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Game on!

Three random games from my collection


Der Das is a Meeple Muncher, gamer and collector. Prone to modding games and bending rules. Currently trying to materialize some of the ideas floating around in my head. (Read: make room for more.)
Playing games, designing games, etc, ... not that easy being a double-time father, but at least children's games get attention. Oh yes, soon enough there will be two additional gamers in the house. Training underway, huzzah! :-)

Those wondering why I have a Badger avatar should know this: "Das" means "Badger" in Dutch. I do switch avatars over on occasion...
-My badger-meeple avatar was made from a picture here at BGG and it won't be used outside BGG. Original image thumbed and tipped.
-My old waving-badger avatar: The animation was created for me by a -fellow DeviantArt artist. (Please do not use this original artwork!)
-My current obnoxious-badger avatar: The picture is a detail from a fullsize aquarelle made by another friend from DeviantArt. I occasionally switch between the original and an edited one for which... The bulgy eyes and the green tinge come from being Goo'ed on the Geek sometime years ago. That disease seems to resurface now and then.

Double Dad...

This badger has collected two siblings in his sett...

Jarik born 2005
Konner born 2006

They play a variety of games. Children's games for their age range, dexterity games and the occasional simplified variant of more difficult games for adults.
My oldest son prefers visually attractive or thematic games. He does like War of the Roses though, just like me.
My youngest son has taken a liking to chess and other abstracts. He is now exploring the ins and outs of go-moku.

More on the subject in the log here... www.boardgamegeek.com/image/160278 (early years only)

All is fair on fairs & games...

Check the following items if you want to read up on my past visits to boardgame fairs. Nothing visited lately though.
- Essen, yummy Essen. Zum Essen 2009.
- Essen it is not, it is the Spellenspektakel 2008.
- Essen? Zwolle! It is the Spellenspektakel 2007.
- Essen? Eindhoven! It is the Spellenspektakel 2006.

I'd better start saving up for BGG.con or the next Spiel. ;-)

Geeky Guilds...

I joined the geeky guild of The Ancient and Loyal Order of Thrifters on the 17th of June 2007. I sneezed a lot since then, but it's a fun place all the same. Incidently, tissues are provided free of charge.
I'm also a member of the Adminions and Microbadge Focus guilds. These allow me to give BGG something back for all the enjoyment I get from this community.

Check them out... www.boardgamegeek.com/user/Der%20Das/guilds

My Tops'n'Hots...

Most coveted games (Wishlist)
^ Shown above is a random selection from my wishlist. If wishes were fishes, then the seas would be overpopulated.

Most recently acquired games (Hot 10)
^ This shows games I recently purchased or received. The number one spot on the left being the most recent.

Most recently played games
^ Included are games played with my kids as they are the most important aspect of my current gaming habits.

I don't log all games played, just the ones I know the exact date for. It is usually the light games that are being forgotten. Except for the lightest of all, the very first game with my then 18 months old son. This one I will never forget...

Ok, enough badgering from me, now go play with badgers...

Do you know of any other games involving badgers? Please let me know via a message!
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Top 10
#1: Animals: Badgers
#2: Hallo Dachs!
#3: Crafty Badger
#4: Der kleine Sprechdachs
#5: Der reimende Sprechdachs
#6: If Badger was a Bunny
#7: Fruttirelli
Hot 10
#1: The Rose King
#2: Pylos
#3: Pueblo
#4: Risk Express
#5: Middle-Earth Quest
#6: Saint Petersburg
#7: Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648
#8: Before the Wind
#9: Ramparts
#10: The BoardGameGeek Game
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