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Ik ben een kleine boefje
United States
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2006/2011 (Amsterdam - Maastricht - Apeldoorn - Den Haag -Delft) Vijf jaar dat ik ga nooit vergeten.
Warning: Very handsome user.
About me
Hi there and thanks for reading this bio. I'm a middle aged spaniard male living in Austin, Texas. I used to have a collection with more than 100 games but after a couple of years I became a bit tired of euro games (they became a bit repetitive for me) so I got ride of almost all of them.get. I still enjoy playing with other people copies every now and then though but Magic The Gathering and Android Netrunner are the only ones that I own right now along with a nice Crokinole.

If you want further information about me and my played games visit the following geeklists:. If you want to check my Magic cube follow the other link.
My collection of boardgames
Games out of my collection

My game group in Madrid
We meet every tuesday and thursday. On tusdays at 4pm in a store located in the very center of the city of Madrid. We play there from 4pm to 8.30pm and then go for some beers and a good chatting. On thursdays in a friend´s bar (Play Bar) also in the city center. We are a group of friends and we love to share our problems and joys around a gaming table and a good belgian beer. If you ever come to Madrid get in contact with me and you can join us. We also organize every now and then full weekend meetings in order to play heavy games and to enjoy the bachelor's life for a couple of days. We call these meetings Troll-con and we had celebrated three of them so far: I Troll-con (November 2012 with 10 people); II Troll-con (March 2013 with 18 people). III Troll-con (November 2013 with 21 people). IV Troll-con (April 2014 with 23 people). V Troll-con (November 2014 with 25 people). VI and VII Troll-com were hold in spring 2015 and fall 2015 but since I am living now in the States I couldn't assist.

My game group in Austin
Since December 2014 I live in Austin, Texas, and I will stay here probably till summer 2017. I dont have a game group there yet, although I am trying to contact with some people living in the vicinity. My closest spot for playing game is The Dragon´s Lair, since I live in NW Austin (Jollyville Road with Morado Circle). Feel free to contact me if you live or visit Austin to play some boardgames.

Here you can see me (right, pounching) with fellow user Sheffieldgeorge (left). The pic was taken in Madrid, at Dados Boardgame Club in May 2012.

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Registration Date: 2008-01-06
Last Profile Update: 2015-12-05
Last Login: 2016-05-05
Country: flag United States
State: Texas
Town/City: Austin
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Top 10
#1: Crokinole
#2: Magic: The Gathering
#3: Android: Netrunner
#4: Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
#5: Caylus
#6: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics
#7: Twilight Struggle
#8: Dominant Species
#9: Shogun
#10: Struggle of Empires
Hot 10
#1: Android: Netrunner
#2: Magic: The Gathering
#3: Dominant Species
#4: Terra Mystica
#5: Agricola
#6: Power Grid
#7: Age of Steam
#8: Crokinole
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