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Lucian Pleianu
Cluj Napoca
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A few words about me

I am what some might call, a gamer from "the new wave". I first got in contact with board games - though I had no idea that's how they're called, we simply called them "games" - when I was around 10 (actually I used to play Snakes and Ladders, Sorry! and Turism when I was a little kid, but those shouldn't count). The "wow" factor game was called "Dacians and Romans": it had some cool plastic miniatures and you were playing as the Dacians or the Romans, trying to conquer the other one's fort. I can't remember much on the game-play, though I vividly remember the board and the miniatures. Great times!

Anyway, back to the "new wave" part. I've got back into playing board games after a friend from Austin, TX got us to play a game of Catan followed by a game of Risk 2210 A.D.. I remember how excited I was on winning my first game of Settlers and decided the very next day I'll order one copy for my own gaming pleasure.

From there onwards, you probably know the history; you've heard it many times already. I've found the Geek, was amazed on the huge number of available games, wanted them all and slowly started to build on my collection. Unfortunately, the board gaming community in Romania was almost nonexistent, so I had problems getting my friends to try the games out. But, just like most other "gaming stories", they started one by one to enjoy them and my playing base has slowly but constantly grew.

I am the administrator of the biggest Romanian boardgaming forum: http://forumboardgames.ro.

As for gaming in Romania over the last couple of years, everything took off. We had our first National Board Games Meeting in Moieciu, between 28-30th of May 2010. You could see the pictures here. I have organized the next two Romanian National meetings. The first one was the (Inter)National meeting at Hajduszoboszlo, Hungary, 29th of Nov - 2nd of December 2012. And the latest one, the National Meeting in Sibiu, 14th to 17th of February 2013 - this was a huge success, more than 60 players from all around Romania got together and brought 200+ games for the 4 days event. Tables were full almost 24 hours a day, when one group was going to sleep, another one was just waking up. I slept less than 10 hours over the three nights and played more than 15 new games! Me happy on

My Wishlist, Top 10 and Hot 10

Usually in "Must have" I try to keep either my Holy Grail games, or the games that are OOP/hard to find and are next on my "to get" list. Also, if an in print game makes his way into the "Must Have" section, it probably means I'll have to have it on my next order, or that it won't be that long until I actually get my hands on it.

"Love to have" are either new games I am looking to add to my collection sooner or later, or OOP/hard to find games that are next on my "to search eBay" list. I try to keep my lists up to date, but due to limited time to read reviews, read "hotness" geeklists or actually update my profile, sometimes it might be a few months out of date.

My "Like to Have" and "Thinking About It" are there just for tracking purposes (Thinking About It is mainly for Kosmos for 2 Players collection and Like to Have are mainly games I had a brief look over and didn't want to forget about them, so I just added them in there, or games I had at one point into "Love to Have" category, but downgraded them at the moment).

"Top 10" are my all time top 10 list. "Hot 10" are the games I am willing to add to my collection asap, or games I've played recently and look forward to have them played again whenever the opportunity arises. Most likely it's a combination of games with 1 or 2 plays and games from "Must have" and "Love to Have" lists. I usually forget to update this list ...

We now have more than a few OLGS to choose from:

Board Games.ro
Lex Hobby Store.ro
Taraba de Jocuri.ro
Red Goblin.ro
Regatul Jocurilor.ro

As I mentioned previously, we also have a board gaming forum:
http://forumboardgames.ro - it is a Romanian language forum, so don't panic if you try to read it and are unable to understand a word

My Recently Played Games:

My Current Top 10:

My Hot 10:

My Wishlist

A Few Random Games From My Collection

My Flag Counter:

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User Details for Chuckila
Registration Date: 2008-11-14
Last Profile Update: 2016-02-27
Last Login: 2016-04-29
Country: flag Romania
State: Cluj
Town/City: Cluj Napoca
Website: http://forumboardgames.ro
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Board Game Ratings 344
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Top 10
#1: Twilight Struggle
#2: Combat Commander: Europe
#3: Agricola
#4: Brass
#5: Troyes
#6: Vinhos
#7: Madeira
#8: Le Havre
#9: Five Tribes
#10: Nations
Hot 10
#1: Vinhos Deluxe Edition
#2: Gold West
#3: Forge War
#4: Sjoelen
#5: Castles of Mad King Ludwig
#6: The Gallerist
#7: Orléans
#8: Kashgar: Händler der Seidenstraße
#9: Arboretum
#10: Fields of Arle
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