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I am enormously pleased that my microbadge idea won as
Best Microbadge of 2013!

"Board games keep me young"

This badge was my original concept, but since I am an artist only in my head, it was brought to life through the patient assistance of anomander64. The badge was entered into the yearly voting after being recognized as Best Microbadge of January 2013.

I have also initiated and helped to create a few other badges:

mb . mb . mb . mb . mb . mb . mb . mb . mb

I have been playing board and card games a very long time, and two of the games in my collection are my original copies that I played with my dad 50 years ago. At times, I have been a very serious competitor in many games, playing for honor or money all the way up to the national championship level, but there are times and places for that kind of gaming, and few things beat the fun and pleasure of laughing and playing games on the kitchen table with family and friends.

If you can help me to find any of the parts listed in my rather small "Want Parts" list, some of which I have been seeking for years, I'd be very grateful and will cheerfully trade you back something out of my substantial (and ever growing) "Has Parts" list, or compensate you for your time and expenses with either cash or a shower of geekgold.

The majority of games in my "For Trade" list are very nice copies, little or never played, and a lot of them are even still in shrinkwrap. I'm not interested in trying to "win" every trade, nor to tally the theoretical value of a trade down to the last bent nickel, especially since such things as convenience and desire can not be measured and quantified; if I have a game or games that you would like to trade for, let's talk -- talking is always free, and you will find me to be an agreeable sort of fellow. My outbound trade list is very large because I have included every game I have that I would trade; you just never know what someone may be looking for. One more thing though -- if I have contacted you with a trade inquiry, and you couldn't be bothered with even the small courtesy of a reply, don't bother contacting me for another trade unless you start with an apology.

I'm using my Top 10 list to show the games I know and have that I simply can't get enough of, the games that I would happily play every day. My Hot 10 list shows the games currently in my collection that are unplayed, or very little played, that I am really hot to play.

Since it's really not very interesting to know what games I used to own, I'm using my "Previously Owned" category for something a bit different. That list is games that I do own, technically speaking -- they are the games that I've cannibalized for parts, often buying them for just that purpose. So those games are here, but not in any recognizable or playable form.

I play a lot of games on Yucata, and welcome friendly invitations to play any game "liked" in my profile there.

I also play some postal chess on Red Hot Pawn, and postal chess, xiangqi, and International Checkers on ItsYourTurn. I don't actively monitor those sites unless I have games going, so please drop me a note here if you'd like to have a game on either.


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For Trade   335
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Top 10
#1: Chess
#2: Xiangqi
#3: Bridge
#4: Afrika Korps
#5: Scrabble
#6: Ninety-Nine
#7: Acquire
#8: International Checkers
#9: Speed Circuit
#10: Napoleon at Waterloo
Hot 10
#1: Fjords
#2: Formula D
#3: Hammer of the Scots
#4: Le Havre
#5: Hive
#6: Honor of the Samurai
#7: Ka-Ching!
#8: Mr. Jack
#9: Samurai: The Card Game
#10: Tikal
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