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I have lived all my life in the Netherlands where as a kid me and my sisters used to make our own game boards and bits and create our own games. We played a lot of games as kids, but as we grew older, gaming with family became a rarity and board games were not a big part of my life, but in high school me and my friends played card games all the time, even if that meant no finished homework. I got back into board games and we have played a lot of games in our high school years and we tried to keep this up when we went to college.

One thing that really opened my eyes was going to Essen in 2012. It was my first game convention and the first hours we just didn't know what to do, so many people and so many games. But we had a great time there and an empty wallet when we came back home, but going there inspired me once again to start making my own games.

Just recently I moved to the United States where I married my lovely wife who luckily loves to play games with me and on top of that, I am lucky enough to have married into a family who all love board games, but sometimes it is hard to get together to play games. Also I was lucky enough to make some new great friends at PretzCon, the local game convention, where they have quickly taken me in as family and help in the organization for next year's event.

Since I moved to the USA, I had to build back up my gaming collection (since a lot of the games I owned where in Dutch) and I try to balance my games in games that are great for 2 players, games for small groups and games for crowds. Personally I like games with a lot of interaction and everything that can come with it, cooperation, backstabbing, bluffing, negotiation. I love deck building games and deck constructing games and theme is important to me, but I do also enjoy a lot of Euro games (I lived 30 minutes from the German border, how can I not..). I can enjoy almost any theme as long as it is done well, but I do love superheroes, fantasy, adventure, history and anything with pirates, while sci-fi and war usually don't appeal to me too much.

The game designing still runs through my veins and I am constantly working on new game ideas, though sometimes I get lost in my own projects. But some day I will get my own board game in production.

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