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(SECRET SANTA: scroll down to the bottom of my profile)

PLAYS: Don't bother checking out my Plays since I don't keep track. Every so often I log an entry but it's so inaccurate at this point that it would be silly to start now.

TOP 10 & HOT 10: Accurate as of June 10, 2014

GAMES I ENJOY: I do like some Euro style games but I tend to prefer the bits and themes of Ameri-games moreso. Generally if it's a dungeon crawl, has zombies, or Lovecraftian then I will give it a try.

HOW I GOT STARTED: I was about 10 or 11 when I received my first real board game, Risk, as a Christmas gift. Then in middle school my friends and I used to meet to play Axis & Allies all afternoon - we'd break to go outside and play four square or ultimate frisbee as well as to scarf down soda and pizza - but I fell in love with that social interaction. Until about 2004 I used to play a lot more paper and pencil RPGs than board games, but once kids entered the picture the time I could allot to creating campaigns and running games as a DM became scarce and I focused more on board games.

WHY I PLAY: I prefer co-op to competitive games and I play more for the social interaction than anything else. Mechanics, production quality, art, theme... those all play second fiddle to the simple fact that to me games are a great way of getting together, hanging out, and having a good time. Socialization is the key - spending quality time with friends and family is more important than winning or losing to me just like when I played Axis and Allies as a kid.

WHO I PLAY WITH: I used to meet about once a week with a group of guys but lately Life has gotten in the way. There are 16 total people in the group and we average about 4 or 5 per get together. It's like our "poker night" and a great way to unwind. The atmosphere is laid back and casual with beer and good Scotch on the table.

I also enjoy playing games with my daughter who, despite being too young to understand most of the games in my collection, loves playing with the bits and pieces. Currently she enjoys Dungeon!, Rampage, Beat the Parents, Fibber, and Redakai. Pretty soon we'll be starting the campaign for Mice and Mystics. One of my favorite ways to play games is with my wife. I love that, to her, playing games with me isn't just indulging my hobby rather she actually enjoys it and often suggests particular games to play. She's pretty awesome at Wasabi, Pandemic, and Archaeology.

COLLECTION: As you can see from my numbers, I am primarily a collector. I get as much satisfaction from getting a game, opening it, playing it solo (even if it wasn't designed as such), talking about it, learning it, reading the rules, playing with the components as I do actually playing it.

CARD SLEEVES: I cannot stand using cards in sleeves! I understand their purpose but I just don't like the way the cards feel in my hands as I try to shuffle, stack, and use sleeved cards. Magic the Gathering, the four hundred decks in Dungeonquest, whatever... I SHALL NOT SLEEVE! EDIT: I have come to learn to use sleeves in some capacity now. When I playtest a game where I need to print my own cards, I have no choice but to sleeve. There are a few other occasions where I'll sleeve but generally, I still don't. Certain card stock damn near requires it, though, like the cards used by Flying Frog Productions and the various Ascension sets.

SECRET SANTA 2005: Thank you for Ticket to Ride and the issue of Knucklebones magazine! However, you are partially responsible for spearheading my insane collection.

SECRET SANTA 2011: Thanks for the Invasion From Outer Space! As a Flying Frog fan, I love it. Thanks again!

SECRET SANTA 2012: Thank you very much! See my Geeklist entry here!

SECRET SANTA 2013: Thank you so very much! See my Geeklist entry here!

SECRET SANTA 2014: Thank you for helping me to complete my BSG game collection! See my Geeklist entry here!

SECRET SANTA 2015: Holy crap, you are awesome! Thank you very much - I wish I could thank you personally. Feel free to message me if you don't mind coming out of the shadows. See my Geeklist entry here!

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Top 10
#1: Pandemic
#2: Gears of War: The Board Game
#3: Claustrophobia
#4: Battlestar Galactica
#5: Android: Netrunner
#6: Wasabi!
#7: Forbidden Island
#8: Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game
#9: Catacombs
#10: Flash Point: Fire Rescue
Hot 10
#1: Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men
#2: Relic
#3: Takenoko
#4: Terror in Meeple City
#5: Lords of Waterdeep
#6: Star Wars: The Card Game
#7: Eldritch Horror
#8: Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game
#9: Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)
#10: Zombicide
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