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In the beginning, we all know what it was. Since we all were there...


A pinnacle of ancient times, the dawn of Man, soon, the others followed, like Chess, Snakes and Ladders, Halma, and so on. But none brought joy as much as MONOPOLY.

But then came the Ice Age...

A great video game meteor just hit our beloved world. The implication was great, the consequences were spread. Soon, the world was full of Console game and PC Games.

A salvation needed...

Through underground, a great movement arose. They called themselves MAGIC, and they were GATHERING many of the lost souls. Many of them were redeemed, but none of them could really escape the grasp of Video Games that dig its claws too deep in our world.

Then came "It what was Prophesied".

It was revolutionary. It was grandeur. It opened all our eyes. It help us escape from the claws of Video Games. It was a gateway to the prophesied land. It is SETTLERS OF CATAN.

But where....?

It came as soon as it gone. Standing below the gateway, we were confused. No one to guide us. No one to show us the way. We knew there were abundant land behind the gate, but we didn't know how to get there. Even we tried to find the answers behind the puzzle of CARCASSONNE: HUNTERS AND GATHERERS, we were still lost. We were afraid. We were considering to go back to our former masters, because they just launched their most terrifying and mighty knight, WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Just as we about to turn our back, we tried our last desperation attempt. Our last step of faith.

And the Light shone upon us...

There, standing before us, with hand reached welcoming, MANILA said to us with warmest smile, "Come hither, weary adventures, for your long journey has ended. Yonder the land of prosperity.". And then it shown us the one what was in charge of the Borderland, and the lord name was EL GRANDE.

Refreshment help us regained our energy...

EL GRANDE told us about the mainland. It is called BOARDGAMEGEEK, or BGG by its citizen. Then it introduced us to The King of this land, PUERTO RICO. The King was all pleased to see another souls freed from the grasp of Video Games lord. He said, "My child, joy is my heart to see you here. Alas, you came when my reign almost reached its time. Yonder at my heir, young and prosperous, for he will be the new King".

So the coronation begun....

AGRICOLA's ascendancy was strong but fast. Maybe too fast for some citizen. So there were some resistance at the beginning, but AGRICOLA was not a King without a reason. With its genius mind, it stabilize the BGG at last. And so the time would tell, that AGRICOLA could reach what PUERTO RICO had not been able to reach before.

Family, and Integration...

The land was peace once more. Everything was nice and good. But suddenly we yearned more than this. Even we were given our own land in INDOBOARDGAMES, we know that something was still missing. Though nobody would admit it, there was subtle Caste system in BGG. The High Blood was called EUROGAME. The Secluded was called WARGAME, an ancient community that like wizards in this land. Securing themselves in their own tower, reading their humongous tomes, but they certainly lived in harmony here. And also the underground movement that we had met before, in bigger organization that was called COLLECTIBLES. Not forgetting The Heartless Purist, which was called ABSTRACT.

And also the rebellious AMERITRASH...

Contrary to their name, AMERITRASH hold its own code of law, which, to some others seemed none. Loud and rough, but contemplated by their gentle lively life. They were intriguing us. And they invited us to their land. They said it is just the backyard of BGG, but from our look of it, it seemed like a FORTRESS.

In the land where heart came before mind...

AMERITRASH lead by no one particular ruler, but some Heroes of the past were inspirational leader to different people. Some of them named TALISMAN, DUNE, TITAN, etc. The great and mighty names. But there was one which really stands out.


Ancient before our times, it still stood as magnificent as ever, if not more. It has beauty of heart, but also genius of mind. Almost like our King AGRICOLA, but bigger, older, and more experienced. And it has wizardry tome also which usually only the secluded WARGAMER had. Not to mention it was the inspiration behind our salvation, SETTLERS OF CATAN.

It was perfect.

It was the great heroes of the past, but still more powerful than any other heroes of the present. Soon it became our mentor for the rigorous studies. Its lessons were hard and excessive, but worth it. In the end, it help us to understand that everything has its own merit. In EUROGAME, you will found most elegance, in WARGAMER you will found most realism and chaotic nature of the world, even in COLLECTIBLES you will found that people who were touched by them, have easier way to find our lands than who were not. The purity of ABSTRACT was there when you want to find the main core. The Video Games are not without their own greatness, since they help shape most of our world now.

It was all down to these...

MAGIC REALM last lesson was to find our own personality and purpose of life. Since we were not really abundant in resources, get them all really would not work. Following the mass current also would gave birth to our pain. So we reached our own heart, only to find that it was not reality and present that captured us, but alternate past and future that where we were belong. And not forgetting the one man who kept us remember who we really are when we were in clutches of Video Games, SID MEIER.

In the end, our heart, vision, and focus should be...

FANTASY, SCIENCE FICTION, and CIVILIZATION! (and maybe some heavy and good EUROGAME)

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