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Gregg Saruwatari
United States
Arroyo Grande
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Hey all,

My background in gaming started in sports, chess and card games such as poker and hearts. From there I went to video games- fighting games, RPG's and then RTS's and squad based FPS (and Magic: The Gathering). My love for MTG flourished right before the internet age as everyone had different decks and the variety was a ton of fun. I still enjoy MTG, but mostly Legacy as Legacy is the only format that captures the creativity and varied playing styles of the pre-internet age.

My introduction to strategy board gaming started with Pen and Paper RPG's (Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Star Wars, Etc.), Settlers of Catan and Risk 2210AD. These were good as a social filler and I got my fill of competitive gaming from MTG. One of my friends that did board gaming introduced me to Race for the Galaxy and Citadels and I have been looking for awesome games ever since. These days I prefer my Strategy board games to be social, but also reward creativity and tight play. My favorite mechanism is combo-building. I play at 3 players often, so I dislike games where one player can hand another the victory. And I prefer to repeatedly play games with more depth as compared to always playing a new game.

My Rating scale is as follows:

10 - A favorite that I would recommend to almost anyone

9 - A great game that I will always suggest we play

8 - A great game that I will sometimes suggest, and am happy to play when someone else suggests

7 - I don't mind when other people ask to play

6 - A decent game I usually would not want to play

5 - Solid game design I do not really care for

4 - Flawed but has some sort of redeeming quality

3 - Not fun to almost everyone

2 - the rare game that can't fit into 1 or 3

1 - players have no effect on outcome and/or design/components are unplayable

When I am looking for X I prefer to play Y:

Multiple plays per session:
Mottainai, Magic The Gathering, Race for the Galaxy

Worker Placement:
The Manhattan Project


RFTG, Keyflower

Imperial 2030, Chicago Express or Pret-A-Porter

Civilization Building or 4x/Dice:

Area Control/DOAM:

Battlestar Galactica

2 player with the wife:
Race for the Galaxy

Double couples night:

Triple couples night:
Race for the Galaxy

Favorites by Player count:
2- Race for the Galaxy ADV/M:TG
3- Mottainai/RFTG/Pret-A-Porter
4- Race for the Galaxy/Keyflower
5- Battlestar Galactica/KeyFlower/RFTG
6- Battlestar Galactica w/ Daybreak/Keyflower/RFTG
7- Battlestar Galactica w/ Daybreak/
8- Cards Against Humanity/split group

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#1: Race for the Galaxy
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#5: Battlestar Galactica
#6: The Manhattan Project
#7: Chicago Express
#8: Paperback
#9: Mottainai
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#1: Mottainai
#2: Kemet
#3: Barbarossa
#4: Keyflower
#5: Prêt-à-Porter
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