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Life and death come and go like marionettes dancing on a table. Once their strings are cut, they easily crumble.
What we see now is like a dim image in a mirror. Then we shall see face to face.
Thank you:
Olive: Giving a hoot since 2010!
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Feck Off!

You have given me the BGG Silver Supporter Badge!

You have been my Santa this year... kisskisskisskiss


Here you can see the presents I got this year.

Dear Secret Santa 2011,

your present has arrived today.

Here is my Emotional Thank You For You!





For your effort you did bring a measurable cheer in my Christmas!!

To see what SS sent me go here


I'm 55th RPG Geek of the Week! If you're interested you can go here

The family of my mother had German origins and migrated to Australia at the start of the last century.
The family of my father has always been southern Italian (most of it is based around Naples).

My father was a ship captain, at first in the Italian Navy, then he moved to passenger cruisers during the splendid years of ship faring, from the end of the '50s, to the '80s.

And so my mother - a very young lawyer on a cruise to celebrate her degree - met my father and I was born. modest

I was born in Florence, Italy, in 1975.
And I was baptized here...

So I am half Italian and half Aussie!

As for my gaming experience I started out playing with the Masters of the Universe!!

Ok, maybe that was a little too far behind.

Today my general philosophy is to play any game at least once, and then decide if I've liked it or not.

I enjoy both Euros and Wargames. I don't have a particular love for abstract games, but some - especially Knizia's - can entice me (say Battle Line).

I'm also active in the RPGG community and have undergone a major revolution in my GM style by reading Dungeon World Roleplaying Game, I was blown away by the explicit permission to improvise my games. I always found creating and reading adventures beforehand a tedious thing. Now I can go into a game with not a care, and with a general more satisfying experience thereafter!

I've run some Play by Forum games and found them deeply satisfying too, here's my list:

Dark contracts, dark deeds... (completed)

Ghost in the Shell (Savage Worlds): In Character Thread - Chapter 1 - Dog Day Sunrise (completed)

Ghost in the Shell (Savage Worlds): In Character Thread - Chapter 2 - The Red Crucible (completed)

Ghost in the Shell (Savage Worlds): In Character Thread - Chapter 3 - The 8th Sin (in progress)

Restless Ambition in the Ruins of the Future - A Ceremony of Dread (completed)

I've run some VoiP sessions:

With Dungeon World Roleplaying Game or Siege World, for Virtuacon'13

Ghost/Echo - Session Report - The Veil of Reality, a "Victorian Silent Hill" experience.

A Monsterhearts VoiP session: "The Conspiracy of Numbers"

Recruiting CLOSED : STAR WARS (WORLDS) an Apocalypse World hack , the game started out pretty Star Warsy, and it ended mired in intrigue and mystery ala DUNE! :O

This is an image of me, made by an artist friend of mine.

Life, Love, Pleasure, Pain, Madness, Death. What a trip... ! (beautiful and disturbing - watch at your own peril)

Games I've played recently:

Random games in my collection:

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Top 10
#1: Paths of Glory
#2: Chaos in the Old World
#3: Napoleon's Triumph
#4: Up Front
#5: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#6: No Retreat! The Russian Front
#7: Advanced Tobruk System
#8: Battle for Germany
#9: Race for the Galaxy
#10: Claustrophobia
Hot 10
#1: Wir sind das Volk!
#2: Polis: Fight for the Hegemony
#3: Field of Glory: The Card Game
#4: No Retreat! The Russian Front
#5: Warhammer: Diskwars
#6: Up Front
#7: Claustrophobia
#8: Advanced Tobruk System
#9: Race for the Galaxy
#10: Battle Line
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