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Eric Henson
United States
New Mexico
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I'm a software engineer for a company that does reverse engineering and failure analysis for integrated circuits. I spend my days in the coding pits, doing my best to stay out of the way of lab techs with vats of hydrofluoric acid.


My hobbies include gaming of most kinds (video, board, and role-playing), reading, and recreational target shooting with a medium-sized collection of firearms.

I'm also known to bake now and then, and I frequently supply cakes and cookies for potlucks and general workplace consumption. I always work from scratch, and am comfortably into the skill-refining phase of this hobby. I have American and most French cake techniques pretty well down, as well as high-altitude correction, and am presently expanding into cake decoration, as well as baking pies and tarts.

Board Game Preferences

First off, I'm a sucker for science fiction themes. High fantasy is starting to get old for me in books as well as games, but I'm still willing to give it a chance if a game is fun enough to work through all of the trappings of the genre.

After much experimentation, I think that I most enjoy games that have tactical elements, especially risk mitigation. I prefer having to take measured risks and react quickly to changing circumstances, rather than plan out long-term strategies. Brainburners like Twilight Struggle leave me mentally exhausted, but they're still pretty darn fun now and then!

I'm really not a fan of war games, or at least I haven't liked any that I've tried. Squad-level encounters are fun for me, but I don't get a charge out of large-scale troop movement or supply lines.

I like games that can be played in 45-90 minutes. After about two hours of play, I start to lose interest in a game unless it's really gripping. I really love the idea of these epic length games I see on BGG, but I just seem to want to hang myself after two hours or so unless I can somehow stay engaged.

I really love Vlaada games, but I'm annoyed with their typically long setup, teardown, and upkeep times.

Gaming Group

My gaming group is usually sized 2-3, though I can sometimes get 4 and rarely 5 players together. We're all early thirties geeks of one variety or another.

BGG Secret Santa

BGGSS is an awesome and rewarding experience, and I'm happy to have participated. I've decided to reveal my BGGSS targets here, but only after the event is over.

BGGSS 2010
From my Santa: Link
My Target: JohnRayJr
My Target's Post: Link

BGGSS 2011
From my Santa: Link
My Target: Sentieiro
My Target's Post: Link

BGGSS 2012
From my Santa: Link
My Target: justplainchips
My Target's Post: Link

BGGSS 2013
From my Santa: Link
My Target: RiderPestilence
My Target's Post: Link

BGGSS 2014
From my Santa: Link
My Target: sandysidamo
My Target's Post: Link

BGGSS 2015
From my Santa: Link
My Target: JohnTes
My Target's Post: Link


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