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I live in Sydney, Australia. Have always loved board games but my interest and enthusiasm were greatly renewed in late 2011 while looking for games to play with our grandchildren. In the process discovered BGG. Enough said!! What joys we've had finding and playing board and card games with children aged 6, 4, nearly 3 ... and even a few quiet 2-player games of Blokus, Othello, etc for the adults. Thankfully, N (Grandpa) will happily play just about any kids game, any number of times. Aside from the exciting new games I've bought recently, and some excellent 2nd hand ones, in store we have some of the games our children loved as kids - Scotland Yard, Diplomacy, Duell, Mah Jong, Backgammon, etc - and am looking forward to trying those again.

As at March 2012 our grandchildren are a boy 6.5, girl 5 in June, boy 5 in August, boy 3 in June, a boy who turned 2 last Feb and a 7 month old boy.

So ... my BGG focus is very much on kids games or adult games to play with kids. Have found this site absolutely fantastic for information, advice, reviews, tips, variants, hard-to-find rules and so on. A wonderful resource created by a great community. Thanks to all!

My avatar is our then 6 year old grandson joyfully celebrating his win at Blokus, using all his pieces and finishing with the single piece. Max points and somewhat morose grandfather on the other side of the table. But lots of fun.

Many of the games in our collection, particularly the children's games, are shared between families. Hopefully this will be a good way for cousins to learn the same games and play them together as they grow older. "My" collection on BGG records everything in our multi-family library of games (some of which we've had for 30+ years), including games I've bought and stashed away for family birthdays and Christmases ... AND games I've already given away to family and friends (just a way to keep a record of gifts). My wishlist is more a list of games I'd like to know more about - and possibly get a few of later on - rather than a serious "want" list.

The Hot 10 is just a list of grandchildren's current favourites - primarily when playing with us. (They play some quite different games with their parents, as well as some of those on my list.) Items 1-6 are the favourites of the 6 7 year old, who plays quite a few games, and 7-10 are the favourites of the 4.5 5 and nearly 3 year old, who generally play with me/us together.

The Top 10 is a list of my favourites to play with the children.


Edit: Sept 2012 ... I need to STOP collecting games, new and old, and sought BGG forum help to do that. This is the result:

"So ... My resolutions to stay on top of this (not-very-serious-I-guess-but-sometimes-overwhelming-for-my-family) problem are:

Play more games - solitaire, with family, learning the rules for the games we have, family tournaments, family leagues table, finding one-off opportunities, and ultimately joining a gaming group when I have time/courage! Commit to playing x games x times (or whatever) before buying more.

Slow down on researching games - as one almost always leads to another leads to another and there are so many wonderful 'discoveries' to be made. Focus on reading about the games we have.

Be realistic about the time we have to play games. Work it out. Plan to use the time for games we have. Recognise that children love to play the same games again and again. Continue using our games as a family library.

Plan to purchase a few games once or twice a year. Research those well beforehand, pay attention to negative comments and low BGG user ratings, consider exactly how a game would fit into our collection (ie. exactly what gap would it fill?). Maybe even schedule the purchasing, eg mid-year and Christmas!

Do more housework?

There are quite a few other great suggestions or variations I could add to this but I'll never do it if it gets too long!"

Zyxistal who runs the Fiver Geeklists also sent me some Haikus to help!

I need new hobbys
This one is getting pricey
Must stop buying games

A game budget, yes!
That is the thing I so need
Perhaps one a month?

I should play my games
Collecting is fun as well
But playing moreso

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Top 10
#1: Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
#2: Blokus
#3: Coloretto
#4: Duck, Duck, Bruce
#5: No Thanks!
#6: Spot it!
#7: Junior Labyrinth
#8: Blink
#9: Viva Topo!
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#1: Castle Keep
#2: GUBS: A Game of Wit and Luck
#3: Castle Panic
#4: Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers
#5: Loot
#6: Jungle Speed
#7: Polizei-Alarm!
#8: Chicken Cha Cha Cha
#9: Halli Galli Junior
#10: Spooky Stairs
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