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Chris Barnard
United Kingdom
West Yorkshire
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All aboard the 'B' Ark! Priority boarding for bankers and HR staff!
Thanks for dropping by!

The avatar is from Graham Oakley's "The Church Mice Adrift" (wonderfully funny series of children's books) and the quote is of course from Burns' poem. Previous avatars include Captain Haddock having his beard eaten by a llama and Grover from Sesame Street.

I'm willing to sell and trade worldwide. All sales and trades to be recorded through BGG for the purposes of BGG commission and feedback.

I enjoy playing:
thumbsup games with plenty of theme where I play a character and not a colour,
thumbsup games with variable player powers/assymetry,
thumbsup games which offer players many interesting decisions,
thumbsup games which tell a memorable story and
thumbsup games which make me laugh.

I'm not at all keen on:
thumbsdown games with random 'Take That!' gameplay or kingmaking, cry
thumbsdown fully co-op games (unless there is a hidden traitor) ninja
thumbsdown miniscule text on cards (usually with acres of empty space) angry and
thumbsdown games with a lot of downtime. snore

My ratings are based more on my desire to play a particular game again rather than how clever or well made I believe the design to be (in line with BGG guidelines, in fact). Here are component photos of some of my favourites:

My 'Hot 10' games are ones I have played (and enjoyed) recently, am interested in playing or are in development.

Answer to VdG riddle (in comments): DRY! It was too easy, wasn't it?
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Registration Date: 2003-01-22
Last Profile Update: 2015-08-30
Last Login: 2015-09-04
Country: flag United Kingdom
State: West Yorkshire
Town/City: Leeds
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Board Game Ratings 808
Average Rating 5.15
10 2   (0.2%)
9 9   (1.1%)
8 25   (3.1%)
7 95   (11.8%)
6 226   (28.0%)
5 193   (23.9%)
4 137   (17.0%)
3 91   (11.3%)
2 24   (3.0%)
1 6   (0.7%)
Board Game Expansion Ratings 52
Average Rating 5.31
10 0   (0.0%)
9 2   (3.8%)
8 3   (5.8%)
7 9   (17.3%)
6 15   (28.8%)
5 6   (11.5%)
4 5   (9.6%)
3 8   (15.4%)
2 3   (5.8%)
1 1   (1.9%)
Top 10
#1: Struggle of Empires
#2: Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
#3: PitchCar
#4: Princes of the Renaissance
#5: El Grande
#6: Dune
#7: Kingsburg
#8: Orient Express
#9: Railway Rivals
#10: Balderdash
Hot 10
#1: Struggle of Empires
#2: T.I.M.E Stories
#3: Wellington
#4: Specter Ops
#5: Storm over Arnhem
#6: Hitler's Reich
#7: They Come Unseen
#8: Catacombs
#9: PitchCar
#10: Flick 'em Up!
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