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I cut my teeth on Stratego, Clue, Monopoly and Life before that defining moment when I picked out "Axis and Allies" for a birthday sometime in the early '80s. Thanks Milton Bradley!

I enjoy any game that is fun for me- from Pokemon to Uno to Fortress America to Carcassonne. If a game doesn't hold my interest (no matter what the "hype" on it), I'll toss it aside. I have no loyalties whatsoever and have sacrificed many a game at the altar of Ebay. devil

I tend to be a harsh critic on games, but I'll usually play anything once and will always play a game I don't enjoy if someone else really wants to play it. I realize that the whole point of a game is to have fun and enjoy the company of your friends and family (usually) In fact, I've developed this nasty trait of not minding if I lose! I enjoy the "process" of playing a game more than any victory. Since I get to play so infrequently, I like to read up on games, sort my collection, etc.

I've enjoyed RPGs in the past, having given them up mostly due to time and logisitcal constraints. However, I enjoy the "cooperative" nature of the RPG sessions of which I've usually been involved. That's something that is difficult to replicate with boardgames. d10-5

Other things about me:

- I usually don't enjoy 2 player games; the more players, the better.

- I like tiny, plastic bits, so sue me!

- I hate unclear rules. If you're a game designer and you can't lay out a rulebook, PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT!

- I hate eratta. I can understand an eratta page of 300 words or less. I cannot understand a 3,000 word eratta document, a FAQ, and countless rules question posts on BBG for a game. You will not get my money or attention, game designer/publisher guy. thumbsdown

- I chose the "Manipulates Ambiguity" microbadge because it fits me perfectly. I'm a bureaucrat who's job it is to interpret state law, draft regulations, and anticipate any challenges. I guess it's a natural fit for the guy who always took it upon himself to know the rules of any game my friends played better than they did.
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