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Dear Santa!!!

You have outperformed yourself! I was not that good this year and I definitely feel privileged by what I have got received. Thank you!

My son will thank you after the Christmas when we open the shrinkwrapped part. Merry Christmas to you and to mrs. Santa!


Dear Santa!

Your timing was almost perfect! I just came back from post office and saw your message. Sadly, I have already opened the postage in the car -- was wondering what that might be, and did not think that a game might be fitted into such a small package.

But I am totally happy with your selection - I would never try this game myself, so reading the rules and preparing for first try!

Thank you, Phil!

Dear Secret Santa!

Sorry for not answering sooner - now it was my turn to be unavailable.

We had almost no storm last week so it was not named anyway. Estonia is lucky about avoiding the windy stuff. Also, we're the same successful avoiding the sunny weather. Such a calm place to be.

About the gamers in our family -- my wife is not into a boardgaming, she's more of iPad generation, so can't understand the value of real socializing. :-) That's why I am playing with my son to teach him the proper way. And he loves playing games with me much more then ipad. That is my accomplishment.

And the gaming group.. We are nameless. We don't play with others, don't exchange members, so no need to have a callsign. That are all my answers for now.

Hope you will have a great Christmas,


Dear Secret Santa!

Thank you for your message! Already did a some of my friends happier with Santa postcards. Seasons greetings are flowing in the air.

About my gaming group, we are mostly 30-35 years old, mostly technical persons, so there are generally two extremes in tastes -- if there are few of us, then everything time-and-component heavy like dominant species, eclipse, trajan and caverna meets the table. If there are more of us, then it's relaxing time for carcassonne, dixit, puerto rico and potionmaking. So, it's you to decide, what state of the gaming group would get happy additionally to me. I will be very happy anyway.

And my another group is my almost three year old son, who is already playing with me at least couple of easier games almost daily. Something like "animal upon animal", "little orchard" and all other those yellow-boxed Haba games. He's a fan of dice and figurines.

And about the Descent -- it's my shame. Could not find the proper games to fill my wishlist, so filled it with lowest-priority figurines for Descent. In hope that if Santa founds nothing interesting, then at least I will get them and in some distant future maybe paint them. But please, don't send me those. It's more of the collection perfectionism, then a real need. Even if nothing in my wishlist appears to you, dear Santa, then you better choose yourself, then send Descent miniatures.

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