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The Chrono Trigger represents potential. Results require action.
It is not a certainity, but I have come to believe it possible that some entity wished for us to witness these events. Perhaps it wanted us to see all of these various ages.
So, I figured I should put something here to explain my ratings, since that seems to be common.

For board games:
This is almost entirely based on my personal desire to play that game at some undefined future time. Trouble is, I like variety, so that's going to be heavily dependent on how recently I've played it and how many times I've done so in the past couple moths. This means my actual ratings would fluctuate on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis. These online ones are sort of a guess at their resting point.

I doubt there's really something I would rate a 10 (as in never not want to play), since I generally don't want to play most games twice in a row. 7-ish is where I'd want to play on occasion. 5 is something I'd basically never suggest, but would play if that was what ppl really wanted to do. Below that is something I might play, but would resist and look for alternatives if at all possible. Below 3, I pretty much will refuse to play unless you put a gun to my head.

For video games:
I use a kind of weighted average between how good I think the game is in some objective sense and how much enjoyment I personally derived from it. Most of the time, those are close, but not always. Games with strong modding communities or great replay value tend to benefit from this.

Progress: For a game with a storyline and defined end point, 100% means I played it to the end (less than that is an estimate of how close I got). 200% means I completed everything there was to do (found all of the secrets, defeated optional levels, built all equipment, got the true ending, did the new game+, etc.) This only applies for games that had things like that, others I'll just leave at 100%.
For a more scenario-based game, 100% means I won one scenario; 200% means I did all of them, all of the difficulty levels, all of the factions, alternate modes, etc.
Most of the time, these mean exactly that, but I will sometimes count user-created content and sometimes not. 200% may also not mean 'every infinitesimal thing' (like getting all the achievements in modern games), but that I was finished with the game and got all the major and most minor stuff.
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