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ii desu. It is good.
Limited internet access these days. Will still check-in to view mail and log games. Just won't be participating as much in forums for the near future.

I've been a gamer in some fashion all of my life. Dad got me started out early on Chess and Backgammon when I was in grade school. My grandparents taught me Cribbage and 42. In junior high, my friends got me into D & D. This lead to other gaming interests such as Ogre/G.E.V., Car Wars, Talisman, Axis & Allies plus many other wargames and RPGs. This would continue on through my college years. Once I graduated however, my gaming days pretty much came to a stop. I had no one to play with for the most part. This changed when my long-time friend and now girlfriend fiance wife Mary turned me onto the Empire Builder series. I did an internet search for information on other rail games. This search lead me right to BoardGameGeek. The collection I have listed is a blending of my games, Mary's and the ones we have since purchased together. See Couples of the Geek for more of our story.

A note to anyone viewing my wishlist for possible gift ideas: I have listed both newly published and out-of-print games. Some will be quite spendy, other will not. I am equally happy with a full series or a simple card game. Some would be available only in a game/hobby store, while others would require you to search thrift stores or go on-line. I am not opposed to receiving used items that are in good condition. That may be the only way to acquire some of the older items anyway. I like games that are well-made, but more importantly, I like games that are fun!

I love pure strategy abstracts like Chess or Hive the most. No hidden information, except for what your opponent is thinking. Unfortunately, I rarely get to play, since most of my friends and family hate playing these sort of games.

Next up then, would be placement games such as Agricola or Caylus. I find that after the initial, random setup, most games like these turn into pure strategy games. It helps that my wife likes these kind of games as well.

We also love co-ops, especially Pandemic with On the Brink. Working together to achieve a goal, kind of like real life!

I also enjoy tile games such as Wasabi!, Qwirkle or Carcassonne, where each play could help you or hurt your opponent, but preferably both!

For fillers, we enjoy kids' card games like There's a Moose in the House or Maya Madness, or dice games like Pickomino or Go Nuts!.

In the end, I like games of all kinds, and will play virtually anything, with anybody.

Some interesting stuff about me:

Mary & I run a website devoted to the promotion and education about organic & GMO-Free foods called GMO-Free Portland. If you have questions about the food you are eating, look us up. While a small portion of the site is devoted to our local area, most of the scientific and political information is universal. We can help you locate and prepare food that is safe for you to eat, no matter where you are located on the planet.

Outside of BGG you can contact me on Facebook or Twitter

For the past few years, I have been working retail, selling men's clothing. Many of my recent avatars will reflect this, with photos of myself in various suits and vests with bow-ties or ascots.

Most of the time, you can catch me goofing of in one of the off-topic forums here on the Geek: Chit Chat, the Tavern, or the Arcade. Join us for laughter and merriment!

If anyone cares, I was named Chit-Chatter of the Day, number 23. Actually, it doesn't matter whether anyone cares or not. I also got to be Dictator of the Week wherein I made a bunch of silly pronouncements that were promptly ignored.

Though we don't get to perform as often these days, I am a singer/songwriter and guitar player along side Mary, who also sings, writes and plays. I have some dated, low-quality song samples still available on my old myspace page:
http://www.myspace.com/commandererniepaul I am hoping to record some newer material in the future.

I am also an avid model builder, my focus primarily being custom cars and street rods. I am a member of Scale Auto Builders. We host a number of model car contests, displays and building seminars throughout the Greater Portland Metrepolitain area. Here is a sample of a few of my models.

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Top 10
#1: Cribbage
#2: Pandemic
#3: Agricola
#4: Qwirkle
#5: Catan: Cities & Knights
#6: Maya Madness
#7: Wasabi!
#8: Quiddler
#9: Carcassonne
#10: Australian Rails
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#1: Pandemic: On the Brink
#2: Fluxx
#3: Cribbage
#4: Maya Madness
#5: Pickomino
#6: Phase 10 Dice
#7: Agricola
#8: There's a Moose in the House
#9: Catan
#10: Wasabi!
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