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My brief history of gaming.

Growing up, my favorite game by far was Pursue the Pennant.

In college, I was exposed to roleplaying (Star Wars). I liked the combat and the differing roles/stats, but we rarely used maps so the combat was not as good as it could have been. Around the same time I also spent a lot of hours playing Star Wars CCG with my brother. It was a lot of fun until the rulebook grew to be about the size of a textbook. Then I gave up.

In April 2006 I played "Bang!". In May I found it at a game store in the mall, bought it, and found BGG when I did a web search to read about it. The rest of the story is similar to many other BGG users - I found a whole world that I did not know existed.


My avatar is Hotshot, one of the heroes from the game Capes & Cowls. He uses a slingshot.


I like theme. I usually like games with pasted on or boring themes (because I like most games), but in general I'd rather play a game that tells a story and/or has a high fun-factor.


HOT 10 are current favorites and games I want to try out.

TOP 10 are all-time favorites, based on both how much I like or liked them and how long I have liked them (even if I don't play them much anymore). I haven't been at BGG that long, so it will probably take a while for new favorites to push old favorites off the list.


My ratings:

8-10: Games I would suggest playing, with the higher ratings being the ones I like more.
7: Good game. I'd be up for a game and might even suggest it myself sometimes.
6: I liked it and would like to play again some time, but probably not enough to suggest it myself.
5: I liked it okay and wouldn't mind playing again but don't really care either way.
4: It's not bad, but with so many other good options out there and gaming time so scarce, this generally isn't worth the time investment.
3: Given the choice between playing this game or no game at all, I would generally decline this game.
2: I actively dislike this game.
1: Broken.

Like my top 10, some games get bonuses for being all-time greats even if I don't play them much (or at all) anymore.


Games played: I treat games played as the number of times a game hits the table, so multiple plays on the same day are generally recorded as one play. (The exception being the rare occasion when the same game comes out in the afternoon and again in the evening, for example.)

Recently played:
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Top 10
#1: Star Wars Miniatures
#2: Star Wars Customizable Card Game
#3: Dynasty League Baseball
#4: Bootleggers
#5: Race for the Galaxy
#6: Euchre
#7: Capes & Cowls: The Superhero Board Game
#8: O Zoo le Mio
#9: Clue
#10: Citadels
Hot 10
#1: Thrilling Tales of Adventure!
#2: Star Wars Miniatures
#3: Spycraft: Collectible Card Game
#4: WARS Trading Card Game
#5: City of Heroes CCG
#6: Chinatown
#7: Kingdom of Solomon
#8: Battlestations
#9: A Line in the Sand: The Battle of Iraq
#10: Android: Netrunner
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