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Monte Milburn
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Junction City, Oregon
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I've been a BGG member for a long time, but haven't been very active as far as participation. I'm hoping to change that in the near future. I've been a gamer since about 1968, and really became a serious gamer about 1970. I spent 20 years in the Navy, and now I'm a postal worker. I live in Junction City, Oregon, and can't picture myself living in any other state. I have stopped enjoy the long 4 hour to 4 week games/war games of the past, and tend to enjoy the 1-2 hour games the most. I started with Avalon Hill games, and much to my dismay shunned all other brands as inferior and cheap copy cats. I have sinced learned the error of my ways. I prefer the Euro games now, and especially like games with a lot of interaction among multi-players. I have a rather large collection of games nearing 1,000, but a lot of them are the old AH games. I plan on trading or selling a lot of games in the next 6 months to a year. I'm in a game group that meets about once a month, which is not nearly as much as I would like to get together. Unfortunately life gets in the way. My wife keeps asking me if the house was on fire and all living creatures, (her, 2 dogs and 3 cats), were already safe and you could only grab one game what would it be? I always answer that I would grab a chair and throw it through the window next to the game cabinet, and then just start tossing games into the back of the pick-up which is parked right outside that window. I would stop when the firemen drag me out kicking and screaming!!! Of course then I would drive the pick-up to a safe distance to prevent water and smoke damage!!!
My other hobbies and likes are baseball, reading when I get the chance, which the last few years has been mostly game rules!!! I also make ceramic dragons and wizards, however my workshop is currently packed full of junk that we need to go through and weed out, so I haven't had a chance to do that for about 2 years.
I've been told that I can be long winded....I don't see that. Just kidding. I can talk forever, but it's because I like peaple and associating with them. Thanks for reading this, hope no one was too bored, and HAPPY GAMING!!!!
Gonzo*** (MONTE)
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