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Thank you, SS. I got both games and am looking forward to getting them to the table. You are awesome.

Dear 2015 Secret Santa,
I have been a moderately good boy. I went on a trip with my mother this year. I work with children. I haven't hit my brother in what seems like years (of course he is older and bigger and than me).
Anything on the list is fair game. I try to categorize my level of interest but don't always keep up with this. I tend to like medium to medium-heavy euros the best. Current favorites are Agricola, Concordia, Terra Mystica, LaGranja and Golem Arcana. Am currently an Emissary for Harebrained Schemes to promote Golem Arcana which is my current favorite non-euro game (some times you just want to hit things).
If there is something not on my list that you think I should have that is fine too.
Thank you,

Please give Donner and Blitzen a suger cube for me. I have always thought that Dasher and Rudolph get too much attention - the team captain and the star player get all the cheers and no one ever thinks the solid middle of the team that makes it possible for the flashy players look good.

I am writing a profile because I was just contacted by the first person to want to meet me based on what little information I have put on this site. Thought maybe I would have a chance of beginning a conversation with more people if I actually began participating in what BGG had to offer.

I come from a family that has always played the great traditional games. Every one in my family (except a non-gaming mother) owns at least two Cribbage boards. When I was a teen-ager my father and I probably played at least 50 games a week. My grandmother taught me to play Euchre, Pinochle, and a card game for which I have yet to find the rules again called Russian Banks. My uncle had a large collection of the Avalon Hill bookcase games and we regularly played Feudal, Twixt, and Jutland. So games have always been a part of my life.

In late elementary school I remember watching my brother and his best friend play Dugeons and Dragons. I was even occasionally allowed to sit in. In High School I was the dungeon master to a quiet group (fearful of losing what little cool we had) and in college I balanced social groups with sports, frequent drinking and running a Vampire: the Masquerade campaign.

And like many on this list, my game playing days seemed to end there... or so I thought.

Upon finishing medical school and six years of post-graduate training I got my first real job (apart from the things you do to pay for fun in high school [i.e. money for movies and dates, gas in the car and roleplaying books] or to pay for life in college and training afterwards] and moved to a town where I knew very few people. As an activity just to keep myself from going crazy (All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All work and no play...) I started designing a D&D campaign using these new fangled 3rd edition rules. While picking up a new D&D book at the local HobbytownUSA I picked up a flyer for the local Yahoo web-group and despite my basically shy personality I logged on and responded for someone looking to play D&D.

So I was playing D&D again - it feels weird to do it and I don't feel like it all the time but it is okay and I catch myself really getting into it sometimes. I also realized that now I am a player and had never been one before - I was always the DM

And then one night our DM had nothing prepared so they offered to just play a few board games. The couple hosting the night went to their closet and pulled out Catan.

WOW!! I was really bad at this game but new right away I loved it!

I was introduced to the world of board games again. Games where people interacted on every turn. Games where people don't get eliminated hours before the game is done. Games with simple rules but complex tactics.

Did I say WOW?

I have since embraced this new addiction. I have purchased over a hundred games and frequently find myself purchasing more (especially in the middle of the night when I am caught at work). I have also started giving a game to my neice (7) and nephew (10) every time I come to visit. My neice, without prompting or instruction, discovered the joys of the 'screw your plans' play in Caracassone. I also received an e-mail from my sister-in-law a few weeks ago about a rules clarification for Settlers. Apparently my nephew traded three stone to my neice so that she could use her stone port (on her turn of course) to give him back one wood - and yes, I told my sister-in-law that was legal (I don't remember exact written rules but we allow un-equal trades).

So I'm like the corner drug dealer. I'm addicted to the product and I'm trying to get others addicted as well.

So, little girl, would you like a piece of candy?
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