit by the CCG bug when we returned to the US from a 4 year England tour. I missed the boom-bust era of 94-95 but attacked several games vigorously: Star Wars, Dr Who, Babylon 5 (we actually stuck with this one for 7 years), Monty Python, Sim City and so on. We dabbled in other CCGs as well, but not as deeply. As of this day, I've never played MtG, the mother of all CCGs. Dunno why not.

Fast forward to NOW: I've retired from the USAF (working as an accountant). My 3 children are now adults who have grown up, moved out & gotten lives of their own. They play various games. They’ve even managed to teach me a few.

The Future? It’d be nice SOMEDAY to get grandchildren & teach them games.

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