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Bifford the Youngest (Sam)
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Bifford the Youngest @ www.byfordphotos.co.uk
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Dear Cthanta Claus and his maddest/loyalist/sucidalist (delete as appropriate) of minions/acolytes/slaves/cultists (delete as appropriate), thank you in advance for your gift of madness this year and any physical tome that holds said power. I am happy to receive an item from your own library, as long as it is in good condition. Naturally if it has annotations which implant subliminal messages in my brain then all will be well. You are free to shop off list if it is something you believe I should have.

I have tried to be a faithful follower this year, and you will have noticed I have taken over the organisation of the exchange. I will attempt to smudge out any mention of which faithful acolyte you send to do your bidding, as I like the taunting and suspense of not knowing who that slave is and the receiving of messages from you or them.

If you have any need of knowledge of local stores you can just ask.

If you are feeling superbly generous I would love to get the base Dominion set or any expansion for Call of Cthulu the card game. But that is really just wishful thinking on my part! Hahahaha

Hail Cthanta.


About Me:

Born and bred in Essex (Benfleet), UK. I've been an Amiga computer nut since about 15 years old, spending loads on this custom platform. I wrote for and proof-read a User Group produced Amiga magazine (Total Amiga)

I suppose the Amiga introduced me to RPGs and games in general via the medium of computer games. However I'd never really played many boardgames except the usual Monopoly, Scrabble, Connect Four etc until I hit my 20's. I'd also never properly played any RPGs until my 20's either....dabbled yes but immersed fully, no.

When I bought a flat in East Tilbury I ran into some guys in costume. Turns out they were LARPers and Roleplayers. One of them ran the local group: Seaxe and Sorcery. Monday Nights were tabletop role play evenings at the village hall which I could see from my window. So I became entrenched in RPGs and in LARP. I have been their webmaster for five years now!

I got married, moved to Colchester and started to go to the Colchester Board Game Group as a stop-gap for not being able to roleplay every week.

Then we moved to Semington, Wiltshire to have our daughter. No LARP groups here! No RPG groups here either but several board game groups. So then I went to Sam Marsh's Trowbridge Board Game Group.

I started the White Horse RPG group. We moved to Melksham, Wiltshire at the end of February so the boardgame group fell by the wayside, but my RPG group is going strong and is over a year old now!

Hopefully my daughter will love boardgames and roleplay but that's a few years off yet!

Oh, and if you want to know a bit about me just Google for "Bifford the Youngest" and get reading LOL! (bear in mind some info is way out of date) (basically anything LARP/RPG/Amiga is cool)


In 2013 I was given the honour and distinction of being the RPG Geek of the week. I thank
Chris Fee
United States
New York
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No fair! They're using brains against us! We removed our brains to make room for guns and explosives!
for that honour as it was Chris who passed the baton on to me. My GotW thread is here..

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Registration Date: 2012-01-07
Last Profile Update: 2015-11-10
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Country: flag England
State: Wiltshire
Town/City: Melksham
Website: http://www.fayretimesfestival.co.uk
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