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Trivia: I am neither skinny, nor skinned. My username is an anagram of my real name.

A list of BGG Contests where I was among the winners:
- Tasty Minstrel Games "Belfort: The Expansion Expansion" Contest! WINNERS!
- Queen Games "Amerigo" Contest! WINNERS!
- Lamp Light Games "Space Junk" Contest! WINNERS!
- Queen Games "Wallenstein: The 30 Years' War" Contest! WINNERS!

Dear Secret Santa: You've been quite fast this year! Thanks for your parcel, I won't open it before December the 24th. Watch me thwart the hordes of people urging me to open it before that date here: Item for Geeklist "2014 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa Sent Me..."

Dear Print'n'Play Santa: Thanks for contacting me! I have added my information to the 2014 Print and Play Secret Santa Wishlist like you asked me to. Have a nice Christmas!

Dear past Secret Santas: Thanks a lot for your thoughtful gifts and contributions! I had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy new year 2014.

Some info about me (this was written on December '14 for the BGG Secret Santa exchange): I'm a father of two girls, one has just turned half a year old, the other one will turn three on the second advent this year.

I liked playing board games as a child and as a teen, but after a while, pen and paper role playing games, computer games and playing collecting Magic: The Gathering became more dominant up to my early twen years. Then I decided to leave all that behind me. In college, somebody in my circle of friends at college wanted to play Puerto Rico because of the favorable reviews, and after some time I was interested in these new-style board games. I went to the Essen SPIEL convention out on a whim in 2007 or so and slowly but steadily I was hooked. Now my collection has grown to many, many titles. I found BGG when I wanted a particular promo for Ascension: Deckbuilding Game and among all the money-grubbing offers on eBay one stood out which even had free shipping from the U.S.A., which was from the BGG Promo Store. Having researched this for a bit, I had a look around, as a lurker at first, then with an anonymous shared account, afterwards I joined the community in person. Now BGG eats up a large chunk of my spare time, I really like it here!

As for gifts to me, my Wishlist should give you some hints about what I might like. I'm generally interested in very good two-player games that my fiancee and I can enjoy. My fiancee is interested in board games as well, she likes games where she can build at her own pace instead of fighting somebody else. Also, she really dislikes party- and coop-games.

I didn't manage to get my daughters interested in board games yet, the older one is more interested in LEGO Duplo so far. I hope that'll change!

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