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Thank you LEAGUE of EXTRAORDINAR HEROSCAPERS And BGG friends. I hope you like my new Avatar!
I got an amazing Christmas gift this year thanks to the BGG Secret Santa! Check it out on the 2009 Edition of Look what my Secret Santa sent me...List!
I am fairly new to the world of board games and BoardGameGeek has really opened my eyes to what is out there in terms of games and gamers that I've missed out on. I really enjoyed board games as a kid; Monopoly, Risk, Strageto, and Stock Ticker, among others. I later enjoyed roleplaying games like Car Wars and D&D. My last foray into the gaming world was Magic The Gathering which I got into near it's very beginning and loved for several years. Eventually I got tired of all the new cards comming out each week and all the old cards I worked so hard to get becoming either obsolete by the new cards or in the cases of the most valuable/difficult to find ones, becoming banned. So I put my cards away and that was the end of gaming for me for about 15 years except for some occasional video gaming spurts.
I was introduced to Settlers of Catan while I was teaching kindergarten in Taiwan. My wife and I met a great couple from New Zealand who invited us over for a game. We loved it. They introduced us to Catan with the Cities and Knights expansion. When we asked them how easy was this game to get (it seemed so foreign to us) they laughed and said that they had infact bought it in Ottawa! Our home. So here we were on the other side of the world, playing a game with people from the other other side of the world, who bought the game in our home city.
When I returned home to Ottawa I immediately bought Settlers and soon after all the expansions. We enjoyed playing Settlers for several years and introduced many of our friends to it as well. We also found Carcassonne (not sure how) and bought many of the expansions for that as well but for some reason our exploration of the Board Game world seemed to end there for several more years.
All that changed when I decided I wanted to relive my D&D days but with less commitment then what is required by a roleplaying game so I tried out D&D minis. I hated it. But I then tried out heroScape which I loved and immediately became hooked. I have since collected all of the heroScape so far released and have enjoyed the game immensly. Through heroScape I discovered www.heroscapers.com and through heroscapers I discovered GenCon which I attended in 2008 and again in 2009. Two of the best weekends of my life!
GenCon re-introduced me to board games, or really, introduced me to the world of boardgames that I never new existed. Since that time I have found BGG.com and I have not stopped reading about, buying, and even on occasion playing board games and I am loving it. In particular I have finally found a local gaming group here in Ottawa which meets every second week and I have had the chance to play a lot of new and different games with great people who are a lot of fun and who enjoy these great games as well.
I have found a great deal that I like and I have to say that I enjoy the Euro games (if I understand the meaning) as much as I enjoy the Ameritrash games (I am less sure I understand the meaning of that one) and vice versa. I still really love heroScape and I am working to create a community of heroScapers here in Ottawa with some limited success. I have also discovered a real fondness for some of the out of print games and have been trying to get some of them in my collection without breaking the bank which seems quite difficult but has been a lot of fun. I have recently started collecting the HeroQuest games and expansions but I think I may have hit the threshold with that since the expansions I don't yet have are so extremely expensive. Ah well, there will surely be something new, or old, on the horizon to capture my attention.
Thank you BoardGameGeek and all you here who have put together this wonderful community and resource which has made my life much more enjoyable over the last few years.
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