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Richard Morris
North Yorkshire
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My wishlist:
Items on my wishlist are largely there for my own purposes, though it comes in handy for Santas (secret or otherwise). If an item is on my wishlist, then the theme or mechanics have interested me enough to research the game to some extent. Usually I will have, at the very least, read through the rules and some reviews. Meanings:

1) I WANT this. Usually I will just go out and buy things that I want this much, so games do not hang around for long at this score, unless they are hard to find. You may find games about tennis on here - I am collecting those, so even bad games (as most of them are) are worth a 1 if they are about tennis, and not mechanical/dexterity based.

2) These tend to be expansions to base games we play fairly regularly, or games that having read the rules and/or played it, I think will go down well with the family.

3) It looks like this will be a good fit to our likes, but it does not appeal to me quite as much as the 2s.

4) Either:
a) I investigated this, and was somewhat disappointed. I may review in the future, but, for now, other games are more important to me.
b) I have done a brief investigation, and it looks quite interesting, but I need to follow up with a more detailed look. On this list to remind me to do that more detailed look.

5) On investigation, this one ended on the no thanks list. Either I was disappointed at the details of the mechanics, when I read them, or I didn't think it would work for our family.

To Santas:
I am perfectly happy to get used games if new ones are hard to find. I get clobbered with import duties/handling fees for anything posted from outside Europe worth more than about £20, so unless it is second hand, please buy your SS game from one of the several excellent OLGS in the UK. If you want to send personalised little non-game things then feel free: but do them separately, and get the game from an OLGS.

I tend not to keep a list of 'wanted' PnP games, as most of the games that I have found that I am interested in are probably sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to find the enthusiasm - which comes and goes due to illness. So pick something that you like that you think I will like, based on the games I have and how I rate them.

Most of my game playing is with the family, who are generally not players of deep games, which is why many items on my wishlist are fairly light. I do, however, like solo games, and they can be much deeper.

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