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Hi, I'm Ralf Wigboldus and I come from the Netherlands. At the moment, I'm 20 years old. But every now and then that will change. Mostly on a yearly base.

I've played classic board games in my childhood, like Monopoly and Clue. Only lately I have been interested in newer and more complex games, and I hope to learn about some awesome games that will be a good addition to my (still small) collection.

Be sure to share your flag with me!

Some random games I own:

Some games I'll purchase in the future:

Here's some small wisdom for all of us to remember:

I have never seen a lazy man
I have seen a man who never walked fast
while I was looking at him and I have seen
a man that took a nap every now and then between
Supper and dinner and who
stayed home on a rainy day,
but he was no lazy man.
Before you think I'm a fool:
think, was he a lazy man or did he just do the things
that we entitle "lazy"

I have never seen a stupid child;
I did see a child that did things I
didn't understand
or in a different way then I expected;
I have seen a child that didn't see the
same places that I have been,
but it wasn't a stupid child.
Before you call it stupid: think,
Was it a stupid child or did it just do things
different than you do?

I tried to see the best I could,
but I didn't see a chef
I saw a person who was mixing ingredients
which we then ate,
a person who was lighting the fire
en took care of the stove where the meat stew
I saw these things, but no chef. Tell me, if you look,
do you see a chef or do you see someone who does things we call cooking?

What some of us call lazy, others call that tired or easy.
What some call stupid, others might call it just different
If we come to that conclusion, it will save us a lot of confusion,
if we don't confuse what we see with what we really think
And go ahead,
because I know this is my opinion.
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Registration Date: 2010-03-02
Last Profile Update: 2013-01-04
Last Login: 2016-05-02
Country: flag Netherlands
Town/City: Amersfoort
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#8: Ghost Stories
#9: Bohnanza
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