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Hello! My name is Alan. (Nice to meet you!) I've only been playing "real" board games since September '07, but I'm thoroughly immersed by this point. Courtesy of a co-worker friend, I began attending a local board games meetup and I've been addicted ever since.

Playing games is a lot of fun and the diversity of board games is particularly appealing. Whether it's trying a new game, figuring out some new strategies or playing a favorite, count me in! I'll try (almost) anything once, twice if I like it. My collection is growing, though I'm trying to at least contain the growth (somewhat) (not really) (not at all).

Some favorites include: Race for the Galaxy, Outpost, Planet Steam, Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization and Terra Mystica.

Other interests of mine include: music (too many to list), movies, reading (sci fi/fantasy, graphic novels), the odd computer/video game (former and current World of Warcraft addict), and the occasional musical.


-- Alan

N.B. I am waaaaaaaay behind on logging plays and rating games. Behind as in missing August 2009-Present. I have them jotted down, just not entered. This will be remedied.. some day. Maybe. (Probably not.)

P.S. ZOMG! I was a winner in The Game Crafter Giveaway Contest! Suck it, Trebek!


General Likes: Euros over Ameritrash. Strategy over pure randomness. Medium-to-longer games (1-3+ hours) over very short ones/filler (10-30 min.), though there are exceptions for that. Good-to-nice production value (bits, artwork, material quality). A half-decent theme. Bonus points for theme if it includes: space, sheep, zombies, sci fi, magic, science, the occult, vampires, cows, fantasy, mythology and/or llamas.

General Dislikes: Area control games. Some pure (or primarily) auction games. Trick-taking games. Negotiation games. Some abstracts. Randomness that is not offset, for example, by strategy, choices or elements of control. (Some) Unmitigated dice-rolling. Overly dry theme that is not offset by engaging gameplay.

I like to see a good connection between a player's actions and his/her outcome. It doesn't have to be entirely direct or in a vacuum, but it can't be completely random. There should be some strategic nature to the game that enables a player to choose a strategy and then attempt to implement it. If the gameplay is entirely random and the game board so dynamic that there is no opportunity to contemplate a strategy, let alone attempt to implement one, well then bleh.


I'm not afraid to rate a game after only one play, but if my opinion changes after additional plays then I am more than happy to update my rating (for better or for worse). My ratings tend to skew high (median is 7, average for non-expansions is 6.7), but that may be because I tend to play games I enjoy. (It's not often that someone at these groups will suggest a "bad" game.) All of my ratings use whole numbers. (Decimals/fractions are too much trouble and become far too specific for comparison purposes.) I try to rate every game I play (well, every board game since September '07 -- see below) and each of my ratings includes at least some sort of comment (most comments are very detailed and/or descriptive).


I try to track every game played since I first began playing "real" board games (i.e., since September '07). This means I haven't included any earlier plays (e.g., childhood games and the like). At this time, I do not plan on tracking any computer plays that are not vs. a human (i.e., no solo computer games are tracked). I do track solo plays (i.e., non-computer, real life ones), particularly since they're relatively rare.


Discussion on the Rise of Board Gaming in Germany
Gaming and Academics


I'm still contemplating which ones to mark as "Owned" and how to rate some of them. I have some cards and/or items from at least the following (in no particular order):
Magic: The Gathering (real and online/virtual)
World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
World of Warcraft Miniatures Game
Dragon Ball Z CCG
Star Wars Customizable Card Game (Decipher)
Pokémon Trading Card Game
Star Wars PocketModel TCG
Dragon Dice
Pirates of the Spanish Main (and expansions)
Hyborian Gates
Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game (Battle For Pandora Prime)
X-Men Trading Card Game (Starter & misc. other cards)


Way back, I put these here because I didn't want to forget them. I still don't. They don't serve much of a purpose, but I'm keeping 'em.

Plague World Representative (Race for the Galaxy reference.)
I am the walrus. (Because I am.)
The Thumb Strumpet (From here.)
The Dude abides. (He does.)
Everything should taste like bacon. (From here.)
HIC SVNT DRACONES (Here be dragons)
Life is no caberet. (Dresden Dolls)
Jack of some trades, master of non sequiturs.
Not a Cylon (Even though I have been, am and always will be a Cylon.)
Plague World Cylon

(Last edited Sep. 10, 2013.)
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