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Valley of Dragons
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Wishlist guide:
1 - Must have - if I could (money, availability, etc.), I would buy it at once.
2 - Love to have - not very far from 1, but I usually have to be in the mood, the game has to be on discount or I have a discount code. Impulse buys for cheaper games happen in here.
3 - Like to have - games that can wait. I either played somebodies copy a few times or played it on-line a few times and I'm satiated for now. I might also have a game from the same or similar category, that I want to play more before getting the game from the wishlist (e.g. owned: War of the Ring, wishlist: The Battle of Five Armies). Impulse buys happen, but are rather rare.
4 - Thinking about it - a game that caught my attention, but I still have to read/watch a review and/or a gameplay runthrough. New, upcoming games are usually placed here first.

mbHey there my Secret Santa!

I have a lot of language independent games on my list that will surely make me happy. If it's convenient for you to buy at your Local Santa Base, I'm fine with that. If you want to buy closer to my location, if there are two versions available in Poland (localized and original), the Polish version is usually cheaper. It doesn't matter with the above mentioned games which version I get
As the exchange manager, I will also know who you are Santa, but please play along* - it's still so much fun!
*And it fools other participants a bit ;-)
Stores for your convenience:
1. bard.pl - they accept PayPal, previous Santas had no problems with them
2. planszostrefa.pl - they accept PayPal

mbFTL Secret Summer Santa:
Look what Secret Summer Santa gave me in 2014!
Woohoo! Santa brought something light and perfect for summer - Qwirkle Travel, Pick-a-Dog and Pick-a-Pig. Thank you, Santa An!

mbFTL Secret Santa:
Look what FTL Santa gave me in 2014!
Wow, wow, WOOOW! Such a combo! The Manhattan Project, which I have been eyeing for a long time, and a set of Small World expansions! Thank you Santa Jae!

2013 FTL Secret Santa GeekList - designed and produced by Ghargh & Look what FTL Santa gave me in 2013!
Wow! Secret Santa once again rolled out the heavy guns! Literally heavy, because exactly on Saint Nicholas' Day I received War of the Ring (second edition)! But that wasn't the only thing, oh no! A generous pack of chocolates and an awesome card arrived at my door a few days later. Thank you Santa Ann!

A FTL Secret Santa Wishlist By Ghargh & Look what FTL Santa gave me in 2012!
I've got an awesome package containing Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game, Dragon's Gold, Small World: Cursed!, Carcassonne: The Messengers and a lot of delicious goodies! Thank you Santa Nathalie!

mbAbout The Ghargh:
I have more games than time to play them as often as I would like to. And still I need a few games from categories that I don't have. And expansions. And accessories. And... please - don't judge me - I'm addicted...

I don't think I have a favourite category of board games - I love them all, but I like when a game is medium-heavy at most (still easy to learn and teach, but takes time to master). When I don't play board games, I play PC games. When I don't play PC games, I play bass guitar. When I don't play anything at all, I compose and listen to music and take photos.

mbA sample of my collection and wishlist:

mbMy friends:
Everybody I met at FTL is great, but I have to mention a few very special people.
Hobbit DM
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Nadia - for always
being there when
I need it and being
a lovely and warm
person. And for
tolerating my
dirty mind
Noshrok Grimskull
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Wreckers don't call for backup, they call for cleanup!

Michael - for his
constant support
and faith in me.
And for tolerating
my dirty mind
J Fro
United States
United States
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I just want to say, God, on behalf of all of us thank you for all of the good things we do in your name, like charity and forgiveness. That’s an idea we would never come up with. That’s for sure. You know that better than anybody.

Justin - for his
kind and wise words.
And for his Polish
blood, so we can chat
about #OnlyPolishThings,

Andy Andersen
United States
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Andy - for his
sense of humour
and kindness.
Larry Doherty
United States
Windsor, Northern-
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Larry - for being
a positive person,
for his kindness
and constantly
everybody with
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Agnieszka - for
being a kind and
warm person.

mb100 MBs in a day:
Choosing 100 microbadges isn't as easy as it might seem! But I finally did it!
People that helped me achieve this goal:
Noshrok Grimskull
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Wreckers don't call for backup, they call for cleanup!


1 MB chosen
by Michael
Original Dibbler
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What's one damage?
It's na-fing!


Cthulhu themed
Adam 'Fenn' Fenton
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200 Geekgold and all I got was this lousy Overtext
Oooh - I got this Overtext too!

420 !!!

No request
Ann Th.
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Disguised as Santa!

The 100 microbadges
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mbFun stuff:
Card Sleeve Sizes for Games - awesome database for sleeve users/lovers.
All the DIY Links You Never Knew You Needed - DIY and PnP database.
Feel the Love - Second Age - Thread #2, Thread #3, Thread #4, Thread #5, Thread #6 (current!) - just hop in and feel the love! The exact opposite of RSP.

mbMy reviews:
Cthulhu Dice - Short review for a fun first player choosing mechanism
Neuroshima Hex! - simply a must-have
Neuroshima Hex! Steel Police - The balance stays intact
Arkham Horror - Long and specific, yet fun and rewarding
Wondering where to start with board games? Buy Carcassonne!
Death Angel - The Card Game Review
Warhammer: Invasion - Many expansions and hours of play later....

mbMicrobadges I've designed:
Microbadges for Ghargh
Award mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
BGG mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Board Game Related mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Board Games mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Computers and Technology mb
Contest (Official) mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Food and Related mbmbmbmbmb
Ideas mbmbmbmbmbmb
Interests mbmbmbmb
Internet mb
Literature and Arts mbmb
Misc mbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Music mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Pop Culture mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
RPGG mbmbmb
Science mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Special mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
Support mbmbmb
VGG mbmbmbmbmb
Video Game Related mbmb
Video Games mbmbmb
Weird mbmbmbmbmbmbmbmbmb
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Registration Date: 2011-01-15
Last Profile Update: 2015-06-18
Last Login: 2015-08-01
Country: flag Poland
Town/City: Valley of Dragons
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