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Anyway, how's your sex life?
My blog is reborn!

The Jaded Gamer



After a long period of ambivalence, I am now getting back into playing regularly. I have long since given up all hope of finishing my 10/100 challenge given the sheer lack of gaming sessions I am experiencing due to people moving away and the incessant creeping of new games into people's heads. Never mind.


As a young guy I played all sorts of things with my brothers - Escape From Atlantis, Heroquest, a bit of WFRP and W40K. My favourite being the classic Blood Bowl for mixing silliness with RPG with Sport with Extreme Violence with Goblins and Ogres.

At university we used to play Talisman a lot, but after getting a job in a major VideoGames retailer I was lost to Board Gaming for more half a decade.

I got back into cardboard and plastic gaming after studying rulebook design idly whilst designing a work process from scratch. It wasn't very helpful since a lot of rulebooks are atrobysmally written, and I can't even remember which game it was!

Anyway, after a while the search for an interesting process delivery layout led me to BGG and after one play of SoC I was utterly hooked.

Part of this hazy memory is because at the time I was steadily losing touch with reality altogether, eventually disappearing into a depressive (and boring for people I know) state for eighteen months during which time I took up boardgaming as a thing I could do with friends that didn't take me outside or put me near drink or any of the things I had become irrationally averse to. Of course, as I got better I found and made new friends through the hobby - some of who have been truly instrumental in helping me get through bad times (special gaming praise to Paul aka sorp222, you absolute legend, you!)

I am married but my wife isn't into games much to the point of occasional anger at just how dumb the hobby gets (Thurn and Taxis - you are GUILTY of the dumbest theme she has ever seen!).

That being said she will play Arkham Horror and Witch Of Salem so maybe she's just a loyal cultist of the great old one. I reckon she's an AT'er at heart, though.

Oh, and I lose at games. A lot. This isn't a bad thing, but after a while you do get a reputation. It;s actually a serious problem with eurogames against top notch opposition as the third act of many plays descends into an attempt to avoid kingmaking at all costs.

While many of the people who have played games with me at London On Board or Swiggers etc know these already, here's three gaming likes, and 3 gaming passionate dislikes for any unalnitiated BGG folk.

NEGOTIATION - we're all here for a social reason so table talk should be encouraged. There's plenty of AI opponents or faceless, soulless interaction online so TALK to your opponents. The most fun way to do this is to talk them into or out of something (obviously they should understand you're negotiating, not just giving them rules advice). This=Fun.

FUN COMES FIRST - if you're having fun doing maths and working out the relative values of potential solution paths to the fifth decimal place then great! I'll be the guy blowing up spaceships over here if you need me to carry a one or something. Basically, if it is fun then I'm in - if you are trying to achieve a milestone in abstract thought, maybe you should use that brainpower for the good of mankind, not working out a new coffee and indigo strategy for Puerto Rico.

EXPANSIONS - If you make a game I like, I'll have some more of that please! Bring me 12 big boxes of Arkham Horror related Cardboard and I'm in heaven. I'd much rather have a different way to play a game I love than a barely different game masquerading as something new.

FANBOYS - Look, I appreciate you may love the designer of Next Bus To Waffleberry, but if his new game is as fun as running the London Marathon in lead shorts then I won't play it again. Ever. His name does not make the game good. You are insane. Fact.

STRATEGY SPOUTERS AND RULES LAWYERS - listen up, Mister. This is supposed to be fun. I don't care if the second edition rules to Local Authority Street Sweeper have a typo in that gives too much weight to the leaf blowing strategy - it's the same for everyone playing so shut it. And don't even get me started on people who are so obsessed with online strategy articles they waffle on about them to people WHO THEY'RE NOT EVEN PLAYING WITH!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!

AUCTIONS - I just can't do them. There's two types, the structured ones I can't work out relative values during, and the unstructured free form ones that go on for a lifetime and creep up while someone tries to work out in Venice Vs. Genoa if cardboard (49 points) is worth buying now more than plastic (51 points) is, if there's a two points swing in sixteen turns time so you have to work out whether a gamble on being able to buy the combination of wooden blocks of which your value is the least of the colour that you have the most shades of that cause that swing is worth an extra dollar or not toward the cardboard now and at some point boredom gives way to anger and I just want TO SCREEEEEAAAM!

That was very cathartic. I love you all really.

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