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David Kaehler
United States
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Secret Santa 2012: Hi Santa! I am sorry to hear about your ailments. My family also got sick for about a week while I was visiting, so I can relate. I hope all is well. Thank you so much again, and I hope all of you are doing much better.

Fourth Message wrote:
Hi Santa! Since you said it was okay, I unwrapped the presents. Thanks so much. I had looked at Summoner Wars before, but never really got hooked into it. I convinced my fiance to play a game with me before work, and we both agreed that it deserved a few more plays. I added my gifts to Item for Geeklist "2012 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me..." . Thank you!

Third Message wrote:
Hi Santa! Just as you promised, some men in blue dropped off a package for me. Luckily, it got here right before I was leaving to visit my family! Unable to control myself, I opened up the plain brown box to see 2 wrapped boxes inside. Because the boxes were wrapped, I was not sure if I was supposed to open them yet. Without any indication either way, I decided I could wait to hear back from you. Thank you!

Second Message wrote:
I really dislike Fortran, especially 77. My senior design project has me working with a group to develop a refactoring method for pure and elemental functions in Photran. I suspect with the code you gave me that BGG ate up the leading whitespaces needed to make the code compile and run.

First Message wrote:
Hi Secret Santa! I am so excited for this holiday season. To make things easier on you, I will respond to any and all of messages on my profile page so that you don't have to search for my replies.

While I am not a perl programmer, I am fairly certain that the following would printed out:

Searching for target... nnTarget Fate1316 acquired. Begin Wishlist check. nn

I think you might have wanted to use \n instead of n. I think my Wishlist is up to date, and will check it tonight to be sure.


About Me: I am a college student majoring in Computer Science, with a focus on Computational Science and Environmental Engineering. I go to school full time, as well as work part time as a Software Developer. I used to be addicted to an online text based game called Utopia (www.utopia-game.com), leading a kingdom named Whispers. I spent many years playing that game and developing friendships that exist to this day. However, I forced myself to quit due to how much time I spent playing and the negative effect it was having on my life.

Who I Game With: Currently, I don't play as many board games as I used to, but I am part of a bi-weekly RPG group. My former boardgaming group members went their separate ways after graduating and have not really be replaced. Now, I play games most often with my roommate, Brian, and a few other people from the RPG group. Other than that, I tend to play board games with my fiance, Sandy. However, she works and lives in Chicago after graduating in May 2011, so that equates to about once a month. We have been together since Nov. 2003 and are high school sweethearts. She is not a true gamer, but does play with me quite often. She prefers medium and light games that aren't too aggressive or confrontational. The less I can "screw her over" in a game, the more likely she is to play it. Other than that, I play with my best friend and his fiance when I get a chance to visit them in Chicago, which is about once every 4-6 months.

Gaming History: As a kid, I loved to play board games. I spent countless hours playing Monopoly, Candy Land, Checkers, and Scrabble. I remember spending time with my blind grandmother playing Monopoly and more often Back Up Three. A couple years before high school, I found my mother's old chess set and began to play it with my dad. He encouraged me to play and occasionally let me win to keep me interested. In high school, I joined the chess team and did decently well. Now my father can't beat me unless I let him. Unfortunately, since college I haven't played chess all that often. When I do get the urge to play, I normally play quite a bit online for a couple weeks before I stop. My best friend, who I met on the chess team, introduced me into "real" board games a little over two years ago. He is on BGG as well.
nick mucia
United States
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Interests: I like all sorts of games and find myself interested in both Euros and Thematic games. I have yet felt the urge to pick up a historical Wargame, but I am sure I will eventually try one out. I find that I particularly like Fantasy Flight Games. I tend to get stuck in a rut when it comes to games. When I find a game I like, I want to play it over and over and over. Then I move on to the next game and repeat. However, I play all of my games and enjoy all of them. I also love to create my own variants for games that I really enjoy. I get told that I should enjoy the game as it is, and even though I am happy with the game, I just feel it could be better (for me at least).

Secret Santa 2011: All I can is wow. I never imagined getting so much stuff, especially from a total stranger. I am truly shocked at your generosity. I posted on 2011 Edition of Look What My Secret Santa sent me as you instructed. Thanks so much. I wish you and yours happy holidays.

Thank you Secret Santa!
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