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Eddie Mittelstedt
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Secret Santa!

Update 12/17:
Opened my gift up - I love it! Thank you!

Update 12/17:
Santa, a 2nd mystery package came for me the other day. Did you send this?

Got my package on my doorstep 12/2. Now I just need to figure out if I should tear it open now or wait until Christmas day!


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About Me

I'm a Software Engineer that lives in Maryland with my wife and three daughters. We have three dogs and two cats so the house is very alive.

My gaming addiction started in 7th grade when I spotted just-released Dark Tower in the Sears Christmas Wishbook. I asked for the game for my birthday and it quickly became my obsession. Unfortunately, when my family moved from California to Maryland in my high school years the game was "misplaced". I recently re-acquired a copy of the game.

During my college years I didn't really game. My only acquisitions were a copy of HeroQuest and Axis & Allies. The latter I still own. The former I stupidly gave away to my nephews-in-law. I asked one of them a few years ago where that copy of Heroquest was and he had no clue. Ah well, live and learn...

In 1993 I discovered Magic: The Gathering and I was pulled into the CCG craze. I was on a quest to buy at least one starter of every CCG that came out, and pretty much succeeded. My Magic collection was huge, and ended up selling it for around $1600 a few years ago.

In 2002 I discovered Euro games when I licensed Capitol from Alan Moon with the intention of adapting it for online play, and that's when I discovered this site.

Online Projects

Current Online Projects

My Past Online Projects
In 2008 and 2009 I developed a site that was a hybrid auction / online game. You could bid on items, and play an online game at the same time.

2009 The Board Game Stock Exchange (BSX)
This was a web site that used the game database from BGG to allow BGG users to trade stocks and bonds of the favorite games, designers, artists, and publishers. However, my site was blocked from XMLAPI access by the BGG admins. I never could get an answer why.

From 2001-2008 I ran three online gaming platforms:
CCG Workshop
V:TES Online

All three are retired and shut down. They were taking too much free time, and causing too much stress, while providing diminishing returns.


I playtested the following games:
Age of Steam Expansion: The Zombie Apocalypse
I, Dungeon
Open Rails Origins

Random Trivia

I get some grief about BugLaden, my screen name. I gave it to myself in 1999 after a very stressful software project. Some people think it it's related to a notorious terrorist. Rather, BugLaden simply means I'm laden with software defects. I actually got banned from Wikipedia for a while because of it...

I used to live in a haunted house. I blogged about it at: http://ourhouseishaunted.blogspot.com

I also use Twitter, but have been bad about updating it. Anyone is welcome to nudge me.
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bugladen

My BGG avatar is an image of a sold out design from Shirt.Woot

I played in the second BGG Play-by-forum game of Battlestar Galactica as Adama. I was a Cylon. The Cylons lost.

Last Updated: February 10, 2015
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