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Kevin Dusik
British Columbia
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The common denominator about the things I am passionate about is people. While I am not naturally social, board games, food and coffee are my vehicles for sociability, perhaps making up for a lack of it in the rest of my life. My ideal life would see me quitting my job to somehow play board games for a living, or perhaps running a board games cafe. Needless to say, it wouldn’t take much for me to eat, sleep, dream, walk and breathe board games. Maybe I’m already there.

My gaming history saw me raised in a family of card players. Board games were the typical Life, Monopoly, Risk games that most of us have risen from, but there was also a board game called “Kings” which was essentially Parcheesi only with cards instead of dice. My late teenage years were filled with games of Kings where brutal "take that" screwage at the hands of my friends was the norm. Ah, good times indeed. Billiards, or simply put, pool, was the other gaming element that molded me into a game loving, competitive person.

Computer and video games also made an appearance in my late teens. Memories of all-nighters playing Ultima Underworld will always hold a special place in my life. Getting stomped on by the giant baby in Zombies Ate My Neighbours was magnificent fun.

The past ten years I have become increasingly obsessed with Euro board games - playing, buying, trading, collecting, reading rules, organizing bits and, of course, spending time on BGG.

My gaming preferences tend to lean toward mid-weight games. These are usually games that take about 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half to play. Good examples are China, Acquire and Stone Age. Games that typically play beyond that timeframe really have to capture my imagination and do something especially well. Power Grid, Through the Ages and Die Macher are prime examples of games that do just that.

Today my two sons are both boardgamers in the making. While Facebook has the 19-year-old in their clutches, he is usually a willing participant and not one to underestimate once playing. My eight-year-old is more than a willing player. He's able to play some basic adult games like A Piece of Cake and Carcassonne. He wants to learn how to play all of my games. I see the spark in his eyes!

A few years ago, tired of the need to constantly get out my bag of salesmanship tools to sell the prospect of playing games, much less a new game, to my partner, I reached out to the Geek. I wrote and wrote and wrote to my fellow Geek living in the Vancouver area offering the prospect of a new gaming group. Delightedly, others latched onto the idea and here today the VBGG (Vancouver Board Game Geeks) have enjoyed something like 100 or so gamers dropping in to play with us. Those who have become regulars are truly cherished friends. If you live in, or find yourself passing through the Vancouver area and are in need of game time, look us up. Our games table is here for you.

The future of my gaming will hopefully see a trip to Spiel at Essen. It’s too bad my trips to Germany were before the Euro gaming revolution started. My games collection is unlikely to grow much larger as I’ve pretty much reached my living space’s maximum capacity. This will probably see a paring down of some of my less played games to make room for newer games.

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#5: Ascension: Deckbuilding Game
#6: Goa
#7: Union Pacific
#8: Troyes
#9: China
#10: Samurai
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