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When I was a child I liked playing cards with my grandmother. I really liked playing games and she was often the only one willing to play with me. As I got older I tried to get my friends into playing games. That pretty much fell on deaf ears so I turned to video games. In the online world I found video game versions of board games and started playing those against the computer or anyone who would join my game. When I went to college I stopped playing video games and got into doing, well ummm college things. After college I met my wife, we got married, bought the house, had a couple of kids.... Life was moving so fast I didn't have time for board games. Then over the summer of '09 I decided it was time to pick up the hobby once again. I found a group of friends and work buddies and formed a monthly game group. We had our first game night in Dec. 2009 and have met every month since. Most of us are married and half of us have kids. Getting away once a month to play board games is not always easy.

As I mentioned I am married with children. My wife is a casual gamer. She likes games that are heavy on chance and have little skill. I've tried everything from Carcassonne to Agricola with her so I know what she will and won't play. As for the kids they are almost polar opposites. Getting my son, now 10 to the table is becoming more and more difficult. He claimes he never wins and fails to recall all the times he has won in the past. He does play outside a lot with little time in front of the idiot box so I don't pressure him to sit with dad and play games too often. My daughter on the other hand, now 8 enjoys playing games as much or more than dad. She will play anything I pull out and she doesn't seem to care if she wins or not so long as she has a good time. I don't know how I managed to get this concept through to her and not my son. As for me I like to play strategy games and euro's. I enjoy Agricola, Puerto Rico, and similar games. I also like to play co-op's with my game group and group games like Bang! the Bullet. The only kind of games I don't care for are word and most trivia games. For the most part I'll play anything so long as everyone is having a good time.

Seeing as I was out of the boardgame world for so long I have little knowledge of games produced prior to 2009. I am always looking for suggestions of games to try with my wife, kids, wife & kids, gaming group.... I have put together a small list of games and mechanics that the people I play with tend to like. I hope this will give folks viewing my profile an idea of what fits in well where so they can make suggestions. So if you look at my collection and see something missing that I MUST have then drop me a geekmail. I'll add it to my wishlist.

Games/Mechanics my gaming partners like:

Short games (30 - 45 min)
Little to no confrontation
Lost Cities: The Board Game
Long Shot
Archaeology: The Card Game

Son (11):
Castle Panic
Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game
Ticket to Ride

Daughter (9):
Forbidden Island
Two by Two

Gaming Group (sci-fi, math and computer junkies):
Direct confrontation
Screw your neighbor
Little/No luck
The Resistance
Power Grid
Shadows over Camelot
BANG! The Bullet!
Vegas Showdown
Dungeons & Dragons: Castle Ravenloft Board Game


At one time I was doing a pretty good job of entering the games I was playing with my family and at our monthly game day. I haven't been doing a very good job of that lately.


My top 10 is a list of games that I would like to play or at least think I'd like to play. Some of these I own but haven't had a chance to play yet. If I could just get my 9 year old to focus then I could move some of these games I own off this list. devil

My hot 10 is a list of games that I've played and would like to play again. Some of these I've played just once and it will take months before I can convince anyone to play again. Others will be played at the next monthly game night.

A few random games from my collection:


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As you can see from my micro badges I am an active Team Geekdo folding member. I didn't start until Feb. 2010 so I'm a little behind many team members. I hope this project does indeed find a cure for one of these awful diseases.

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Top 10
#1: Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game
#2: Fury of Dracula (second edition)
#3: At the Gates of Loyang
#4: Alchemists
#5: Dungeon Lords
#6: Mansions of Madness
#7: Automobile
#8: DungeonQuest (third edition)
#9: Dominant Species
#10: Thurn and Taxis
Hot 10
#1: Innovation
#2: Arkham Horror
#3: Age of Steam
#4: Attika
#5: Power Grid
#6: Agricola
#7: Puerto Rico
#8: Small World
#9: Ghost Stories
#10: Lords of Vegas
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