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Osceola Mills
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Come and visit the 1 Player Guild - it's the best place on the entire internet! "Together, We Game Alone" B-)
Life is not a game - games are life.
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*********************Dear Secret Santa*********************

I already said it in the geeklist but...


I never would have guessed either of these games (even though your hints were perfect). Thank you for making this such a fun BGG Christmas.

I will never forget you!



Life Is Not A Game - Games Are Life

This is my wife:

Kasia Bell

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She drives me craaaaaazy.

But she also enjoys playing games with me, so I love her anyway.

If you want to know more about my wife and I, how we met, and how she indirectly got me into boardgaming again see THIS link.

Favorite Designers:
Richard Launius, Stefan Feld, Christian Marcussen, Vlaada Chvátil, Friedemann Friese
Ignacy Trzewiczek, Adam Kałuża, Filip Głowacz, Ireneusz Huszcza, Michał Oracz
Jerry Hawthorne, Mac Gerdts, Croc, Xavier Georges, Uwe Rosenberg, Vital Lacerda

I enjoy playing board games of all kinds and I love to get totally immersed in the theme of a game - regardless of what the theme is. Games that drip with theme and have well-integrated mechanics will always rate higher with me, but any small attempt at acknowledging theme - especially an original one - will get my attention. Games that tell a story rate higher as well. When a game tells a story, it allows your imagination to play the game along with you... and I assure you that your imagination appreciates the opportunity.

Society tends to compel us to suffocate our imaginations as we get older, but in doing so we also suffocate who we really are. Imagination is the most important tool we have - don't you dare let anyone try to take it from you.

If a game has solo rules, it is always going to get bonus points from me - even if they aren't that good. Don't ever let anyone fool you into thinking that the true essence of board games can only be found in playing with a group. There is certainly beauty to be found both ways. I feel truly sorry for people who absolutely need someone else around them in order to have a good time.

In the end, life is not worth living if you do not have a friend to share it with - but you are also missing something in life if you don't make the effort (at least once a fortnight) to also spend time with (and get to know) yourself.

I am a big fan of house rules. If you want to play something where you have no control over the rules or mechanics no matter how much you don't like them - go play a video game. Sometimes game rulebooks are meant to be used as a guide - not chiseled into stone tablets as scripture. If using a specific rule makes a game more fun for you, then it is not only your right - but it is your duty to change it.

Just because someone has a shiny "Game Designer" badge does not mean their ideas are necessarily better than your own.

Board games are about fun and imagination first and foremost; everything else is secondary.

Boardgames have killed videogames for me - I will never look back.

BGGs rating guidelines are ridiculous and I completely ignore them. My personal ratings are based on the way I feel about a game and they are always subject to change - it's as simple as that.

For games with expansions:
My base game ratings always incorporate all of the expansions that I own for them - and this can (and usually does) affect the base game rating. Expansions (if I decide to rate them) are rated on their own merits but their contributions to the base game rating may not correspond to the individual expansion ratings. A base game very often can become more than the sum of its parts. Having said that, I'm not fond of rating expansions separately anyway.

IGNORE THIS! SAVING IT FOR IF I NEED IT NEXT YEAR! Don't stress over the gift! Be totally chilled! I would be most happy being gifted anything from my Must Have, Love to Have or Like to Have wishlists so no comments are really necessary; although I have left a few comments on the lists. You can even surprise me with something not on my wishlists if you desire - just make sure you check my pre-ordered games as well as my owned games. I can send permalinks for all of these items (to the santa account) if requested - they don't show up properly in my profile. I know many of my Must Haves are promos and/or hard to find here in the US and I do not expect to receive any such stuff. I promise not to buy myself any games from the Secret Santa deadline until Christmas. However, you may wish to contact my wife so you don't get the same game as her. Her BGG stuff is below. She doesn't check it often (I try to remind her around Secret Santa time), however, so you might want to let me know (from the Santa account if you wish) if you've geekmailed her so I can tell her to check it. I love all sorts of games, but theme is always important to me. Also, any game that has solitaire rules is a plus. You can read more about that in my profile below.
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Top 10
#1: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island
#2: The Battle at Kemble's Cascade
#3: Mice and Mystics
#4: The Castles of Burgundy
#5: Lewis & Clark
#6: Freedom: The Underground Railroad
#7: Snowdonia
#8: Among the Stars
#9: Merchants & Marauders
#10: Dungeon Fighter
Hot 10
#1: Mage Knight Board Game
#2: Assault on Doomrock
#3: Piwne Imperium
#4: Mysterium
#5: Space Cadets
#6: Brew Crafters
#7: Merchants & Marauders: Seas of Glory
#8: Dungeon Fighter: Stormy Winds
#9: Clash of Cultures: Civilizations
#10: Scoville
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