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I am a gnome for the Federal Government. My function is a Quality Manager for a US Navy calibration laboratory. That means I get paid to watch other people work, and then tell them when they have done something wrong.

Secret Santa has asked for some details so I guess it's about time I get some more details about myself posted.

My primary gaming interests are in the Wargame theme. I have been a gamer and collector of the older Avalon Hill titles, but I am pretty sure that I own about every one that they made that I have an interest in. I fell in LOVE with the Squad Leader series, but the 3 ring binder of rules and the TON of small counters got to be a bit much. I have expanded to the miniature gaming arena, and like the mix of the two as in Battle Cry, Memoir 44 and Battlelore. I guess it's easier to see the minis rather than try to read all the fine print and symbols. My gaming interests are from the age of gun powder onto the more modern. I have dabbled in fantasy and medieval, but the more modern eras are my liking. I often find that I will try to take the under dog side and see if I can do better than real life. I am also a bit of a technology geek, and love to see how different "weapon platforms" (as my current employers terms planes, ships, tanks, etc.) act in game settings.

I am also a military re-enactor, mostly the American Civil War. (Union artillery, Texas Cavalry, Union and Confederate Navy) but age is creeping up and I am not able to get out and fight like I used to. I have appeared in about a dozen TV series and big screen movies as a military extra. Glory, Ironclads, North & South are 3 that I have appeared in that most people have heard of. Weeks of work for minutes of screen time. Hardly seems worth it at times, but it is all fun on the set.

My non-gaming hobbies? Hmmmm, it would have to be Geocaching. That is where you use a GPS reciever, use billions of dollars in military sattelites to locate tupperware in the woods. That is the one hobby that gets me off my butt and out into the fresh air. I do enjoy getting out in the wild and on the trails. But growing up in Arizona, I am more of a summer type. preferring the warmer seasons. The colder stuff, y'all call it "snow" I believe is the correct term, is NOT my cup of tea. Leaves the old joints in a LOT of pain.

Thrifting is another hobby that I enjoy and gets me out of the house more often. Thrill of the hunt. I joined the Guild many years ago.

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