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You can see what I'm working on here: Current Projects.

You can also see the many other games I've designed that aren't in the BGG database by viewing my Comprehensive List of Game Designs.

DIY Tutorials___________________
I've written a couple how-to tutorials on creating professional-quality board game components at home.

Making Cards: You’ll never use your old method again.

Making Circular Tokens and Counters with an Arch Punch

My Game Design Library (sorted by date of publication)___
Eurogames: The Design, Culture and Play of Modern European Board Games, Stewart Woods, 2012

Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish, Lewis Pulsipher, 2012

Characteristics of Games, George Skaff Elias, Richard Garfield, and K. Robert Gutschera, 2012

Tabletop: Analog Game Design, Greg Costikyan and Drew Davidson et al., 2011

The Kobold Guide to Game Design, Mike Selinker, 2011

Family Games: The 100 Best, James Lowder, 2010

Challenges for Game Designers, Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber, 2009

The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, Jesse Schell, 2008

Paid to Play, Keith A. Meyers, 2008

The Book of Games: Strategy, Tactics, and History, Jack Botermans, 2008

Hobby Games: The 100 Best, James Lowder, 2007

Design Elements of Contemporary Strategy Games, George Phillies and Tom Vasel, 2006

Connection Games: Variations on a Theme, Cameron Browne, 2005

Rules of Play, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, 2004

The Game Design Reader, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, 2004

The Game Inventor’s Guidebook, Brian Tinsman, 2002

Card Games for One, Peter Arnold, 2002

Dice Games Properly Explained, Reiner Knizia, 1999

Super Sharp Pencil & Paper Games, Andrea Angiolino, 1995

Family Fun & Games, Diagram Group, 1994

The Game Inventor’s Handbook, Steve Peck, 1993

The Boardgame Book, R.C. Bell, 1983

More New Games, Andrew Fluegelman, 1981

Board and Table Games from Many Civilizations, R.C. Bell, 1979

The New Games Book, Andrew Fluegelman, 1976

Games of the World, Frederic V. Grunfeld, 1975

A Gamut of Games, Sid Sackson, 1969

The Complete Book of Games and Stunts, Darwin A. Hindman, 1956

Games of the North American Indians, Stewart Culin, 1907 (rev. ed. 1975)

I joined BGG so I could enter a contest in the Do-it-Yourself forums (my entries were Chunky Fighters (second place) and Shoving Match: Ring-Out Championship). I had been lurking on Board Game Geek and Board Game Designers Forum pretty frequently before then, mainly to feed my interest in game design.

I love designing games and have been doing it since I was a kid. Some of my first were simple choose-your-path adventures created in notebooks at the age of 11. I built my first board game, Tetha, a fantasy-themed cross between Chess and Stratego, when I was in middle school. HeroQuest was a huge part of my childhood. I made many custom campaigns, armor, and weapons and played whenever I could. As I grew older, I got into roleplaying with Rifts and Werewolf: the Apocalypse. My friends and I created a parody roleplaying game that never saw print (maybe someday!). I was a Magic: the Gathering player for a long time. And I have always played video games and always will.

Although I have been into games for a long time, I began getting serious about game design during my third deployment to Iraq in 2008 (I was in the Army for six years, MOS 12C, Staff Sergeant). With little else to do, creating games was a great diversion for me. I started buying books (Rules of Play {highly recommended}, Game Inventor's Guidebook, Game Inventor's Handbook, Paid to Play) and would always have a notepad nearby as I read so I could jot down ideas for game mechanics as I got them. I would flip through the notepad and look over the random ideas to see if anything clicked. I ended up creating prototypes for eight games. Some of those turned out to be pretty fun and I am developing those further.

I have a degree in Toy Design from Otis College of Art and Design. I worked as a game designer at Spin Master for 4 years. I am currently working as a game designer at Mattel.

I was interviewed by Chris Hansen of Print and Play News in January 2016. You can read the interview here: Interview with Nick Hayes.

Geek of the Week___________________
I was nominated Geek of the Week in March, 2014.

My Avatar_________________
Firebrand, the main character from the Gameboy game "Gargoyle's Quest" by Capcom.
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