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Hey everyone! I just figured out how to write a profile. Unfortunately, my first attempt to write one was long-winded and rambling, so I'm going to have to work on it later and put more thought into it. For now, here's a little about me.

I love Star Wars. Star Wars is actually what got me into gaming. After I got married (2008) I made a goal to not buy any new video games that weren't Star Wars or Pokemon (which didn't actually pan out, but it was a good plan). Unfortunately, Star Wars games aren't published too frequently, so I began hungering for more Star Wars gaming. That's when I stumbled upon the Star Wars Miniatures game by Wizards of the Coast. I got into the people game and my twin brother got into the starships. We also found out about the Star Wars Roleplaying game and started having Skype sessions with some friends we knew back in high school.

Eventually the license passed from WotC. I wasn't sure what would happen with our Star Wars gaming. Then my brother told me about this company called Fantasy Flight games that had acquired the license and their plans for an X-Wing game. As I said, my brother always liked the starships, but I was intrigued by Star Wars: The Card Game and this idea called a Living Card Game. No blind boosters? Sign me up! Alas, both games were delayed quite a bit, but my hunger for games had become too great. I began looking at other non-SW games that FFG offered. I picked up the Lord of the Rings LCG to see how a cooperative game could work. Then
Mark Griffiths
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recommended Rune Age through the FFG forums. Since then, I've been a huge fan of FFG's Terrinoth games including Runewars, Rune Age, and BattleLore Second Edition. Rune Age is probably the most-played game in my library.

I began living on the FFG forums, but I'd often hear references to this place called BGG. I eventually found that anything I saw on the FFG forums were posted here as well and much more!

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My avatar is the bounty hunter Zuckuss from Star Wars. The very first Star Wars book I ever read was Tales of the Bounty Hunters and I've loved the bounty hunters ever since. I am also an entomologist which means I study bugs. Since Zuckuss is an insectoid bounty hunter, it was only natural that he'd become my favorite. His nickname in SW is "The Uncanny One" because he has mild Force-Sensitivity which allows him to get premonitions on where his quarry may be hiding. And finally, Zuckuss is short, like me. I hope to one day make my own Zuckuss costume and join the 501st legion. But for now, all I have is a Jedi costume, which I wore to the Star Wars LCG regional tournament and ended up taking first place.

This ends the teaser version of my profile. If you've read any of my posts, you know I tend to be over-wordy and lack somewhat in coherency. You should expect the full version of my profile to be no different.
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