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The Secret Santa Report Aftermath
Thank you again, the games are very fun and I enjoy them. If the santa wants to reveal herself (himself?) I would be happy to thank her/him personally

The Secret Santa Report Final Part
After getting sick and then moving to a new apartment, you could tell one of the things keeping me on my toes was the anticipation for this year's gifts
And then, they arrived!
Details here: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/181637/item/3611613#item36...
Thank you very much!

The Secret Santa Report Part V
If this is what it entails, I will play with the cubes and meeples and I will (*gulp*) enjoy it.
What? Two packets? You shouldn't have! Unless you've cut the game in half and in this case, you also shouldn't have!
Very anxious to see when the ship brings in Trying to stay true, Amit
P.S If you're interested in what i'm doing when i'm not waiting for board games from Santa, look here: www.7elementsstudios.com

The Secret Santa Report Part IV
A bit about myself? I love boardgames! I started playing about 10 years ago and my first games were Doom (which I LOVE) and Game Of Thrones. I'm currently married and me and my wife love playing games together (Especially Zombicide which is the current american favorite) but we do enjoy the occasional not-very-heavy euro.
Last year I got my victim some rare games he really wanted and I do enjoy finding those specific games they would really love to get! I also was the only one ever to receive a KickStarter pledge as a gift! Which i'm supposed to get by christmas. So I didn't get anything substantial but this year i'm going to get two!

The Secret Santa Report Part III
I'm doing various good deeds! For example, I bought more than one Coup+Reformation kickstarter edition to sell to people who missed the kickstarter because it's a VERY GREAT GAME. I also finished another level of Zombicide and a nice house party with friends but i'm not sure that's considered a good deed
My dog is a she! Her name is Lecky. She is very smart

The Secret Santa Report Part II
First of all - here are some cookies! nucleartrashnucleartrash
Second of all, if you really want some more info - I used to have a big group of friends but lately I play with different people all the time except for 2 occasion - on daily basis I play games with my wife (usually Zombicide) and once a month I go to meet my mom and sis and we all play together (my mom loves board games)!
My dog's name is Lecky! How did you know I have a dog? surprise
In any case, look in my gallery - I uploaded a picture of the games my and my dog are playing.
Didn't notice Secret Santa has started so I was late to respond, sorry for that. Hope to hear from you again soon!

Dear Secret Santa (2014)!
I have a pretty nice wishlist with some games which I really want (also, I really like FFG games ) and some which I kind of want. I'd be happy to get games that I never heard of if you think they're good and that i'd like them
You are welcome to ask me questions or taunt me anytime!

Also, I added a list of great places to order from if you want to ship to Israel: http://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/73279/item/2923613#item292...

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