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I legally own hundreds of polyhedral assault dice!
United States
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I've been playing boardgames for as long as I can remember. Or almost. (Early Seventies.)

I prefer games where the theme and mechanics are closely tied, so that means a lot of war or history-themed games, generally. But since those can take many hours to play, I often end up playing a lot of different types of games, anyway.

Say "howdy" if you ever make it to Great Hall Games in Austin, Texas on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Tuesday or Thursday evenings you may find me at the Emerald Tavern.

...And thank you for making me your Geek Buddy!


And so ends our broadcast day. This station will resume operations after a brief hiatus for routine maintenance. And now...

Ameritrash The Beautiful

O beautiful for spacious boards, That span the tabled plains
For Plastic Mustangs' majesties, Above the fearsome fray!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! In glorious styrene!
Now drive the wooden Euro-foe Meeples into the sea!

On glorious Leg Infantry, Call in Artillery
To blast the ranks for Plastic Tanks, To stream right through the breach!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! Combined arms is the key
To overthrow the Meeple-foe, In air, on land and sea!

O beautiful Hill Giant's feet, Whose tramp impressed in grass
A thoroughfare called Freedom Street, And knocked down Caylus' Fast!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! Rebuild the Fortress wall
In plastic rocks, not wooden blocks, Lest the mighty Rampart fall

Oh beautiful for Heroscape, In endless battle strive
To free the Puerto Rican slaves, And grant them Kyrie lives!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! Obey the Golden Rule!
In Warrior Knights 'tis he who has, The Gold makes all the Rules

O beautiful for Arkham Hor'r, That sees beyond the stars
Thine mad Kadathan cities gleam, Undimmed by human tears!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! C'thulu F'tagn!
That is not dead which eternal lie, And even death may die.

O beautiful for phaser light, For amber transport' beams,
For purple plasma shining bright, Above deflector screens!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! Deploy the great Star Fleet!
Destroy the 'meh' Adromeda, Hurry, Star Force! Hurry!

O mighty Circus Maximus, Whose thund'rous horses tread
On Kampf der Gladiatoren, It's not a fair contest!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! The K'neezier plot is foiled
Now gladius sheath. With laurel wreath, To winners go the spoils!

O beautiful for narrative-tale, That all thy titles claim
We will recall the victor's tale, Across the years' refrain!
Ameritrash! Ameritrash! No cubes confused with thee!
We will regail and without fail, share the lore of Victory!

BradyLS wishes you a pleasant evening.

*Kissshhhhhhh...[white noise]*

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Registration Date: 2003-07-27
Last Profile Update: 2015-06-21
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Country: flag United States
State: Texas
Town/City: Austin
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