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Home again, home again. Look what I wrote.
I think my feelings are summarized pretty well already. You were an awesome person whom I wish I could thank in person, and you really do represent the best parts of people who participate in these events. It was very much my pleasure to be your Santee this year. I hope you enjoyed being my Santa.

Have a wonderful new year as well, hmm? Don't forget to write me one more time.

Sorry this came a day late, Santa. I'm home with family which means spotty Internet and typing on an iPad.
I was something close to speechless as I went through your parcel. Wow. You picked the two right items off my wish list, and I'm now quite intrigued by The Manhattan Project as it seems to be a game you really think I will like. .
Thank you so much.

I'll write you something longer when I get back to a computer, and will post to the gift thread then too. I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas, and that you had as wonderful a Santa as I did.


Updates for you, Mr. Clause:
It appears your delivery has arrived (or so I believe anyway, as I have ordered nothing from this outlet). Instructions will still be followed, and the box will not be opened until Christmas proper. I know you said eve, but I always like having the box for Christmas, as I don't tend to get other gifts of this sort on the day.

Hope the season is treating you well, my friend.

Hey there, Santa.
It's really no problem for me to respond here. Much easier than having you sort through the inbox.

You need not worry about when I open my gifts. Normally I keep the box sealed until Christmas day, but if you need me to open them on Christmas eve, I can do this. Just let me know.

Otherwise, it is quite nice to hear from you. I hope it happens again, although don't feel obligated. I know you'll be watching. Waiting, just as I am. Anticipating the moment a box arrives. Anticipating the wait once it does. Anticipating how joyous we will both be when it cracks.
Indeed, Santa. I know we are not so different. I hope your Santa treats you as well.


Oh my. Here we are again. 2014. Santas are abound ...

Sorry about the delay in getting this updated. I was helping out a friend at HalCon, as I often do, and then I went to London, England for a week to visit another friend. Great times all around. Just left me a bit short on time to write you a note.
But I'm here now.

I have had and enjoyed a number of Santas over the years. The best are always the ones willing to talk to you, so I shall cross my fingers that you are one of those. I guess I'll find out if you are in due time.

My collection is in a bit of a weird place, and honestly while I still love playing games, I haven't much been following a lot of new stuff since I have some things I already want to play more often. I'm also getting a bit strapped for space, so I will say that expansions are certainly welcome just to minimize expansion in my cabinets. But really, I'm happy with anything. I like the giving part over the receiving part, and that is something I hope we share. By all means, go off my wishlist if you think you know something I would love (this happened last year and is how I wound up with the wonderful game of Nations).

Anyway, do have a very merry season, alright? I'm on here every couple of days at least, so if you write me, I'll get back to you through here. We'll make this work. 1-way relationships don't have to be 1-sided, after all.

Happy Holidays!
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